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Time to update my profile. To most of my friends and family I'm just your everyday run of the mill guy. But as of very recently my wife and I have seperated after 30 years of marriage. I know intend to explore being gay, something I have leaned towards these past 5 years or so. It is sad to part but it had to happen as we have just grown apart. Personally I'm excited to be single and free to do as I wish, but it is a bit daunting all the same. I want to explore all facets of my sexuality and develop relationships. it was terrible not being able to be myself. I came out to some friends last night and it was the most liberating thing I have ever done. So send me a message whenever you like and we will chat. Cheers!

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Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Sex and everything that goes with it. Relationships and how they work.
Sports of most kinds.
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Any biography.
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Authors of biographies, obviously.
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One of my favourite movies is Pulp Fiction, a very cleverly edited movie. Lone survivor.
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Mainly documentaries.
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Most rock and popular music, Dire Straights, lots of Australian music, Hoodoo Gurus, Australian Crawl, Cold Chisel to name a few. Have recently rediscovered a U.S singer, Rodrigues.
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27 Feb 2014
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14 May 2016 (13 days ago)
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Topic: What are you listening to right now?
Posted: 13 Dec 2015 17:04

The darned washing machine!

Topic: What are you listening to right now?
Posted: 13 Dec 2015 17:04

The darned washing machine!

Topic: What's the weather like where you are?
Posted: 13 Dec 2015 17:02

Sunny, not a cloud in the sky. 22 deg Celsius going up to a delightful 28. Same forecast for the next week.!

Topic: Are Beards Sexy?
Posted: 03 Dec 2015 16:59

In a word no! Beards are what lazy men who can't be bothered shaving daily. No woman or man for that matter, could think scratchy hair is sexy.

Topic: If you could only do one type of exercise or sport, what would it be?
Posted: 11 Jun 2015 21:27

Mixed sex Beach volley ball on a nude beach. Why do you always see people playing volley ball at nude venues? Anyway that would be my kind so sport.

Topic: Who thinks this guy is the luckiest in the world?
Posted: 10 May 2015 21:10

I hope he can perform to their expectations, he could be in trouble!

Topic: Does it now or has it ever thrilled you to know that you can make a man hard?
Posted: 10 May 2015 21:08

It isn't just you girls who get a thrill from it. I'm always surprised I can have that effect on another guy.

Topic: Cut vs uncut
Posted: 08 May 2015 18:24

I've had both and don't prefer one over the other. All penises, cut or uncut are different. That's the attraction for me. I wish I still had my foreskin, who knows how many nerve endings were removed with it and what pleasure they could have brought me?

Topic: Server migration
Posted: 28 Feb 2015 14:34

I thought it was just me until I saw this forum! Still no pics and I'm missing them.

Topic: If you caught someone you were attracted to, masturbating, would you stay and watch?
Posted: 14 Jan 2015 15:47

I have caught a friend masturbating. He's gay, so I gave him a hand so to speak. He didn't know I was bi until then and said it only made it hotter for him thinking I was a straight married guy.

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You think you know someone - Tammy and Barry: Their story.

Tammy Johnson drove into the long drive way of the well kept large house in the better suburb of Belle Vue. There was a pickup truck parked at the top of the drive. 'Johnston Constructions' read the sign painted along the tray of the rig. Her husband's Cadillac was parked next to it. "What is that silly old bastard doing to the house now?" she questioned under her breath. Tammy had been...

Added 07 Feb 2016 | Category Group Sex | Votes 16 | Avg Score 4.63 | Views 5,178 | 7 Comments

You think you know someone.

Isn't it funny when you think you know someone and then all of a sudden something happens or somebody says something and you perception of them changes forever. My wife Janet and I had been friends with Dave and Chloe for thirty plus years. Like us they were a devoted couple they had two grown children who had moved out of home now. Chloe was always gorgeous, tall, blond, good looking and...

Added 08 Dec 2015 | Category Bisexual | Votes 37 | Avg Score 4.86 | Views 15,308 | 15 Comments

You think you know someone - Our first night swinging.

