Oh Daddy

It felt so good, the dildo slipping in and out of my wet pussy. I let out a small moan as I pushed it all the way in my soaking pussy. I loved the feeling of a cock in my pussy it made me jump and buck. I started moving it faster and the juices started flowing out of me I let out a loud moan then started bucking wildly as a orgasm ripped through me. I relaxed as I heard a moan from outside...Read On


Oh Daddy (2)

I woke up as the computer made a ding. My daughters head rested on my chest, her naked body left in the same place since last night. Her nipples were still hard, I reached out and played with them, she let out a small sigh as she started stirring in her sleep. I straddled her sweet body and sucked on her small nipples, sucking them, making them hard again. My cock got hard and I gently laid...Read On



My Best Friend Kim

I woke with the sun coming through the curtains, it warmed my face as I opened my eyes realizing I was still naked from playing last night. I got up and picked up my strapless dress from the ground walking into my bathroom, I needed to clean up before my friend Kim came over. I stepped into the steamy shower and letting the water flow over my breasts and my ass. I stood there in the water as...Read On