Erotic Poems(1)


'Twas a Night to Remember

Now here's a new take on the poem...

'Twas the night before Christmas when all through the place, Not a creature was stirring but the girl on my face; Her stockings were thigh-high of black negligeé Her teddy was thin and her makeup risqué. The neighbors were sleeping, awaiting Saint Nick While my wife was awaiting my hard throbbing dick. She trembled and whimpered, dripping wet with desire While my boxers were straining, my...Read On



An interesting Ride Home

One night riding home from my girlfriend's house, things got a little hot. And very wet.

A few years ago, I was dating this girl named Judi. She was my first "serious" girlfriend, so the whole "I love you so much, together forever" rubbish was the norm. We spent as much time together as we could, despite the fact that neither of us had a car. One evening I was with her/her family at her place, hanging out, having a good time, but mostly trying to ignore the palpable sexual...Read On


In The Hot Tub

We have talked and flirted for months now over the phone, over the computer, but not in person. Not until now. You have finally come to town. I am so excited to see you that I secretly show up at your hotel an hour before you are due to arrive. I wait in the lobby, feet tapping, eyes wandering, checking my watch so often that I am a little concerned that the desk clerk might be suspicious. I...Read On


The Happiest Place on Earth

The Happiest Place on Earth just got happier! Based on true events

Thank you to my good friend Melody, for providing the inspiration for this tale~ As we ride the monorail, it's dark and quiet. I relax against the seat, enjoying the time with you. I'm a bit tired, resting on the hard blue bench, chuckling as you swing around gleefully on the handlebars in the compartment. As we reach the Contemporary, I see a gleam in your eye. Suddenly, you swing onto...Read On


You've Never Had This Much Fun At ComiCon!

I love going to nerd conventions. After this story, you'll understand why...

I love going to anime conventions. Or comic book conventions. Really, any excuse to don awesome costumes and go nerd out with other geeks is awesome to me. I am an otaku, as the Japanese call it. I love to cosplay. In a situation with other cosplayers, like a Con, it gives me a confidence boost you would not believe. So, what better place to cosplay at than, say, the largest anime convention...Read On

First Time(1)

The End Isn't The Only Thing Coming

If the world is going to end, I'm going out with a bang!

The question was posed, "if the whole Mayan 2012 end of the world thing were real, how would you live out your final days?" What would people do if they knew they were almost out of time? I never really gave it much thought before; usually put it as a "that's not for man to know. It's God's territory" kind of situation. But... what would I do if I knew the end was coming? The obvious choice...Read On

Flash Erotica(1)


A Little Exhibitionism Never Hurt Anyone

Don't be scared, baby. A little exhibitionism never hurt anyone.

It started out innocently enough. No, really. It really did. I'd gotten off work surprisingly early, so I decided to go and see my lady. She had been sick, so I thought spending some time together would help her feel better. We talked, cuddled and watched Crimson Peak. Afterward, as she walked me out, I couldn't help myself but feel her up a bit. She laughed and pushed my hands away, but...Read On

Group Sex(2)


Happy Birthday, Ginger!!

I try to be a good friend. So when it's Ginger's birthday, I know just what to get her....

It was Friday night at the Dangerous Curves strip club and the place was near capacity. I stood by the door, eyes constantly scanning the room for any potential trouble. But I was distracted this night. I was planning something for a coworker's birthday. Aah, speaking of coworkers... I thought to myself. There's the birthday girl now.... I looked toward the center stage where Ginger...Read On


It Takes Three To Tango

When she saw the van a-rockin', she came a-knockin'....

Chelsea walked out of the Fall Ball, her red cloak billowing around her ankles in the cool breeze. She had come back to the school to help clean up after taking her boyfriend Stan and their friend Sarah home, and now that it was finally all over, she slowly walked back to her car, ready to get some sleep back home. Waving to some of the last few stragglers in their various costumes, she...Read On



A Blonde, a Brunette, and a Redhead Walk out of a Strip Club

Please read Personal Professionals Vol. 2: The VIP Treatment before reading this one. It'll help.

As I watched the two girls walk out of the strip club, Ginger following after them a few minutes later, I knew there would be a story worth hearing. Just as Ginger was passing the door I was standing beside, I stopped her for a moment with my hand on her arm. "Hey, Ginny," I began in a low enough voice that only she and I could hear, "you've gotta tell me about this one tomorrow." I grinned...Read On


One Suite Cruise

Ginger really needed a vaction. Just a little down time. What she got was even better....

I needed a vacation big time. The problem was, I never had the cash to do something big. Fortunately, I'd recently made a small fortune doing a private party. I was the only girl their dancing and there were great tippers there. Thanks to that party, I had enough to book myself a cabin for a two-week cruise to The Bahamas. As I looked up at the magnificent ship moored at the docks, I...Read On


One Suite Cruise Pt. 2

Ginger's vacation continues....

