Group Sex(1)


Yin/Yang Yoga

Yoga class conducted by the Master who is inspired by a greater Master

Yin/Yang Yoga Classes were designed for the spiritual enrichment of boys and girls between the ages of 17 and 20. Therefore members were recruited from local High Schools and colleges. Parental permission slips were filled out and all legal precautions were taken to assure the only fuck-ups to happen were the ones desired. Yin/Yang Yoga was an obscure branch of Extreme Tantric Yoga...Read On

Love Poems(41)


A polite man's wife is not a happy one

Second in a Gilbert Sullivan sexy, satirical, lewdly, lyrical farago. Ref> Pirates

When dealing with sexual frustration (frustration) Because wifely duties are not done. (are notdone) When the better half blames menstruation, (menstruation) A polite man knows what is to be done. (to be done.) A discrete man need not grow agitated (agitated) That his good wife is not a nasty one. (nasty one) Instead his cock should be insinuated ...Read On


Anatomy less on

Let your ( or his or another hers ) fingers do the walking But come back slow

Walking fingers took a tour On bare land but not barren. A ticklish trek, that's for sure. For no clothing was she wearin'.   Light steps across two robust mounds These fingers reached their peaks Ascent so smooth, rapture abounds At the summit with gentle tweaks.   They travelled taut tummy terrain Taking care not to tickle, But flashed fast past that flesh plane And impressed not a mickle....Read On


Another Side of Lady BIC

I don't know why I'm confessing this urge I have. Baring my soul, I guess.

Will naughty Lady BIC be icy Or hot when she's feeling feisty? Will she choose to be seen While she's being obscene ? Because she's not a prude She may walk about nude To the local corner store Where the clerk will adore Her every naked skin pore. Confidence she will exude As she walks back home nude Not caring if she has been By either man or woman seen. Her naked...Read On


Baby it's cold inside

Baby, it's cold inside. I am in great need in a cold land Where bedded warmth covers me In my dreams like desert sand Buried, wholly safe and free.   Before screens, which to the world show Only glass echoes of my heart's beat, I come naked and alone to know How I may give off my inner heat.   Phantoms summoned rise in my mind, ...Read On


Bare-Butt Buttocks Burning Bright

Spanking new version of a William Blake classic

Was her buttocks lewdly shown O'er a knee, her thong pulled down? They saw a gorgeous brace of buns. How smooth her shaven Venus Mons!   Her nether garment was slipped off Past her jeans which she did slough. Naked now from waist to toe Oh how her bare butt soon will glow.   In eagerness her hips do arch Waiting for the stinging touch.  For leather belt or open palm Her raging lust alone...Read On


Cyranose too much for his own good

Lines on lines invite more than lines

Would you dare play Cyrano To a cyberotic Roxanne? As words alone between us flow, Stir lust like love letters can.   Your faults are hid behind a bush. You're false but still command My heart to beat, my cheek to flush; Folly's fervent fire you've fanned.   I sent messages, goodness knows, I'd better sense, you'd think. My lusty scents from them arose Like perfumed pages’ ink.   Can...Read On


D is for Double-Dare

The devil in me made me do it

D is for Double-Dare There are always two parts to a double dare. The first, the hardest, involves being aware. Before one can consider taking dare pledges, One must conceive of life with sharp edges. Crossing a cutting edge, trying something new In ones mind presents an unimaginable you. This is nothing less than an act of creation, It is spirit more than...Read On


Dream Dare To Be Bare

nudity runs in my family

( an alternate version under a different moon madness ) Some years have now passed Since I first dreamt that scene: A little maiden running fast Clothing nowhere seen. Running naked in the dark Down an unknown road, In what started as a lark To pay dare-debts she owed. I dreamed I boldly took that dare To race 'neath night sky black. I must run two miles bare, My hands...Read On


E is for Eating Out

Pussy is a dish best served hot

The most amorous epicurean pleasure, Up to which none others can measure, Is that rarest meat treat by far. I mean, of course, pussy tartar. It’s a sexual gastronomic treasure. This girly gastronomic delight Is delicious when it’s served right. The meat should be pink, not red, Served up lustily on a 'let us' bed. It’s inviting, so please take a bite. The pussy...Read On


F is for Fellatio

There is nothing that says 'I am yours' like a blow-job lovingly, enthusiastically given

