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I'm a writer who lives and works in Alaska.

Several years ago I was casting about for an idea for some new stories. I came upon the premise of people who go out on a limb and take a risk by making a bet. Sometimes their motivations for doing so are sound and reasonable and sometimes those reasons are unsound and unreasonable. Sometimes those motivations are impulsive and sometimes they are carefully considered or have a particular purpose behind them.

I thought the idea was an interesting premise to pursue as it allowed for people to be placed in jeopardy for various purposes: to gain something, to exact revenge, for entertainment, to accept a personal challenge, for personal growth in some way, and so on. And sometimes those plans work out well and they come out on top, and in some cases the plans blow up in their faces. Regardless, the act of taking the chance, making the bet, and seeing it through, win or lose, will profoundly affect that person's life and relationships.

The most important decision I made early in the writing process was to root the stories in the real world. I wanted to write characters who are genuine, complex, and who grow and develop. I wanted the making of and the result of these bets to be part of the real world, to have all the real consequences that might flow from such an experience: personal discovery, affects to self-image and self-esteem, impacts on relationships. I hope I've been successful in that regard, and I believe I have been if the reactions to and the reflections on these stories I've received from readers is an indication. Readers consistently point to the realism of these tales as being a valued feature.

All of that has meant that I've had to leave behind most of the conventions of 'erotica' or adult prose fiction. As I have, I'm sure you've read stories with a similar premise in which the character involved ends up discovering that they just love the experience of losing a bet and spend their time in complete bliss. But that's not the real world or real humans. Making wagers is often bitterly adversarial and losing such a bet can become an unwanted, even painful or humiliating, ordeal. Many of the bets in these stories (but not all by any means) end up that way, and I intentionally work for that realism.

In 'erotica' or adult prose fiction the protagonists and antagonists are often undeveloped cardboard cutouts. But I wanted to write real characters in real experiences.

Another aspect of 'erotica' is that the prose is almost always heavily or exclusively themed to a particular sexual orientation, practice, or fetish (gay male, lesbian, BDSM, spanking, cross-dressing, exhibitionism, and the like), but I specifically did not want to confine these stories in that way. They are prose fiction stories that just happen to have a great deal of sexual content (that I approach honestly and non-euphemistically). So the sexual events in these stories range from the tenderly romantic to the edges of kink. If you're looking for a specific sexual 'thing' I can't promise you'll necessarily find it in these stories. All I can promise is that you'll read stories with a fresh take on adult fiction, interesting and developing characters, and engaging plots.

The stories of Taking Chances are available at smashwords.com, and I hope you will find them interesting and rewarding reads.

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In addition to writing I have also done a good deal of editing. If you are a writer and are looking for someone to edit your story, or act as a beta reader, then please get in touch. I can't always do it depending on my schedule and commitments, but often times I can, so it doesn't hurt to ask.
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Till We Have Faces
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Tolkien, C.S. Lewis, Ira Levin
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Kiss Kiss Bang Bang
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Sibelius, Beethoven, Shostakovich, Prokofiev, Beatles, Tom Waits, Frank Zappa


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Aficionadas - Part Three

The following Spring, six and a half months later, in late April, early morning light shyly lit Peter's apartment as a key quietly slipped into the door lock. If the locks had been changed Heidi would know Peter was no longer there, but the key and the knob turned, and she let herself in. The plane had landed hours late. The trip from Hawaii, via Anchorage, had been held up at both airports...

Added 24 Jan 2014 | Category Love Stories | Votes 1 | Avg Score 5 | Views 2,477 | 1 Comment

Aficionadas - Part Two

Answers "Peter! My man!" The voice was low, in recognition of the library setting, and it was accompanied by hands tightly gripping Peter's shoulders from behind. A moment later, Jason sat in the chair across from Peter at a large table on the ground floor of the university library on a Monday afternoon. "Geez, Jason," Peter answered. "Hi. I haven't seen you since I don't know when." ...

