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Hooked up with a guy who lives nearby, near enough for us to have regular sex! It had been a long long time since I'd tasted cum but not anymore. I straddled his hard cock last time and watched his face dissolve with pleasure when he shot his load into me. It was heavenly!

01 Mar 2015 06:07

Reading stories and licking the precum from my cock. I would love a good mouthful of cum right now!

12 Apr 2014 07:03

12 Apr 2014 07:00

I just bought three pair of Olga panties! They are soft and sexy and wonderful to touch. They hug my butt like a lover and when I touch myself through them it is delicious! (I posted pics of one of the pair.)

07 Nov 2013 03:07

I decided to post parts two and three, even though part one can't be published. If anyone's interested in it, let me know.

17 Feb 2013 06:13