F is for Fellatio Tongue, teeth and lips I use As along his upright shaft I cruise. Bound to excite and to amuse All sense of self I now must lose. For cock is all there is to me. This mighty root of hard wood tree Fills my mouth and mind with glee. And I must worship on bended knee. My tongue beds this stalwart shaft Which may enter me fore or aft. It’s free to...Read On


For she is a pure cum slut

For she is an Englishmen's dream

Despite all of the evidence Like cream inside her underpants She remains technically pure She remains technically pure Of the sex act she is wary Though she’d long since lost her cherry And she does experiment. Yes, she does experiment. She may put naughty stuff up her twat Massive, phallic and often very hot. But never a man’s penis No, never a man’s penis She...Read On


Jack(ing) and Jill(ing) up the Hill

The real story behjind that nursery rhyme

Jack and Jill each took a pill To make their sex lives better. Jack's pill was blue to help him screw Which made Jill's pussy wetter. The little pink pill taken by Jill Adjusted her bodily rhythm. She'd spread her legs but save no eggs, So she wouldn't have babies with him. Jack told Jill to get off the pill Because he wanted to sire. But a bun in the oven would mess up lovin', ...Read On


K is for Kinky Kissing

When you say 'cock', you've said a mouthful!

Lips, tongues, teeth Follow opening lines We give each other. Bawdy lines tempt Body lines crossed Into taboo territory. His stiff upper On her wet lower Licking lips kiss. Above, tongue thrust Into ear licking lobe Quieting sounds hush. Wanton whispering Lips sink words Into her hearing Him lying with abandon Promising offers Sealed with a kiss. ...Read On


L'important c'est la rose

Men know what they want. Women know what 's important.

Soulmate got under my skin, Come now upon my flesh. For I would take you deep within Where lust and love enmesh. Soft, hot touch of skin on skin, The drum beats of my heart Speak of hotter life within I would to you impart. Petals' touch so velvet soft With stem stiff as a stick. Let my loins mount you aloft My sex engorge your prick. When the sweat begins to pour And waters...Read On


My Sniveling Toads, Good Morning

Another satire from HMS Pinafore

BITCH I am a Mistress as I said before TOADIES And you treat us as you should BITCH You’re sniveling little chaps Whose bums need many slaps With a paddle made of wood. TOADIES We're sniveling little chaps Whose bums need many slaps With a paddle made of wood. BITCH As Dominatrix I’ve no peer I own lots of bondage gear. I’ll...Read On


N is for Naked

Relaxed, stripped of tense pretense and clothed only in bodily essence

N is for Naked Naked came I within Wondrous, winding ways Of imagination’s dream; My only clothing, skin. It is my mind I’m stripped Of body shame of being Encased in others’ decree That from myself be ripped. I stand barefoot in my head On exciting fields of joy Where, bare in nature’s berth, I am reborn in flowering bed. Not just at night, under cover ...Read On


Naked New Moon

an ode to darkness' delight

I had a dream and took a dare To race 'neath moonless sky. I had to run one mile bare, With both hands held up high. New moon magic welled within But only dark light shed Upon my road or my bare skin My hands clasped 'oer my head T'was just a silly little game, A childish whim, that's all. Yet something raged I could not tame. I felt the dark moon's call. Madness came. I shed...Read On


Nightmare Butt-Fuck Song

I loan the naughty version of the Nightmare song below to WIlliam S. Gilbert

When you're lying awake as your butt starts to ache And your sphincter's so sore that it makes you whine, You deserve a rebuke for shoving that cuke Way up there, where the sun can’t ever shine. If you'd used a small carrot your anus could bear it And that, I am sure, you now realize. But up your hole narrow you inserted a marrow Ora vegetable of some similar size. ...Read On


O is for Orgasm

O, what I dream I had

O is for Orgasm Toys, big boys and fingers full of joy Parade in naked dance to delight A girl’s fancy in dark, hot night When body aches to some sex enjoy. Prone to calm waves’ wet motion Amid many moans which betide Mounting pleasure-pressure inside, A woman treasures sincere emotion. Thoughtless men have their way. But women’s paths lie on a cloud Of...Read On


O is for Orifice

The hole truth and nothing butt the truth

O is for Orifice A woman’s bodily orifice while pleasant on the surface is also inviting deep within. Whether it is her mouth or an orifice farther south, openings tend to lure gentlemen. When such invites are open, not a word need be spoken. Even dull men will get it. It’s near silent and alluring, just like a pussy purring, and most men just love to pet it. A tongue will...Read On


