A Weekend in the Mountains

My wife and I decided to get away for a weekend in the mountains not long ago. We were only going for a long weekend, not an extended vacation. Kerrie is generally fairly conservative in both dress and actions, since she is a school teacher and believes that there will always be a student of hers lurking around the next corner. On this particular trip, we were far enough removed from our...Read On


A Weekend in the Mountains - Day 2

The next morning, as my wife, Kerri, and I dressed, I noted that she wore shorts similar to what she wore as we drove up here yesterday. They were very short indeed, but what was even more surprising to me was that she wore them without any panties! Next was her cutoff t-shirt, worn sans bra. I wouldn't even mention this except for the fact that she never dresses this sexy at home. It...Read On

First Time(2)


College Education - Part 1

At the college I attended, I learned more than just the traditional studies. Among other things, I taught myself to play guitar. I was already a decent singer, and was wanting to gain some way to have live musical accompaniment at the same time. Eventually, I began playing for weeknight coffeehouses, giving impromptu concerts on the dorm porch, or joining in pick-up jam sessions with...Read On


My First Sex Partner - Part One

First time sex

Kathy and met when we were both 18. We had dated just a couple of weeks, but everyone knew that we were a couple already. Kathy had dated other guys before, and had even fucked a few, but none lasted any time. I, on the other hand, had dated only two girls in high school, and had never even gotten past first base. It was in the dead of winter when we were invited to a party. Kathy, who had...Read On

Group Sex(1)


College Education - Part 2

Roommates entertain a guest.

Kyra and I laid on the bed naked, watching her roommate, Leesa, strip off her sweaty tennis outfit right in front of us. "I can't wait to get out of sweaty clothing" Leesa explained. She continued by reaching under the sports bra she was wearing and pulling it over her head, exposing her beautiful tits. Her boobs were probably 34Bs, with small, dark areolas, and nipples that were already...Read On



College Days

Coeds and an instructor get together for fun.

I was teaching an orientation class in my major as part of my doctoral studies. This was primarily to introduce the prospective new majors to the field in general. This particular profession is one that has many more women than men practicing; therefore, the same is true with its classes. There were 30 in the class, and 28 were coeds. Since this was being taught in the summertime, and...Read On


Daddy and Jenna

As I was raising my daughter, Jenna, I wondered how she became the free spirit that she was. My then-wife was quite conservative. Diana stopped short of wearing dresses constantly, but her shorts and skirts were always at least knee-length. She always wore a bra, even in bed, despite having only 32B boobs. Never wearing a sleeveless shirt, she always wore blouses and shirts that had sleeves...Read On


Daddy and Jenna - 3

I was anxiously awaiting the day that I could finally dispense with the condoms and have completely unprotected sex with my only child, sweet Jenny. It was just a few short weeks ago that she began taking birth control pills, but it seemed like forever. Just looking forward to my naked cock in her pussy made the wait seem like forever. Jenna had started school again, her senior year, and...Read On


Daddy and Jenna - 4

Doug awoke in the middle of the night amid a tangle of arms and legs, desperately needing to relieve himself. His memory of the previous evening quickly cleared as he remembered three naked teenagers and himself pleasuring each other, fucking his daughter, Jenna, and her friend Maria, though Courtney seemed anxious about fully participating with the rest of the group. Doug carefully moved a...Read On


Daddy and Jenna - 5

When morning arrived, all four awoke at about the same time. Doug's cock immediately began to grow at the sight of three naked teenagers lying in bed with him. Jenna was first out of bed, and stumbled to the bathroom. The sight of her naked ass was enough to cause his cock to grow all the faster, a fact not lost on the other two girls. Courtney was the bolder of the two. "What's the...Read On


Daddy and Jenna - 6

Courtney's back

Doug and Jenna welcomed Courtney to their house with open arms. literally. Courtney's parents had gone on an extended business trip/vacation, but since part of it was for business, they had to leave Courtney behind. Doug looked at Courtney, remembering her last visit with them. He also remembered her dark brown pussy hair, and dark, sensitive nipples atop her B-cup boobs. He could still...Read On


Daddy and Jenna- 2

To the next level...

