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Hello all my Lush friends,
I've been thinking about writing a new story. What do you think? Any ideas?
Inbox me xxx

01 Jun 2015 15:41

Anyone online and want to chat? Naughty or nice.. I'm just super bored and a tiny bit horny (nothing unusual)

11 May 2013 16:02

New pic, tell me what you think. Will take special requests for photos if anyone wants a personalized one

17 Jan 2013 17:52

Going to have to stay off lush for a little while. Got some important things to do during the next 2 weeks and can't be distracted! Until then good bye...

02 Nov 2012 14:30

So fkn horny!!! Let's chat ladies

30 Oct 2012 19:43

Who's online? Hit me up! I'm horny and want to chat!!

04 Sep 2012 18:31

says "This is the eye test. Look for the LOWER case `L` and you will be kissed tomorrow ! LLLLLLLLLLLLlLLLLLLLLLL. Now look for the `N`. This is really hard . MMMMMMMMMM MMMMMMMNMMMMMMM . Now find the mistake: ABCDEFGHIJKLNMOPQRST UVWXYZ. Now wish for something you really want after the count down! 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1, Now close your eyes and make a wish .** . Now put this as your status and your wish will come true! You have 19 minutes! Or what you wished for will be the Opposite."

19 Aug 2012 13:17

Just uploaded a new pic, please check it out And also check out my stories please

25 Jul 2012 00:38

My new story got approved, another MILF story hope you enjoy!!

08 Jul 2012 04:16

In the process of uploading my second story... stay tuned!!

08 Jul 2012 01:10