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28 Aug 2016 06:06

24 Aug 2016 16:57

Welp... work has finally done it. I didn't even know that could GET chaffed! -_-;

24 Aug 2016 02:03

21 Aug 2016 18:10

15 Aug 2016 17:43

To me~

10 Aug 2016 17:47

I have... news.

So... apparently... in January, I'm going to undergo a metamorphosis of some kind.

Not entirely sure how it's going to happen yet, but apparently I'm going to become a Bull of some kind...? Yeah, some school in Tampa sent me an email tonight about it.

Any guesses as to what that might mean?


YOU GUESSED RIGHT, MY NINJAS!! USF accepted me! In January, I get back into the groove with the University of South Florida's Integrative Animal Biology program!

26 Jul 2016 18:37

15 Jul 2016 20:58

06 Jul 2016 10:07

20 Jun 2016 01:03

Well, here it comes. The final part of Lena and Arion's story. How will it all end? Take a look and find out! It's been a magical three years writing this story. Thank you all who have read their story so far.

16 Jun 2016 21:17

Every time something horrific like this happens, I feel it in my heart. But this time, it was in my old town. Practically in my backyard. Then the kid with the alligator at Disney and all of the alligators being butchered over it... it's been a really bad week in Florida.

13 Jun 2016 23:21

This speech seems more important now than ever. Let us all unite!

09 Jun 2016 20:07


31 May 2016 23:37

Stepping outside in Florida like...

24 May 2016 00:50

13 May 2016 19:56

Captain America: Civil War SPOILER ALERT!

11 May 2016 21:46

Not sure why they're Pokémon, though. lol

07 May 2016 23:45

06 May 2016 02:22

And the cycle starts again. I'm starting to wonder why I even bother.

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27 Mar 2016 00:25

Just a quick little true story for you all. Hope you have as much fun reading it as I had writing it!

26 Mar 2016 20:37

Just a quick little true story for you all. Hope you have as much fun reading it as I had writing it!

17 Mar 2016 22:41

Why is it that every time someone decides to do a "female version" of a character or a cosplay, they ALWAYS make it the "sexy/slutty version?"

Like, cool! Female Assassin's Creed guy.

...Awful lot of cleavage for an assassin.

....Where are her pants?

17 Mar 2016 10:15

On this Saint Patrick's Day, a special reminder: if you see people going on about "the luck of the Irish," doing silly fake Irish accents or generally using he day as an excuse to get hammered for no reason, here are some brief reminders.

1. The only "luck of the Irish" has, historically, been horrendously bad luck. Read a history book and you'll have some idea. Persecution by the English, fighting amongst ourselves, being slaves in America (and we were CHEAP slaves!), seeing signs like "Irish need not apply" and suffering one of the greatest genocides in history (which most people just write off as a "potato blight" are just a few.
2. If you're not Irish, don't pretend to be. You just look like an obnoxious moron. It's not a holiday about being Irish in the first place. It's the feast of a saint.
3. The Irish aren't just a bunch of alcohol-soaked bafoons. Sure, a lot of us have our moments, but that isn't what St. Patrick's Day is about.

So have fun! Just don't act like an idiot.

10 Mar 2016 12:56

08 Mar 2016 20:39

Dumbass who thinks he's a magical cat, by the power vested in me, I now pronounce you blocked and ignored. You may now kiss my perky white butt.

07 Mar 2016 20:04

07 Mar 2016 14:27

Holy Hera, I've been here for five years?? O.O