The next day, I called her doctor early, and brought her in to get a prescription for birth control pills. When we left the office and got to the car. Jenna gave me a big hug, mashing her 34C boobs against my chest, saying "Thank you so much, Daddy! I love you so much!" My cock began to stir with the feel of her breasts, and despite the risk of being seen, I dropped my hands to her ass and...Read On


Kelly's First Time

The divorce was at last complete. Steve felt like a huge burden had been lifted from his shoulders. They ended up selling the house, since neither could justify staying in one that large now. It was lucky for both that a buyer came along almost immediately, one that was pre-qualified and who was happy with the asking price. He split the profits with her, and was able to pay cash for a new...Read On


Kelly's First Time - 2

Kelly invites some friends over.

Steve and Kelly laid in his bed, and he could tell by her deep breathing that she was asleep. She must have been tired after the action between them just a little while ago. Now Steve began thinking about that again. ‘She is my daughter ! How could I have let things go that far? No man fucks his daughter and gets away with it. I am so in trouble now.’ Then he looked at her once again. She...Read On


Kelly's First Time - 3

Kelly and Steve had grown completely comfortable with each other. Steve had stopped worrying about Kelly saying anything, and neither was seeking a partner (either of the same or opposite sex) any more. Kelly did continue to ask friends over for the night, and some stayed for longer than even the weekend. One friend, in particular, seemed to enjoy the times that the three of them made for...Read On


Kelly's First Time - 4

The three of them start a new life.

It took no time for Leann, Kelly, and Steve to adjust to Leann moving in with the other two. Steve's bedroom was across the hall from the girls' rooms, but nobody bothered closing the doors any more. In fact, Steve even considered removing the doors from the hinges, but that seemed to be going too far. After graduation from high school, Kelly and Leann both got jobs and immediately began...Read On


Kelly's First Time - 5

Leann, Kelly, and Steve had long since settled into their three-way relationship, with very few growing pains. Each had their own job, and all were contributing to the household. And boundaries? There really were none. The only rule was that, if one didn't feel like participating in sex, he or she could opt out for that time, and the other two were left to themselves. Needless to say,...Read On

Love Stories(1)


Always a Friend

'Finally, it's over with!' Jay thought to himself. 'I've been trying to get this divorce behind me for a lifetime, and despite her best efforts, this horrible marriage is over at last.' He shook the hand of his lawyer, signed the papers, and walked toward his car. Waiting for him there was his best friend, who had seen him through this whole mess. Wendy was his rock, a pillar of strength,...Read On

Straight Sex(3)


Catherine and Callie

I met Catherine when I was 16 and she was 14. She had a high school crush on me, a shy, skinny boy who she had seen playing basketball in her neighborhood park. We were introduced by a mutual friend, and spent a few hours that first day just talking on the swings, until her mother called her in for dinner. Catherine was a beautiful girl, with deep brown eyes, dark brown hair, and an...Read On


Catherine and Callie - 2

"Bob, I have a favor to ask of you." Catherine and I had just finished a long and hot fucking session; now both of us were trying to recover our breath. "Anything for you. What is it?" I responded. We had been seeing each other for over a month now, and not only was the sex hot, but I could see this relationship lasting for a long while. "You remember that I have to be out of town for...Read On


Catherine and Callie - 3

When Catherine arrived, I met her at the door and gave her a huge hug. Callie came bouncing down the stairs and joined us in a group hug. After we were finished, I carried Catherine's bags up to her bedroom and helped her unpack. "So have you two been good?" Catherine asked. "No, Mom, I'm afraid that we've been very bad" was Callie's response. "Excellent!" said Catherine. "I was...Read On

Wife Lovers(1)


A Weekend in the Mountains - Day 3

Nathan's Story After we had all agreed to swap partners for our last day on the mountain, I couldn't help but steal another look at my wife. Though it was only going to be for 24 hours, it felt as if we were going to be parting for much longer. I couldn't help but steal one final glance at her firm sexy body, and we quickly exchanged winks. Suddenly I was brought back to the real world...Read On