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Posted: 16 Oct 2016 15:40
U run ur hand through my hair down my neck and run ur hand lightly over my breast. As u do my body quiver from the touch. Down my stomach and to my wet pussy that has become very wet from the kisses to the moans touches and ur reactions from me sucking on ur hard cock. U run ur fingers from top to bottom and back up to the top and down again. Moaning and whimpering every time I feel ur fingertips brush my clit. Then u place them in and push them in.....out....in....out waves of pleasure quivering and moaning as u do so. Then to make the feelings more intense u kiss down my neck and to my breast as u suck on one u push them in....out...in...out. I squeeze ur arms with each wave that runs through my body. After that u move ur kisses so warm and soft down my smooth soft stomach to my wet pussy. As u do get closer u blow over it and make me shiver. U pull ur fingers out and replace it with ur tongue sending me into a intense wave from the soft wet warm touch of ur long tongue in my wet pussy. So much that I arch my back and u reach ur hand up to the middle of my breast to clam me down and I squeeze ur arm as u continue to push it in and out. U then run ur tongue up to my clit and use the tip of it and move it quickly over it and I moan loudly as a small orgasm runs through my body. U decide that u think I've had enough and ur ready to take away the one thing that has not been taken away. U come up to kiss me and ask me if I'm okay and I tell u yes lol. Then u ask if I'm ready and I tell u yes. U slowly take ur hard cock and slide it into my wet pussy and ask after u have it in if I'm okay and I tell u yes. U slowly pull it in and out. In...out...out...in...out. I hold u close and scratch up ur back and moan as u do so. U moan and move quicker. U breathe more and so do I. We move together u run ur hand up my back and make things electrifying I dig my fingers into ur back and moan louder. I breathe heavier and u do as well. I take my hand off u while the other is still pulling u in closer to my body . U are moving faster then when we started. As my hand is laying there I grab ur hand and u interlock ur fingers with mine. As u look into my eyes u can see that one pleasure wave is building up. I squeeze ur hand and moan out loudly almost to a scream. As I close my eyes and let it run through my body. I open my eyes and look deeply into urs and know that it's time for us to connect our love our intimacy our life and make it all complete. U run ur hand down my arm and under my back. Very quickly to make it even faster and intense and mymoan and heavy breathing knowing I'm close and u reach ur hand up my arm and interlock ur fingers once again and then.....everything disappears everything fades away I melt in the way u look at me and whisper I love u as u come with me. U moan and shake on top of me and I moan loudly and scream from the most electrifying wave I've had for the night with u. I quiver and shake as the waves run through my arms and legs over every sensitive spot u touched every inch of my body. I can feel ur hard cock giving me ur warm hot cum and feel it shake inside and know I'm complete and I'm urs only urs. As u lay on top of me our breathing continues to slow and our heartbeats calm down. Then once everything has settle. U slide out and lay beside me and kiss me on the lips and tell me u love me and feel completely urs.
Posted: 03 Oct 2016 11:40
Posted: 01 Oct 2016 13:03
Posted: 01 Oct 2016 13:00
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