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Topic Filled at both ends?
Posted 19 Jul 2015 06:43

This works pretty well with three guys as well. I love giving head, either to my fiance or to another guy, while being fucked from behind. The sensations are intense!

Topic who honestly likes to give blow jobs
Posted 01 Jun 2015 07:32

I love giving a blow job as long as he's not too big. It allows me to do more than just try to keep my teeth out of the way! The first time I was a little apprehensive but he'd sucked me so I figured what the hell. It took me by surprise when he shot his load into my mouth but I just swallowed and have swallowed every load since. If I had to pick, I think I would rather go down on a woman, mostly because I love the taste but guys do appreciate a hot talented mouth to cum in. I guess that's why I'm bi ... I just can't pick just one.

Topic Has anyone here had orgasms from...?
Posted 05 Apr 2015 06:28

A former GF could cum by squeezing her thighs together. It was pretty hot to watch! She'd orgasm when I sucked her right nipple too ... not the left one, just the right. I guess it just had to be the right nipple. LOL

Topic Bra Cup sizes
Posted 17 Mar 2015 19:21

My GF wears a 36G (most of which I've bought her) and has beautiful soft pink nipples the size of silver dollars ... the old silver dollars ... which are very much loved. She named her breasts Kate and Edith because when I suck her nipples I can't have my Kate and Edith too!

Topic Where do u want the cum to go?
Posted 17 Mar 2015 19:12

I love to swallow it but I love being on top of a man when he cums in my ass and watch his face fill with pleasure!

Topic Would you masturbate in front of...?
Posted 17 Mar 2015 19:03

Have and would to all of the above. What can I say? I'm not shy.

Topic Cum inside or not?
Posted 10 Mar 2015 20:52

With both of us sterile, we never ever worry about this. She loves it when I cum inside her and I love cumming with my cock buried deeply in her. It's a win-win in our relationship. When I'm with a man, I live to feel that warmth squirt into me and the more (and more often) the better!

Topic wheres the craziest place youve given head?
Posted 17 Feb 2015 19:14

Video booth in an adult bookstore. The guy kept opening the door so everyone could watch. I closed it the first two times but then figured "What the Hell?" His knees went weak when he came and I swallowed it all, much to the delight of our audience.

Topic men in lingerie
Posted 03 Feb 2015 08:09

I've worn a lot of lingerie in my life, as well as every other bit of women's clothing. As far as uncomfortable, well, yes and no. Just like when women wear it if it doesn't fit right, is scratchy or has seams that dig in etc., it is pretty damned miserable to wear. I've found that the RIGHT pair of panties is far more comfortable under clothes than most men's underwear ... comfortable fabrics, holds everything nicely, no bulky bunchy material and pretty colors! What's not to like? Any woman who's worn uncomfortable panties or the wrong bra knows what I'm saying.
As far as sexy, for me it's all about the feel and it's just for me and the way it looks to others is not important.

Topic What made you try Anal?
Posted 25 Jan 2015 06:10

He asked me "Can I try something different?" while I was sucking his cock. I had no idea what 'different' meant but I found out, and liked it.

Topic Ass big
Posted 25 Jan 2015 06:00


Topic Sexy Garter Pictures
Posted 23 Jan 2015 08:07

Topic Can you recall the best blowjob you ever received?
Posted 06 Jan 2015 18:29

In a video booth in an adult bookstore. He was a true expert and it left me nearly unable to stand. He left the booth after a simple 'thank you' and I just leaned into the corner amazed and spent with my pants around my knees.

Topic Your BRA Colletion!
Posted 26 Dec 2014 04:35

With her in them or no?

Topic Threesome - You and two guys
Posted 20 Oct 2014 18:11

With the right bi guy, my GF and I have enjoyed a few hot threesomes (MMF) and I've enjoyed some hot MMM too.

Topic Have you ever jerked a guy off or given him a blow job in exchange for a favor he did for you?
Posted 19 Oct 2014 13:13

I blew a guy once for giving me a ride home. I was tired of walking and I like giving blowjobs. He was fine with that. Sometimes sex is just sex and a mutually agreed on arrangement doesn't change that.

Topic What made you try Anal?
Posted 11 Oct 2014 12:12

What was probably alcohol, and curiosity. Who? His name was Dick. (Seriously, it was.)

Topic Crossdressing
Posted 24 Aug 2014 08:09

I discovered the feel of taffeta as a very young boy and was hooked. I tried most of my life to deny my feelings ... collecting a wardrobe and then purging when the guilt overtook me. Finally, in my forties, I realized what a plus having both feminine and masculine sides really was in my life and ACCEPTED. While my GF/fiance prefers the masculine side she accepts both. She too sees that much of the personality she loves is a result of this beautiful balance, this androgynous blend.
For me it was almost entirely about the feel, the sexy silky feelings on my skin. Sexually, I only dress when I'm with a man. I feel masculine with her (she is a very feminine woman) and feel feminine when I'm being sexual with a man. If we're in a threesome, it kind of switches back and forth. ;-)

Topic Upskirt pics
Posted 30 Jul 2014 05:58 in red dress.jpg panty upskirt.jpg

Topic who honestly likes to give blow jobs
Posted 29 Jan 2014 19:36

It was one of my first truly sexual experiences beyond kissing and petting and has always remained an extremely erotic activity. The first time I tasted cum, although a little surprised by the texture, I was hooked and have sought cocks to suck ever since. It is a very satisfying feeling to have a man release everything into your mouth and let you greedily swallow it. Yes, I think a lot of that is the power you have at that point but it is also the submissiveness in letting yourself be used for his pleasure.

Topic Have you ever has sex with someone you know you shouldn't have?
Posted 28 Nov 2013 19:11

Looking back there were far more 'shouldn'ts' that 'shoulds'. My stories probably reflect that to some extent. Of all the women and especially all the men I think most would consider 95% of them no-nos. Now, and in the wonderful relationship I'm in, I wouldn't consider ANY of them off limits but rather consider the limits far far too restrictive. We don't have those limits anymore.

Topic what colour bra are u girls wearing?
Posted 25 Nov 2013 20:59

She's wearing her red lace one.

Topic Upskirt pics
Posted 17 Nov 2013 13:05 white panties.jpg

Topic does it bother you to know about your partners previous lovers?
Posted 30 Oct 2013 08:24

Even before we were a couple, even before we were intimate, we were totally honest and open about our sexual experiences. It's one of the things that brought us together. We still share that information if one or the other (or both of us) have sex with someone else. It can be very titillating to hear a 'play-by-play' review and then dive into bed together!

Topic Breastfeeding
Posted 22 Oct 2013 08:53

When my ex breastfed I thought it was the most beautiful, and sexy, thing EVER! My GF's ex would 'allow' her to breastfeed until her babies were about six months old and then he made her stop so he could "have them back". When she told me this I thought it was the stupidest thing I'd ever heard. When my ex breastfed her breasts didn't go away and we certainly didn't stop having sex!

Topic Does Your Significant Other Know You're Here?
Posted 22 Oct 2013 08:47

She the one who suggested I write about my experiences (or OUR experiences!)

Topic have u ever been caught masturbating?
Posted 10 Oct 2013 06:26

My GF caught me but took the right action ... she sat on my hard dick and rode it home!

Topic Describe yourself in one word
Posted 09 Oct 2013 06:17


Topic Would you guys like to be a woman for 1 week?
Posted 09 Oct 2013 06:15

Of course! I've fantasized this since the first time I put on a dress!

Topic What does your username mean?
Posted 09 Oct 2013 06:13

You're kidding, right? LOL