Opera with a nice ring to it

Der Ring des Nibelungen What really happened in that final scene

Blessed bare on the enchanted summit. What lies there? Puss-puss or somewhat. How delightful is this glimmering sight! Breasts heaving in that armour tight. Siegfried is taken by amorous fits. The armour’s off; My God! What tits! “Mommy, Mommy. Looky, looky! Brünnhilde’s boobs and naked nookie!” ‘Das ist kein Mann’, Siegfried surmises As more than just the curtain rises. His hand trembles...Read On


Opposites attractively

mood changes everything that's meant to be or not to be

  Sex has a nasty way Of getting in the way Of getting close To the one you love. Love has a gentle way Of having sex In many ways To the one you love. Put these two together Sex and Love, I mean. Souls bound by tether In love, not obscene. What is beautiful is why No matter who or whom Blending and unending Are Circles of...Read On


Q is for Quarterback Pass

Win or lose, it's how you play the game and screw your opponents

Football is a rough contact sport. Whether you’re tall or you’re short, For when on offense Or playing defense, Your muscles and bones can contort. So it shouldn’t surprise you to hear The rules of the game are quite clear. When you play with the pros, They say anything goes Including filling your foe with great fear. This gridiron culture has bred Men who...Read On


Q is for Quickie

There once was a girl named Nicky Who was known for giving a quickie. This eighteen year old lass Very often missed class Because she’d been sucking some dickie. Now our Nicky was no common slut. You might say she was anything but. She just wanted to know How boys’ penises grow When into a girl’s mouth they are put. She took sex education quite seriously, ...Read On


Queen Gamer’s Song ( I can't think why!)

Satriical ditty re King Gama's Song by William S. Gilbert

If you pay close attention, and I’m very sure you do, You’ll discover I am no one you can easily pooh-pooh. My body’s very finely tuned as is my intellect. If I’ve any faults at all, they’re too small to detect. My beauty and my genius are so obvious to see, I feel obliged to hide behind a mask of modesty. I only look down my nose when speaking to a runt. Yet ev'rybody says...Read On


Sigma Sorority Sisters Suck!

Ah, college days! Missed among the haze! A pledge her dues pay! It's only a teenage phase!

Anita followed a pledge plan Despite a sorority ban. Sigma sisters she thanked For getting her spanked Then leaving her nude in the can. But mischief was to befall To her in a toilet stall. On her next washroom trip Where she had to strip There were urinals on the wall. Her sisters made off with her clothes And quite the commotion arose When boys came in to piss They found...Read On


Soccer To Me, Boys

I can't get enough of boys who are buff

You must wonder why any dame Would want to watch a soccer game. Balls shot at the net Got our pussies wet. As guys pulled off their shirts, we came. When compared to rugby, it’s tame. But it’s called the beautiful game Because players are so buff As they show off their stuff. Our passions they’re sure to inflame. Soccer players are ever so polite. Their cute, little buns are so...Read On


Spanking Pros and Cons

Spanking is good for the soul

It probably slips your mind how painful Spanking can be, because you gain full Pleasure while your bare ass lies over a knee Each slap giving great pain but also much glee. Submission is more than mere obsession. It's a feeling of self, much like confession. For flagellation and full-naked exposure Gives the submissive disclosure and closure. If that seems a bit contradictory, Image how...Read On


Starr Crossed Lovers Whose Mood Turns to Doom

My poetic tribute to fatuous fate and infatuation.

Behold six pairs of doomed lovers, Slain by their own hands or by another. With poison, knife, serpent and lust. Ah! But whose marriage really went bust? Heloise and Abelard. Both were brilliant. He was unmanned but still proved resilient. Paris and Helen launched ships and war The greatestthe Bronze Age ever saw. Antony and Cleopatra: Westwed East. They had grand aspirations, to say...Read On


T is for Tickle Teasing

ticklish subject this ealy foreplay

Girls who say they like to tickle Barefoot boys can be so fickle. For first they stimulate boys' toes, But after that, it's anything goes. Usually, the very first things to go Are his shirt and pants, you know. Then she'll pull off his underpants. The nude boy won't have a chance. Because then that gal will surely tickle That bare boy's balls and prick-pickle, So stiff, hard...Read On


