Group Sex(1)


At last, I got her to perform

Wife rides us both.

Like most guys I had been trying to get my lady fucked for a long time. She said she was up for it when we were having sex but never seemed that keen in the cold light of day. Anyway I was determined to get her fucked so I was always working on it. Besides I knew she'd love it. My wish finally came true while on holiday in Malta this year. We booked an early holiday as it was cheap and...Read On



Wife and friend give two sailors a night to remember

Wine helps me get to the truth.

In Vino Veritas (Part 1). This is another true story of an episode that happened a while ago but just recently came to light. About five years ago a friend of my wife came back from Scotland to spend a week’s holiday here at home with her family. She was married but had no kids. Anyway she had arranged to go out to a local club with my wife and that was fine. So on Sunday night she called...Read On