When I woke up the next morning, I stretched and the blanket fell away from my naked breasts, nipples stiffening in the cool air of my cabin. I rubbed my eyes and looked around the room, recalling the events of yesterday. Dawn, the sexy brunette who liked to be tied up... and that sexy blonde with the devil-may-care attitude and flirty smile. Choices, choices.... "Well," I said out loud...Read On


Personal Professionals Vol. 2: The VIP Treatment

Written for the lovely Gingerwald.

I once spent a short time working in a "gentlemen's club" as a bouncer. Not because I'm particularly large, but because I'm strong enough to calm down the drunks if necessary. I had the pleasure of working in this club with a lovely girl named Ginger. She was the most popular stripper in the place and it's not hard to see why. She stood 5'8" and had long red hair all the way down to an ass...Read On

Love Poems(5)


I Wish I Saw What You See

Not really a love poem... it's about a friend.

You tell me these things I don't understand They boggle my mind and make my soul smile To think that someone like you Would see someone like me And see what you say you see. You tell me I'm Cute... I see my own chubby cheeks My typically pale complexion... You say I'm Funny... I hear only my old desire to be truly accepted My own trepidation at letting others in You call me Kind... I only...Read On


My Star

She shines like a star, high above me. A new constellation that only I see. She dazzles the heavens, filling them with light, Yet how I wish I may and wish I might, I cannot touch my star tonight. Through my scope I gaze, transfixed below, Marveling at her celestial glow. I keep her secret, Safe and sound. Not telling of the jewel I've found. For if I share my glowing star, Others...Read On


My Teasing Lover

She awaits me every night, teasing me for hours, Some nights she only teases, keeping just out of my power. My Mistress and my lover; I love her like there's no other. The power she holds over me Is both my peace and my insanity. I feel her now, her sweet caress, I hurry into bed, undressed. Without a word comes her embrace, She is my only saving grace. She pulls me in and takes...Read On


The Women I See

Everywhere I look Women all around Each perfect in their own way, They barely touch the ground. Sexy waitresses in black Ask "What can I do for you?" Now if I answered that I'd wind up black-and-blue. The cutie at the store Likes my jokes and hair Oh, the things I'd do to her And her perky derriere . Two Goth girls at Wal-Mart With green in one's short hair Oh, be still my beating heart...Read On


The Worst Poem Ever

I warned you it's bad.

I am a nerd. That much is clear. Yet every day, I find you here. The love of my life, Maybe my future wife. But before I make this lass my bride, I'll write this geeky diatribe. I don't need the Dragon Balls or the sacred Shikon Jewel. You've already made my wish come true and made me a blissful fool. I would turn down Aphrodite, I would break the Jedi Code, Give up my Batmobile And...Read On

Oral Sex(2)


An evening with Christina

A short, true story about an evening with a girl I used to date.

This was a little over a year ago and I was dating a girl named Christina. The relationship tanked, but we had some fun while it lasted. Christina was a Puerto Rican girl with soft, permanently tanned skin, perky brown nipples, and a rump you could sink your teeth into. We would spend time at her place Friday evenings usually (among other times/places) and watch WWE Smackdown in her...Read On


Personal Professionals Vol. 6: Personal Assistance

Another day at the office takes a surprising turn...

“Here's the last of it,” he grunted. With a thud, he plopped the stack of files down on the desk. “I swear to God, this case had better be worth all this hassle. Need anything else, Ariel?” With a sigh, the young woman behind the desk leaned back in her chair, rubbing her temples. “Besides a vacation?” She groaned, rubbing the back of her neck. Smiling softly, Jacob moved behind her and...Read On

Quickie Sex(2)

A Tricky Quickie

My little trick went a long way...

It was a great night, spent with one of my best friends, Breanne. We hung out at her place, talked with her roommates and watched the end of Fast 5. Later, Breanne, our friend Cara and I went out to Wal-Mart so she could pick some stuff up she needed. Plus I needed to do some early Christmas shopping. Now to be completely honest, Breanne and I had serious feelings for each other. The down...Read On


Personal Professionals Vol. 4: Heating Up The Cooler

Before Toby quits his job, he's going out with a bang!

This is the story of a young man working part-time at a gas station. It helped put gas in the car while he was in college, but there was certainly no love lost between himself and said job. To be frank, he hated it. The hours sucked, he never got a break if his boss was around, it was constant on-your-feet work with often-times rude customers and dear God, the money. He had to handle...Read On

Straight Sex(4)


After The Hot Tub

After we get back to your hotel room, the fun from the hot tub continues....

