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Last night an olderaged guy (upper50's at least) with a 30something wife invite me over. I thought it was for her and him to watch but turns out it was for me and him while she watched. She was so sexy i told her if she got naked & 'cheered'us on id give it a try. But then he pulled out a scary thick donkey dick. once i saw his cock, i spent thr next few hours of sucking him, edging him, and letting him fuck my ass so deep i can barely walk today. She was very attractive but his cock mesmerized me and she got a little jealous. After he had cum all oveer my face and then deep in my ass, she joined in. Just knowing she gets this massive dick from a guy who seemed to being doing well at life in general and doesnt beg for it all the time definitely offends the size queen in me. I hope i see them again

21 May 2015 01:43