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Bisexuality is the sexual orientation which refers to the sexual desire for individuals of either gender or of either sex. Bisexual people fall between the two extremes of homosexuality and heterosexuality. Bisexuals are not necessarily attracted equally to both genders. Our bisexual stories will appeal to people who are curious about exploring this side of their sexuality.


Workout Buddies, Chapter 1: The Bet

Two guys make a bet to get in shape, but they both end up winning.

Larry looked down as David finished licking the cum off his cock. “Good boy, Davey,” Larry said as he smiled down at Dave. “Now, what did I say?” “Mmmmmm. You said... mmph... that... mmmph... that I need to learn to deep throat your cock, Sir.” “That’s right I did.” Larry said still smiling down at Dave. Looking up at Larry, Dave recalled how he came to be sucking his workout buddy’s cock...Read On


Our Buff Boy Toy

One of the great pleasures in my life was tag-teaming a hard cock with Barb.

One of the great pleasures in my life was tag-teaming a hard cock with Barb over the course of our almost eleven-year open relationship. Whenever we were in the mood to play with others, we tended to look for partners that were open about their bisexuality, regardless of race or age.   We both loved to get another male into bed or any other convenient location so we could share him. One of...Read On


Married Man Turns Gay - Cont'd

Married man returns to sauna.

After my first homosexual experience in the sauna at the Clayton Community Center, I returned to the sauna as directed, the very next day, straight away from work. Since I got off work at 4:30 PM and my wife worked till 6:00 PM, it was normal for me to head to the Community Center for a light workout followed by a trip to the sauna before showering and heading home. All day, all I could...Read On


Tasty New Neighbors

  Paul and Natalie had been married for seventeen years. He was forty-four and she was forty-two. He still loved looking at his wife's body even after three kids. She was tall, blonde, with long smooth legs and amazing 36c breasts with long thick nipples from nursing the children. He watched her getting ready for bed. In the mirror, he could see her thick bushy pubic hair. He loved how...Read On


The Tales of Jezebel, Ch. 3

This is the story of Fancy Escobar's first female kiss...

She had a distinct voice. She had soft skin. She had pretty eyes. The college girl realized she was now a woman. It never ceased to surprise. Francesca “Fancy” Escobar was your regular bright college girl. She was studying law at the University of Texas-San Antonio. However, ever since that night at the bar, she’s been questioning herself. She actually liked the kiss. But she was drunk....Read On


First Time Hand Job

Adam and I discover a helping hand.

When I was sixteen, just about to sit my final exams, my long-term mate Adam and I were on study leave. I went to his house and we were going to revise together. I arrived at his house at round ten. Adam opened the door in a t-shirt and jogging pants. I was in jeans and t-shirt. His parents were at work so we went into the lounge and sat down on the sofa and chatted. Finally we got our...Read On


Alessandra's Girl Crush Chapter III

Alessandra avoids Jill, but is expectedly aroused by the exotic Erika

Chapter III   The taxi glided effortlessly to the hotel curb. With spotless timing, the bell boy opened the back door. Alessandra exited, smiling at the young man. "Thank you," she warmly said. "You're welcome," replied the young man. As Alessandra approached the hotel entrance, the older doorman dutifully anticipated and opened the door. "Hello, Miss," the entry man greeted as his...Read On


The Arrival of Emily Bloom

Emily Bloom starts a trip around the world with the first stop not far from home

My mouth curled into a smile as a Nine Inch Nails song burst onto the radio. It always reminded me of my home town and the carefree teenage days wasted there. Today was an apt day for that song to play I thought. The music abruptly cut away to the clang of my cell ringing through the car stereo. “I hope you haven’t forgotten about Emily?” my sister exclaimed in an accusatory tone. “Hey...Read On


Nigel's Night Out

Now it's Nigel's story of his adventures on the lads night out in 'Something Unexpected'.

Today's Saturday, an' I've still got the rest of the weekend ahead of me to take it all in. Take what in? Well, if you listen to the rest of it, you'll learn summat, same as I did, that's what! Last night, me and me mate Phil went out on the pull. First off, we went to the local, The Crab n' Cockspur, but there wasn't any birds there, so after we'd sunk a couple of pints we headed into...Read On


Something unexpected

One night on the pull ends up as a weekend of fun

So there we were, me and my mate Nigel, out on the town for a pull and a piss up. Well what else is there to do on a wet weekend in London? We started off at our local, the Crab and Cockspur, which claimed to sell the best beers in the South East, but to be honest the only thing worth going there for were the birds. There were lots of 'em, but that was because there was a nurse's...Read On


A Disc in the Basket Pt. II

A new disc golf buddy brings in his girlfriend to join the fun

After Dave told me everything and left, I was more than a little bummed out, thinking it was probably a one-shot deal. I figured that even if his girlfriend did know about him getting some dick on the side once in a while, she most likely wouldn't want him turning it into any kind of regular thing with the same person. But I decided to look at it positively—one night with Adonis himself...Read On


La Vita e Bella

My name is Brianna. My girlfriend Tina has written stories about her and me, and she even showed photos of me – with her, with my man, with her man, and by myself. Tina asked me to tell you my story, so I’ll try. It’s difficult to know where to start. My whole life, my mother told me I was beautiful. Deep down, I’m not sure I ever believed her. All that changed one day when I was sixteen....Read On


A Chance Meeting Renews a Friendship.