Dave and I got together twice in the next couple of weeks. It wasn't easy as we didn't have a venue to enjoy ourselves as we would have liked to. One Monday night we had his house to ourselves for a couple of hours, supposedly to watch Monday night football. Chloe was at work. We relieved the sexual frustration we had by sucking each other to orgasm. It was nice knowing that we didn't have...

Added 09 Dec 2015 | Category Group Sex | Votes 22 | Avg Score 5 | Views 11,566 | 12 Comments

You think you know someone - Chris and Ellen: Their story

Chris and Ellen had been on the swinging scene for three years. They had been married for twelve. They were the same age, thirty seven years old. They were high school sweethearts and started going out together in grade eleven when they were seventeen. They started screwing each other in grade twelve and there was no question that one day they would get married. They had their little bust ups...

Added 15 Dec 2015 | Category Group Sex | Votes 25 | Avg Score 4.96 | Views 11,662 | 18 Comments

The rebirth of Andrew Bishop - chapter 38

Tess had just finished planting and watering some herbs in the garden bed next to the front steps of the old sandstone farm house. It was hot and sunny again. She was being a bit daring as she could be seen from the road and she was working topless as usual. Though you would have to stop and really have good eye sight to see her as she was five hundred meters from the highway. She had...

Added 03 Dec 2015 | Category Bisexual | Votes 10 | Avg Score 4.9 | Views 3,516 | 9 Comments

The rebirth of Andrew Bishop - chapter 37

"Nearly home Tess," said Drew as he gently shook her and turned into Geoff's driveway. Tess had been asleep in the front seat for the last hour. Dave was snoozing in the back. "We'll just pick up the dog and say good bye to Geoff. He'll be leaving early in the morning," It was only two in the afternoon, they had made good time on the trip home. It was stinking hot again and the country...

Added 29 Nov 2015 | Category Bisexual | Votes 10 | Avg Score 4.9 | Views 2,050 | 9 Comments

The rebirth of Andrew Bishop - chapter 36

"Good morning," said the receptionist at the front counter of the day spa."We haven't seen you here for a while Ms. Williams. "No, we have moved to the country. We need to get a bit of the evidence of the farm removed," said Tess light heartedly as she held out her unpolished and chipped finger nails for the receptionist. "Oh my goodness," the red head said in mock horror. Tess had...

Added 28 Nov 2015 | Category Bisexual | Votes 7 | Avg Score 4.86 | Views 1,738 | 6 Comments

The rebirth of Andrew Bishop-chapter 35

Tess lay in her hammock in the shade. Christmas lunch was over. The boys had cooked an enormous turkey with all the trimmings. They had waited for Geoff to arrive before they had opened the presents and then had eaten together. She knew she had over eaten and that tomorrow she would ask Dave to accompany her on a long ride on the mountain bikes to try and burn some calories. But now the...

Added 25 Nov 2015 | Category Bisexual | Votes 8 | Avg Score 5 | Views 1,390 | 5 Comments

The rebirth of Andrew Bishop - chapter 34

It was two days before Christmas and it was swelteringly hot. Tess lay in her hammock in the shade of the back veranda. She was wearing was a skimpy white bikini that was no more than three tiny triangles of cloth that tried to conceal her nipples and pussy. Drew and Dave sat on out door chairs. They were wearing a pair of shorts each and were bare chested. Condensation droplets were forming...

Added 29 Oct 2015 | Category Bisexual | Votes 13 | Avg Score 4.85 | Views 2,775 | 8 Comments

The rebirth of Andrew Bishop - chapter 32

"Okay, time for you to learn to wrestle sheep," Drew said as he jumped off the quad bike and shut the gate of the pen behind the shearing shed. They had been down to one of the far paddocks and separated maybe thirty five sheep from them main flock. After walking them back to the pens at the rear of the shearing shed they now had to cut twenty of last year's lambs from the breeding ewes. ...

Added 29 Aug 2015 | Category Bisexual | Votes 10 | Avg Score 4.9 | Views 4,835 | 4 Comments

Friends Comments
Friends Comments
Posted: 27 Nov 2015 21:39
hi bipeep, tah for accepting me as a friend....great photos...nice cock!
Posted: 16 Oct 2015 03:33

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Posted: 09 Apr 2015 18:37
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