The English Milf and I.... My First Time

A short story about losing my virginity

I was about 17 at the time and in great shape, as I was going through one of those getting fit phases in my life since I used to be quite a chubby child growing up. I had just arrived for the National Weightlifting Competition and got the first taxi from the airport to the hotel. It was an old man driving, I wasn’t sure that I would ever get to the hotel as he kept on staring confusingly at...Read On


The Perfect MILF Tutor For the Perfect STUDent

Teacher suggests tutor, which turns out to be a MILF!

It has been apparent through all my schooling life that English was not my strongest subject. Growing up, teachers were very hesitant to give me high marks and I always tried my best without getting high results. I sought help from friends which was useless. I went to the teacher like a teacher’s pet to try and demonstrate that I was really trying to get a higher score but still nothing. ...Read On