bigbubblygurlnc's Blog Entries

21 Nov 2015 22:12

I have uploaded some videos for your viewing pleasure

Hope you like what you see

30 Sep 2015 18:38

The goddesses of Lush were very kind...

Hope you enjoy the trip to the home improvement store with Cherry

30 Sep 2015 05:01

Story has been submitted.. May the gods and goddesses of Lush be kind and I find favor in their eyes.

23 Sep 2015 20:18

Working on my next story my friends.. your patience will be rewarded.. I hope.

23 Aug 2015 15:20

That was quick.. my 25th story has been approved. My first straight sex story.. funny enough. Give it a look if you like.

23 Aug 2015 12:27

Latest story is off to the Gods and Goddess of Lush for approval. May I always be in their favor.

17 Aug 2015 07:23

New story almost finished.. just need to push to the end and then typing/edit phase begins. Thank you for your patience everyone.. hope it is worth it.

18 Jul 2015 06:58

I am back everyone.. Did you miss me? Got a few stories running around in my head. Hoping they make their way out soon for your reading pleasure.

29 Apr 2015 21:39

I have a tumblr now... check it out if you like...

22 Apr 2015 22:15

I am back.. Did anyone miss me?

28 Mar 2015 17:03

New poem posted my friends hope you enjoy..

17 Mar 2015 21:16

Working two jobs for a while.. please be patient with me my friends. Thank you.

13 Feb 2015 15:26

New poem posted.. vote if you please

13 Feb 2015 14:42

New poem off to the Gods of Lush, may they be kind.

10 Jan 2015 10:04

It took three times but finally got my latest story approved... This one is for the competition.. so vote early if you please

08 Jan 2015 00:20

Story is off to the Gods of Lush, May they be kind.

28 Dec 2014 22:24

New story is in the works, my friends. I thank you for your patience.

15 Dec 2014 17:28

New poem posted everyone.. Enjoy!

24 Nov 2014 00:52

New story has been posted. Keeping it under 1000 words was a challenge so it would fit in Flash Erotica, but I think I was up for the challenge. Tell me what you think.

16 Nov 2014 10:42

Everyone gets two for the price of one this weekend. Another story published today. Check them out if you like.

14 Nov 2014 15:38

New story has been approved. Hope you enjoy!

10 Nov 2014 22:40

New story off to the Gods of Lush, may they be kind.

06 Nov 2014 20:28

New story in the works my friends. Patience please and thank you.

25 Oct 2014 12:16

Latest story has been approved. Hope everyone enjoys my explorations.

23 Oct 2014 22:12

New story off to the Gods of Lush, may they be kind.

15 Oct 2014 19:26

Latest story approved.. Hope you like it too

13 Oct 2014 23:13

Latest story has been submitted. May the Gods of Lush be kind.

12 Oct 2014 14:11

Finished my latest story.. now for the typing and editing. Will try and get that all done in the next few days.

04 Oct 2014 20:58

Okay had a poem that needed to get out of me right in the middle of the story I was working on... Hope that poem meets with your approval

17 Sep 2014 21:15

Working on a new story. Which would make it my 13th story. Might end up writing two, just so that I do not have 13 stories for too long.