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Hypnotryst - Part 2

Susan's psychiatrist discovers some buried memories

Chapter 3 From the Patient Case History of Susan Richards Dr. Tamara Watkins, Ph.D, ABPP, APA Tuesday 30 th September, 2014 (Transcribed from voice recording) The time is 3:35 PM and the date is Tuesday the 30th of September, 2014. This recording is for the case history of a Susan Richards, case number 2014-133-TW, follow-up consultation number two. I think I had a...Read On


Hypnotryst - Part 1

Susan's psychiatrist discovers some buried memories

Chapter 1 From the Patient Case History of SusanRichards Dr. Tamara Watkins, Ph.D, ABPP, APA Tuesday 16 th September, 2014 (Transcribed from voice recording) The time is 3:15 PM and the date is Tuesday the 16 th of September, 2014. This recording is for the case history of a new patient, Susan Richards, case number 2014-133-TW. Dr Susan Richards M.D. is a 33-year-old woman...Read On


The rebirth of Andrew Bishop -chapter 15

Tess makes a series of phone calls to set up a sex filled weekend.

Tess was restless. Dave was driving and she had been dozing in the passenger seat. They had been on the road for three hours now and still had an hour or so to go until they were home. She picked up her mobile phone and dialed Fiona's number. "Hello, Fiona speaking," "Hi Fiona, it's Tess here, how are you?" Tess asked. "Oh, hi. I was trying to call you earlier but your phone must have...Read On


Nora's Tale: 5 - Dawn Breaks, and So Does Lauren

I fill my best friend in on my adventures thus far, pushing her over the edge

As it turned out, Levi didn’t get his hands on me for awhile, not that either of us was happy about it. I couldn’t allow my weekend experience to bleed into my school week. Those two days had been a blast – a taste of what my summer might be like after graduation, but I had too many responsibilities to be fooling around during the week. After the craziness of it all, my Monday was...Read On


A Tow In The Snow

This is my first published story... Tell me if you like it!

This fictional story was written by Alex Foremen and shall not be copied or re-produced. When I was in my early twenties I drove a tow truck. For the most part it was a great gig, but some days were better than others. One cold snowy day I responded to a call from a guy who slid off the road and got his car stuck in the snow. This was common, just hook-it-up and pull-it-out. But this...Read On


Vixen and Queen Alice

My tongue had competition between my Lady’s legs! One front, one back. What a day.

No-one in the whole blessed kingdom knows I writes. They think me simple, just because I don’t talk. Don’t make me dumb though. My Lady, my best friend, she taught me her learnings as we grew up, though God knows it’s against the law. Teaching your handmaid anything other than how to set a curl or drape a gown. My Lady named me. Vixen. On account of my russet pelt and wily ways. Though...Read On


Lemon House: Bill's Story (Part 2 of 2)

“We need you to come. Now.”

It was the shortest text Bill had ever got from Stephanie. Odd because it wasn’t even her turn. He cheered when he got it, glad for an end to the cold silence, but what was this “We” business? And was that a double entendre or just the state of his mind? It had been so long since he’d cum, being on a solemn promise (mostly kept) to save it for Stephanie. For the baby. The taxi to...Read On


What A Christmas, Carol

Carol's Christmas at the cabin turns out much differently than planned.

The snow tumbled from the sky like a curtain in big, wet flakes that glittered in the porch light and added layer after layer to the smooth, edgeless blanket that tried to swallow the world. From time to time, trees capitulated under the weight and threw their branches to the ground with a final, resonating gun shot, or faltered altogether with a cannon blast. The startled jerks and...Read On


Lemon House: Stephanie's Story (Part 1 of 2)

“It is the same every year, the blossom, it turns everyone into horny honey bees.

Fleur’s breath trembled with the speeding thump of her heart as she spread her fingers on the door to Stephanie’s room and, with wobbling knees, lowered her eye to the keyhole. The curtains were drawn, and one dusty slice of afternoon sunlight illuminated the room. Fleur made out the bed, the dresser, the chaise. Oh… She bit her lip, stifling the urge to blurt out a gasp. Stephanie. Off...Read On


The Bi-Surprise Part One

A lonely girl finds a new friend

When I first met my partner Leo, I was infatuated by him. Standing at over six feet tall, with dark brown hair and blue eyes, I was immediately drawn to him. I had never met someone who could make me feel weak at the knees in love, but dripping wet at the same time. We had been in a sex-filled relationship for two years, when he was offered his dream job in a small town three hours away...Read On


A Party in the Sky

Life is like a lollipop! So sweet and so fleeting! You must suck it till nothing is left!

