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So to all the haters saying "Well, I'm done watching Doctor Who now":

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Isn't it just so great when other people dumb luck their way into the things you've been busting your ass for years to get and you're still not even close? Kill me now.

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Who I am is where I stand. And where I stand is where I fall.

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Please, Doctor, never change...

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When you get cockblocked by your girlfriend's mom...

24 Jun 2017 13:30

Last night (Sunday), I was out at a sports bar with my dad for Father's Day to watch a wrestling ppv. Instead, we got to witness a murder.

I won't get into details now, but two young men go at into a fight and one of them shot the other multiple times. Emptied the clip. Police found 13 casings. The kind of rage that takes...

Once he ran out of bullets and was subdued (there was an off-duty corrections officer inside eating dinner - the shooting took place outside, not 10-20 feet from where we were sitting), I went to the young man on the pavement. I put pressure on the wound I could see and talked to him. I tried to help him until police and EMTs arrived. They say he died in the ambulance on the way to the hospital.

I'm not sharing this story here to depress you or to garner any kind of sympathy. I'm okay. Well, as okay as can be expected. I'm sharing this here to beg you all to please, please be careful. Be aware of your surroundings. And love each other.

19 Jun 2017 22:31

18 Jun 2017 23:54

14 Jun 2017 00:07

11 Jun 2017 19:05

I can't quite decide if it's adorable or annoying when children decide to pick fights in forums. Either way, this is an adult site and I would hope I could expect the members here to act accordingly. But apparently that's too much to ask for from some of these little children.

Remember, folks, some people are just better off being wiped off of someone's tits.

10 Jun 2017 23:34

10 Jun 2017 20:37

I wanna' go back so bad...

07 Jun 2017 21:27

02 Jun 2017 23:52

28 May 2017 23:39

I think we've all known a few people this can relate to...

27 May 2017 23:03

I need somewhere to vent where I don't have to worry about spoilers.


Supernatural just broke my heart. I hate these writers. I hate them so much, it's not even funny.

18 May 2017 19:16

I need somewhere to vent where I don't have to worry about spoilers.

Supernatural just broke my heart.

18 May 2017 19:02

16 May 2017 19:05

I know it's Mother's Day, but here's to all the parents (and step/foster parents) who have to be mom and dad.

14 May 2017 13:33

May the Fourth be with you all, my friends! Happy Star Wars Day!!

04 May 2017 16:02

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17 Apr 2017 20:00

Baruk Khazâd! Khazâd ai-mênu!

06 Apr 2017 13:34


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