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Topic Your ideal partner in two words
Posted 22 Oct 2012 07:43

wickedly sensual

Topic Confused?
Posted 19 Sep 2012 10:35

Your daughter is forever. Embrace her, support her and love her.

Topic Eating a girl???
Posted 19 Sep 2012 09:41

Both. Tastes great, less filling AND pleasures a woman as well. Awesome.

Topic What is the sexiest thing a girl has ever done for you?
Posted 19 Sep 2012 09:38

Lay naked together, arms legs wrapped around each other, in front of the fireplace.

Topic Boxers or Briefs?
Posted 19 Sep 2012 09:34

Boxers. Light enough so you feel free, and keeps the pants from rubbing you raw.

Topic Dullest thing naked?
Posted 19 Sep 2012 09:31


Topic What do you wear to bed?
Posted 19 Sep 2012 09:28

Always nude

Topic Describe yourself in one word
Posted 19 Sep 2012 09:25