The glittering city night illuminated the couple from below, turning them into sky-gods while their airship docked at the top of the tallest tower. Leonardo petted his assistant’s bare breast, stiffening her nipple beneath her silk party dress. “None of that tonight please, Mr Lain,” she said. “My lover will not approve.” “Don’t worry, Pretty-Polly . She will, eventually.” “Don’t...Read On


My True Story of Sex with Ten Hot Girls

My life for the last three months has been an endless stream of hot girls, ready for sex

This is the true story of my life for the last three months. I’ve been a member/author here on Lush since October 2013. That’s when I started writing my 50+ erotic short stories and publishing them here. To my surprise, they have been popular! Men like them and especially the girls! I started to get emails from gorgeous young girls who said things like, “Your stories make me wet.” Wow! So...Read On


A New World Part 6

Wll enjoys a lazy Sunday with Riley and Jenn.

I was awake for a full two minutes before I realized, I wasn’t dreaming the two hot tongues sliding over my rigid pole. I stretched my arms over my head and placed my hands on the pillow beneath my head. I settled back enjoying the warm sensations created by the warm tongues on my shaft. “Morning baby,” Riley smiled, lowering her head to suck my balls into her mouth. Jenn smiled up at...Read On


The rebirth of Andrew Bishop - Chapter 14

Drew, Tess, and Drew continue the weekend on the farm.

Dave and Drew jumped from the top of the boulder into the clear water below for the second time and then swam back towards Tess. Tess watched them as they waded toward her. The two lovers with their athletic bodies strode through the shallows, their cocks and scrotum's swinging as they came towards her. She could feel her pussy becoming moist at the sight of them. She stayed in her...Read On


Caroline's Own Story - Part 2

The start of Helen's curriculum.

After a few chilly weeks for the time of the year in June, the next month brought nicer weather with enjoyable temperatures. According to the forecasts it would even become warm. In the first weekend of July, Helen was staying in Scandinavia, preparing to demonstrate her musical skills in places like Oslo and Stockholm the following week. On the beautiful Sunday morning, after a night...Read On


A New World Part 5

Another day of discovery for Will.

For the second morning in a row, I woke up next to the most incredible woman I would ever know. However, this morning was different. This morning, I didn’t have to search frantically about for my clothes and rush off to work. This morning, I could lie in bed beside her with the bright morning sunlight streaming through the window and relish the feel of her silky flesh against mine. My cock...Read On


Note To Self

An intimate encounter with Susan causes Anna to examine her heterosexuality

Private journal of Anna Volakas Monday 22 nd September, 2014 I feel strange writing this down. No, not strange … guilty. I don’t know why I feel that way, because it doesn’t make sense; but I do know what’s causing it and maybe if I put it on paper then it won’t be in my head any more. Then maybe I can sleep again at night. Let the damn paper feel guilty. But here’s the thing: I’m...Read On


Three Times The Fire

On a cold winter's night, Beverly, Polly and Tom keep each other cozy in front of the fire

Every time Tom was in the restaurant, it was the same. He couldn’t decide which of the two women he wanted more. Polly was a tomboyish little thing with short, peroxide blonde hair, pert little tits and just a slight curve to her tight ass and hips. She had a lovely smile and her blue eyes always flashed brightly. Beverly’s was a more classic beauty. She possessed a curly mane of paprika...Read On


Caroline's Own Story

Her narrative about the events that occurred after the return from Italy.

When I decided to put my memories of the encounters with Caroline on paper, more than ten years ago, she indicated that she would like to contribute, by writing a story of her own, not about her view on the history of our relation, but about specific events that happened after the trip to Italy. She felt that describing those events from her perspective would benefit from the feminine touch,...Read On


The rebirth of Andrew Bishop - chapter 13

Tess, Dave and Drew are together at the farm for the weekend.

The week had passed surprisingly quickly for Drew. He found that now he had Dave and Tess's love he also had a renewed love for his farm and the work involved in running it. Most of all he loved his old farm house again. He had just spent the last two days cleaning it from top to bottom. He did normally keep it clean and neat but once he started cleaning this time he was thorough and wanted...Read On


Snowed In

Eric and Jeff are the picture perfect Alaska gay couple...or are they?