We stand in your hotel room laughing, holding each other. Our little adventure in the hot tub has us both giddy and a litte bit on edge. After a few moments, we catch our breath and wrap our arms around each other tighter. I look at you and wink. "So... welcome to Florida." You grin at me and wrap your arms around my neck, leaning into my chest. I wrap mine around your back and pull...Read On


Afternoon Delight

A true story about a little afternoon delight.... (Names have been changed)

A few weeks ago, I was out and about and had about two hours of spare time. I knew my girlfriend Morticia would be off work early and would arrive home to an empty house. So, being the insatiable Lothario that I am, I met her there. Once we were inside and in her bedroom, I pulled her to me and kissed her deeply. She squeezed my ass and played with my hair as I caressed her sides, slipping...Read On


Personal Professionals Vol. 1: My Very Happy Meal

I visit my best friend at work and things get a little... heated.

I've known my best friend for so long, I'm not even sure of when we met. All I know is that back then, I didn't even like girls yet. But she changed all that without trying. She was kind to me when no one else at school was. Oddly enough, I was the guy who became interested in a girl's personality before I was even interested with their bodies. But enough of that. We've been friends ever...Read On


Personal Professionals Vol. 5: The Head Nurse

Part one may fool you, but this isn't your average nurse story.

"Ough..." I groaned. I wasn't sure where I was, but I knew I was thirsty and uncomfortable. I opened my eyes slowly, wincing at the bright fluorescent lights above me. I was laying in a stiff, uncomfortable white bed with what appeared to be an IV coming out of my arm. That's when it all came back to me. The accident. Another accident. My whole body was aching, especially my head. I...Read On



At The Crossroads

When you've got nowhere else to turn, what would you do... at the crossroads?

Krystal stood on the road, burying a box in the middle of the intersection. It might have seemed dangerous, if not for the fact that the road was an old, rarely-used limerock one. And if not for the fact that it was midnight. The only light Krystal had to see by was her electric lantern and the light from the moon and stars. Evening out the last of the earth with her shovel, she stood and...Read On


Faith, Trust and Pixie Lust

When there's trouble in paradise, sometimes all you need is a little faith, a little trust...

Toby's head swung around when he heard the shriek come from somewhere above him in the tree. He and Riana had come to the village for the weekend to relax and visit with the other fairies there. But what he saw happening in the air above him seemed to be anything but relaxing. Riana was hovering in midair and seemed to be slapping another sprite as hard as she could. Not just one...Read On


Fun With Fairies

Sometimes all it takes is a little faith, a little trust, and maybe some pixie dust!

"This is the last time I go camping, I swear," Toby grumbled as he hiked through the thick undergrowth around his legs. His weekend hadn't been going quite the way he had intended. It all started early Friday morning upon arriving at his girlfriend Martha's house, where he found her cooking breakfast for his friend Paul. Naked. The three of them and Paul's fiance had been planning this...Read On


Take Her Down to Paradise City Pt. 1

Lena was having a rough go of things. Then she got one hell of a birthday present...

Lena sat on her couch, excitedly opening the package from her aunt back home. Her birthday had been a month ago, but there had been some issues shipping this "mystery present". As Lena carefully extracted the hand-wrapped gift from within the bubble-wrap-lined box, she smiled. "Thank you, Aunt Margaret..." she said to no one. She lived alone since breaking up with her fiancé, Collin. Due...Read On


Take Her Down To Paradise City Pt. 2

Lena learns a bit more about her mysterious genie...

Lena thought about the note Arion had left her as she stood in the shower, letting the hot water cascade down her body. She washed her hair slowly, still savoring that morning-after tingle. She thought about what Arion had written about how long he would be with her and about this mysterious "creator" he'd mentioned. When Lena's hands reached her breasts, she massaged the body wash into...Read On

Recommended Read

Take Her Down to Paradise City Pt. 3

One final wish...

Lena sat behind her desk at work, smiling fondly at the framed photo of Arion and herself which stood before her. She could hardly believe it had been so long since she'd first received the magic jukebox. 2015 was coming to an end and she realized with every passing day, she would lose him soon. The thought broke her heart and caused her to tear up. She wouldn't allow herself to break down...Read On


Take Her Down to Paradise City, Epilogue

Do wishes really come true?

Three months had passed since Lena had said goodbye to Arion. She focused on work as much as possible. Saw her friends sometimes, but nothing ever replaced him. She felt hollow without him. "Lonely" could never cover it. The only thing that kept her from the depths of depression was knowing that, wherever Arion was, he would be guaranteed a happy life, whether that bitch of a goddess liked it...Read On


Personal Professionals Vol. 3: I Know Something You Don't Know...

I love it when my girlfriend visits me at work. Especially when I'm on monitor duty....

Ever get called into work on your day off because one of your burnout coworkers decided he was going to get arrested the night before? No? Well, as lousy as that sounds, this same thing happened to me last week. One might think being in security at the biggest mall in Florida is fun. That would be because of Kevin James. My job involves sitting in a chair looking at monitor screens....Read On