Added 21 Jan 2014 | Category Love Stories | Votes 2 | Avg Score 5 | Views 2,794 | 2 Comments

Aficionadas - Part One

Creative Non-Fiction  Creative Writing 214  Clara Gould Questions   I saw you running in PE class! Your buns are really cute! They make me hot! the note read. Below the message, as a signature, was written: Your Admirer!   Peter had waited until almost the end of the class on Wednesday afternoon. He wanted to put off disappointment should a note not be there, and to...

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Aficionadas, part one

Creative Non-Fiction Creative Writing 214 Clara Gould Questions I saw you running in PE class! Your buns are really cute! They make me hot! the note read. Below the message, as a signature, was written: Your Admirer! Peter had waited until almost the end of the class on Wednesday afternoon. He wanted to put off disappointment should a note not be there, and to make...

Added 19 Jan 2014 | Category Love Stories | Votes 2 | Avg Score 5 | Views 3,213 | 1 Comment

Sandrine's Bet - Part Six

Sandrine knelt again on Danielle’s command. Danielle didn’t do as elaborate a tie job this time. She just quickly tied Sandrine’s ankles and wrists and ran a rope between them. As she did that she was talking to Sandrine. “So still think the Stars are so great?” Sandrine just looked straight ahead and didn’t answer. “Well, listen skank, you might want to notice which one of us has all...

Added 07 Jan 2014 | Category Reluctance | Votes 13 | Avg Score 5 | Views 15,683 | 6 Comments

Sandrine's Bet - Part Five

Danielle rose and enlisted a couple guys to move the dining room table. The dining and living rooms adjoined in the shape of an L. She had them place the table on a diagonal in the middle of the floor some feet off the inside corner, half in the dining room, half in the living room. Then she was off down the hall and soon returned with a large armful of bath towels. These she spread in a...

Added 04 Jan 2014 | Category Reluctance | Votes 8 | Avg Score 4.88 | Views 11,970 | 2 Comments

Sandrine's Bet - Part Four

When we entered the living room every eye was on Sandrine. We took a position standing together in back of the nearer love seat. The living room was as it had been: the seating arranged in three sides, the coffee table in the middle of everything. The only difference was that from the edges of the seating to the wall in back of where Sandrine had danced the floor was covered with bed sheets....

Added 01 Jan 2014 | Category Reluctance | Votes 6 | Avg Score 4.33 | Views 13,914

Sandrine's Bet - Part Three

Danielle still had on her radiant smile. “Well, here she is: the star of the show!” The living room had been rearranged. The couch, two love seats, recliners and various chairs had been assembled into three sides of a rectangle. The fourth side was obviously where Sandrine would perform. Keith took the ‘stage.’ “Okay, you all know about Sandrine and Danielle’s wager. I told Sandrine she...

Added 30 Dec 2013 | Category Reluctance | Votes 6 | Avg Score 4.83 | Views 13,131 | 1 Comment

Sandrine's Bet - Part Two

I asked Sandrine if she’d school me in the finer points of hockey as the game progressed. I put it that way, but really I didn’t even know the rougher points. So, between hurling partisan abuse and having it hurled at her, she obliged. “Not too much to it,” she’d started. “Two teams of six guys each. They get on the ice, skate, and try to beat the shit out of each other. If they happen to...

Added 29 Dec 2013 | Category Reluctance | Votes 8 | Avg Score 5 | Views 15,418 | 2 Comments

Sandrine's Bet - Part One

All of this happened six months ago. I suppose to someone outside the experience looking in, as you are, the episode itself would be unforgettable and terribly erotic: so far outside what normally takes place at a social get-together that just the novelty of the situation would lend it the ability to enthrall and arouse. All I really care about is that at the end of it all Sandrine and I...

Added 27 Dec 2013 | Category Reluctance | Votes 11 | Avg Score 4.55 | Views 28,035 | 5 Comments

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