At just six o'clock, the sun had been down now for over three hours and it would be another sixteen hours until the bitter and long December darkess would lift once again. The day started out with bone-chilling single-digits. Yet it was a bright sunny day for the short four hours we experienced it. That's a fairly typical winter day here in Wasilla, where sunny means bitter cold. But the...Read On


The rebirth of Andrew Bishop - chapter 12

Drew, Tess and Dave cement their relationship.

It was almost 6pm. as Drew turned off the highway into Geoff's driveway. It had taken him longer than he'd thought it would to get home. He had said goodbye to Tess at 8am when she left for work. Then he had driven Dave to his surgery as he had left his car there over the weekend. He now remembered the kiss Dave had given him in the car park. A secretive sort of kiss, he did have a reputation...Read On


Allyson's First Time - Part Three

I receive a very interesting present

After Shelly had left our amazing weekend, I was again very sore. The dildo was eight inches, but very thick and it kind of left my vagina hurting for many days. I needed to take warm baths so my pussy could recover from it. I really had trouble walking for many days after. I really have never had a cock so big in my pussy ever. Most of the men I have dated, have always been either small...Read On


I Dare You (Part 3)

I run into a new friend at the gloryholes

Several months passed quickly. School started picking up for Kay and me. We rarely saw each other, much less had sex. I looked forward to the coming weekend together. On Wednesday, Kay called and reminded me that she was going to help at her annual crafts fair in Mannsville, about seventy miles away. She planned to go out to Cynthia’s for the weekend, seeing as Cynthia lived thirty miles...Read On


My Friends at Prom Part 2

What happens at prom, stays at prom

When Justin, Maggie, Jack (Maggie’s date), and I finally reached the theater where our prom was being held, it was a complete zoo. Everyone was so excited to be at their senior prom, that the students around me were being very loud and obnoxious. But, I didn’t mind that much. I was just happy to be there with Justin. I could care less what the other students were doing. All I cared about was...Read On


The Open Door Part Four

Cyndy gets horny at 4 AM and needs to find satisfaction

The clock’s red numerals glowed through the dark. Managing to focus, I saw that the numbers said four ten A.M. Being awake was definitely not what I wanted! I sat up and slid my feet to the floor. I needed to find the bathroom. I knew I shouldn't have drank so much before going to bed. Turning on a light was a mistake. The light blinded me, so as quickly as I turned it on, I turn it off....Read On


The rebirth of Andrew Bishop - chapter11

Drew, Tess, Dave and Fiona spend Sunday together.

Drew opened his eyes. He instantly knew it was still quite early as the sun was not shining into the bedroom yet. He looked at the clock, 5.55am it told him. He felt refreshed as he lay on his back. Dave was cuddled into his right hand side and Fiona's hand was cupping his cock and balls. He was not really comfortable with her doing that. He thought for a moment and then gently lifted her...Read On


Scene Four at the Boarding School

Timmy is alone for the holidays or will he.

Christmas break at the Boarding School. It was December 15th, the dorm was empty and I was alone in my room. My parents sent me away to an all-male College/Boarding School in the Northeast, USA. They suspected I was Bi or Gay and wanted me out of sight and out of their way. They informed me I would be in school until the summer break. My name is Timmy. I am eighteen years old. I am...Read On


The rebirth of Andrew Bishop - chapter 10

Tess, Fiona, Drew and Dave's Saturday night.

Drew and Dave retired to the bedroom. "Thanks for catching on so quickly, Tess really wanted some girl time with Fiona," said Dave. "Yes I noticed, she's quite into her isn't she?" Drew replied. "Get comfortable, I have a DVD. we can watch together, I hope you enjoy it," said Dave, as he went over to the closet, opened the door and slid open the bottom drawer. After rummaging around for...Read On


First Class - Part 2

Vicky, Celeste and Bob in a sexy 3-way in First Class.

Chapter 3 – First Class “Ummm, Celeste?” Vicky said. “What?” “These uniforms ….” “Retro chic, I know, right?” Celeste said, her voice ringing with excitement. The girls were standing together in front of the full length mirror in the dressing room at the 100 Years of Civil Aviation attraction. They were both dressed in 1960’s stewardess uniforms: navy blue long sleeved...Read On