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Topic Watching your partner have sex
Posted 20 Feb 2012 11:00

It was not a strongly bonded relationship but I have seen my "girlfriend" have sex with another guy I found them both together on bed having anal sex. It was really hot. I walked away in order to let them have their privacy but later my girlfriend came searching for me we ended the three of us in the bed having wild sex.

Topic The Great Cunnilingus Survey
Posted 20 Feb 2012 10:24

1. Why do you like eating pussy? What do you like about it?

Cause I trust my tongue more than I trust my dick for giving pleasure to a girl, and also because I am addicted. I love the taste (I love tasting things) and the feeling of giving pleasure to my lover, having her squirm around my tongue is great.

2. At what age did you start eating pussy, in relevance to the age at which you lost your virginity? Did performing oral come right away, or later?

I ate pussy a couple of years before lossing my virginity. My first girlfriend had a really bad relationship with her last ex so she was a bit scared of sex, eventually I softened her up, but kept doing my tongue exercises.

3. When performing oral on a lady, what pubic hair style do you like best? Is it different from your general preferences on the subject?

I don't mind, at all. As she feels comfortable with it. (If I had to pick, natural, not shaved)

4. What can a woman do to make your experience of eating her pussy even better? What can she do to turn you on?

Specially if it's the first time guide me. Every woman likes different stuff, believe me, and I am sure that you know what you like, it's your body. Just tell me, and that would really turn me on.

5. What can she do to turn you off from eating her pussy?

If you want to turn me off, just don't do anything at all. I will stop.

6. Think of the first time you went down a woman. Did you like it or no? Was your love of cunnilingus immediate, or did that come later?

I loved it since the beginning.

7. Have you gone down on a lady in any unusual locations? If so, where?

A swimming pool, a park, a theater... wherever I was feeling hungry.

8. When a lady moves around a lot while you perform oral on her by actions, including: swirling her hips, legs shaking, pulling your hair, digging her nails into your back, wrapping legs around your head, etc., does this bother you or do you find this distracting at all?

At the beginning it scared me cause I thought that I might be doing something wrong but no, I got used to it, it even arouse me quite a lot.

9. Honestly: do you like the smell/taste of pussy?

I do like the taste and the smell, normally, sometimes it's just "cheesy"

10. Optional: Describe the sexiest or most erotic time you have ever had while going down on a woman.

Once I was in a threesome, two girls and myself, and eating pussy in a tandem sharing our experiences, and our tongues was really hot.

11. Ruby's question: What do you think about squirting?

I never had one squirting pussy in my mouth but I feel like it would be a really turn on. It's actually one of my fantasies, so don't worry about it.

Topic Threesomes
Posted 20 Feb 2012 09:53

Well I must confess that during last year I had a regular MMFF group, our first time together was a bit awkward but at the night advanced we started feeling more comfortable so it was great. Eventually the four of us explored some bisexuality so we were able to try many new things, so much fun.

I do recommend it but you will need to trust the other people, it's not only raw desire.

Topic Mens Nipples
Posted 20 Feb 2012 09:40

I do like the feeling of mine being played with, it's a really good way of getting me horny. When I have had a man lover most of the time they also enjoyed my teasing in their nipples even if sometimes they would deny it at the beginning.

Topic Do you think having a girl and a boy could save a sinking marriage?
Posted 20 Feb 2012 09:34

Maybe people in a sinking marriage can just try getting a fucking puppy... I'm sure it would achieve the same kind of togetherness a punk kid would create but without the diapers, shit grades, back talking, teen years etc.

This is what I was going to say. Also don't really think that adding the stress of taking care of two children would help.