Group Sex(2)


An Unforgettable Night in June (Part 1)

June has a girlfriend, and a boyfriend....

This is my first time writing stuff like this, so please give constructive criticism. This story is true, with only names being changed. Christmas break after many weeks of training couldn't come fast enough. I looked forward to any amount of time with the family. However, this break was just a bit different. June, a girl I started dating during those few months of training, called...Read On


An Unforgettable Night in June...(Part 2)

June has a boyfriend, and yet another girlfriend...

This is another true story. It occurred shortly after Part 1. The names have been changed. After the episode with Sabrina, June and I were extremely excited. We could not keep the idea of another threesome out of our heads. We would make love to one another like it was the last time every time after the threesome. Some months later, June decided she wanted to do it again, and who was I...Read On