The Lady of Shallot

Onion a bird in a gilded cage

The Lady of Shallot Like an onion, you'd have me peel Knowing full well how I'd feel. Swooning, my head it would reel As naughty glances you would steal. Layer after layer must fall off Until at last all clothes I doff. But for you is that enough? What more is there left to slough? I'd stand naked from toes to chin Before you, Sir, in my bare skin. With my...Read On


The Very Model of a Modern Maiden Genital

Smart looking is good, but smart thinking is better

Tina Newton was a student But, alas she wasn't prudent. Tina wanted so much to be As smart a girl as she could be. But Tina wasn't all that bright And seldom did she get things right. She thought a 'model of discretion' Was a woman who was undressin' So Tina studied so she could be A nude model for photography Or in some school's life class Modelling bare boobs and ass....Read On


The very model of an immodest maid in general

But still in matters orgasmic and genital, I am the very model of a naughty maid in general

I am not a good example of young ladies of this century. My peers say I am much too fey and not what I am meant to be. I eschew Fox News and biased views because I am all too smart To fall for tricks by right wing pricks who for us do not give a fart. Through college and high school I realize I was a nerd, Vilified and demonized by teens who acted so absurd. I confess...Read On


Three little sluts who drool‏

Maiden Japan and laid in every port these three girls know how to cavort

Each girl described below is over the age of 16 TRIO – Cum-Cum , Peep-Hole , and Titties-Sing , with Chorus of Girls . The Three . Three little sluts who drool are we, Hungry for any cock we see To be full of cum, our fantasy, Three little sluts who drool! Cum-Cum . Every kink is a source of fun. ( Chuckle. ) Peep-Hole Naughty undies we’ll try on! ( Chuckle .) Titties-Sing...Read On


Trial by Jury of Her Peers (or oglers)

Barrister embarrassed bare assed take off but not strip Sir William S. Gilbert again

When I,dear friend, first became a slut I started withso much passion But unlike the whores who lewdly strut My clothing was well out of fashion. I’d bras and thongs and minis very short, Tube tops that displayed my boobies, Intimate teddies in which to cavort: Such gear often worn by newbies. Chorus . She’d intimate teddies in which to cavort: Such gear...Read On


U is for Underwear

A guy pants at a girl's underpants, he rants when given a chance. Rhyme scheme changes at times

A young girl’s panties say so much About self-esteem and confidence As well that she doth often touch Her sex-self under her underpants. Girls’ finger-fun is no great secret, The Victorian Age aside. For on-line's Victoria’s Secret Means naughtiness need not hide. Our outer gear is made to deal With cold and raging storms. But panties meet needs more real ...Read On


Vanessa Has Nothing to Hide

If you've got it, flaunt it.. if you don't got it, fake it.

Vanessa could only say 'I'd Nothing whatsoever to hide.' Her B-cup was half empty But, as anyone could see, Her smile and ass were quite wide. About her bosom she did mull For her bra cup was only half-full. But that sixteen year old lass Had a great heart-shaped ass, So at boys’ heartstrings she did pull. But Vanessa thought she knew best. So she put an odd theory to the test. To...Read On


When I was all laid

Satirical take on HMS Pinafore's When I was a Lad

I was just sixteen when I began to learn How acting bad would make my bum burn. My mother and father never spared the rod. They thought beating me was ordained by God. But such punishment did not deliver me, And I became a slut, as anyone can see. From dirty words to naughty pranks My adventures earned me lots of spanks. But lying bare-bottom over daddy's knee ...Read On


X is for Xenia

Xenia: in ancient lore, the ancient Greek custom of hospitality, including the giving of presents

A buxom maiden of nineteen years was Xenia Xerxes Whose step-dad told her, his guests she must please. Xenia most happily obeyed As her body she displayed Naked for all newcomers to see, squeeze and seize. Now, her step-dad, Pimpopulous, owned an inn Where many travelers from afar would drop in To enjoy their host’s treats Like his step-daughter’s teats As their...Read On


X marks the heart


An unknown quantity Imagination stretched Open for all to see I am but a naked 'X'...Read On


Zones Erotique

Erotically from A to Z.. the ultimate female stripped of pretense

Z is for zones érotiques A woman needs but a gentle touch To release her feminine mystique. But a man can never put too much Into her très chaude zone érotique. Her hot zones cover so much And wrap love-lust within Flesh most sensitive to touch, In her all encompassing skin. Start at the top: her well coiffed hair Is called her crowning glory. Below when...Read On