A chance meeting on a London Train renews an old relationship.

I was on the crowded London Tube.   A fair-haired woman who had her back to me and was pressing against me as was talking to her friend. Both had an Australian accent. One was obviously of mixed blood and had a beautiful light tan skin tone. I was fascinated as the fair-haired girl sounded like a girl who I believe I had known in a country town in Victoria. She still had her back to me...Read On


Becoming Bi

A man agrees to a three-way to please his wife and finds his life profoundly changed.

My first marriage was simply a mistake. And as with many of the mistakes we make, it took a while before we owned up to it. After producing two kids, we decided we shouldn’t do that anymore and divorced. We stayed in touch so that the kids would know they had a dad who loved them, even though they got a stepdad. My second try at marriage turned out to be much better. I met Sylvia when I...Read On


The Tales of Jezebel, Ch. 2

How did Jezebel Jones get to this point? This is her backstory.

The next morning, Jezebel woke up with her on her mind. “Her” being Fancy. She lay there in her bed for a while, thinking about all she has been through. Jezebel Jones was always an outgoing, sociable woman. That’s why she loved her job as a bartender. However, with those assets came shortcomings. Wherever she went with friends, she was the “hot chick” automatically. Eventually, throughout...Read On



In an aroused state of mind…

Karen and I agreed on a movie marathon and a sleepover at her place since our boyfriends were away for work on a weekend. We were best buddies back when we were in college. We are kindred spirits. She likes what I like, but mostly, she likes to tolerate my likes. I admire Karen's strong personality. She is always in command and knows what she wants. I have a crush on her, only she is...Read On


Alessandra's Girl Crush -- Chapter II

Alessandra's crush on Jill is further complicated when she encounters the voluptuous Misty

*Bang!* The game-ending gun filled the mid-afternoon dry, but still very warm air. The Knights had won the game but lost their playoff hope when their division rival had also won. The Knights' season was now over until next year. Alessandra quickly made her way to the field's north end tunnel. She was still intent on avoiding Jill after what had happened in the locker room at halftime....Read On


Alessandra's Girl Crush

Pro cheerleader Alessandra develops an intense crush on fellow cheerleader and mentor Jill.

Chapter One   "God, she is so beautiful!" Alessandra found herself, again, gazing longingly at Jill. Her gazes had grown from glimpses and peeks to almost intense fixations. She loved everything about Jill. Her beautiful looks. Her blond hair. Her sassy attitude. Mostly she loved how Jill had helped her adjust to the squad when she joined last year. Jill had even supported Alessandra...Read On


The Trio

Justin gets a surprise after work.

Justin sat down on the couch, deciding to relax after work. His girlfriend Jolene would be home soon and he wanted to be nice and comfortable when she arrived. “Hello, Justin.” Justin heard someone call from behind him. He turned around to see Greg. Greg had recently moved in with Justin and Jolene and already the three of them had become extremely close. “Let me help you relax,” Greg said...Read On

Recommended Read

Wanderlust - A Greek Odyssey

Pillow talk can get you into so much trouble...

I paid the price she demanded.  When the extrovert gave way to the introvert, I became her slave, and as my mistress, I knew her intimately.  Rising as a faint pang, excitement laced with anxiety, its urgency grew quickly.  Crumbling by the hour, I could not endure the trajectory of this sepia-tinted relationship.  The unremarkable tale of vanilla boy meets vanilla girl and they will not...Read On


Closet Guys Caught Mid-Bondage

A bondage session turns into a threesome when we are caught by Emily, my neighbour

Okay, guys, the infamous Dave 'Speedo' Evans has asked me to write about this experience we had last week.  Dave isn't the best person to write about it because he was tied up, gagged and blindfolded so it is better if I tell you what happened. Dave and I had been fucking (mostly sucking) pretty regularly for six months or so. My first-ever guy/guy experience was with Dave. I recently broke...Read On


Porn Author Becomes a Cock Sucker for His Brazilian Neighbor

Porn author discovers that his Brazilian neighbor reads porn and ends up becoming his cock sucker.

I have been posting stories on the Lush Stories website since February 2010. I was trying to help relieve the stress of a sexless marriage, and I have found it to be very arousing to write about my sexual fantasies, and to explore the psychological and physiological motivations that we have as humans. Some of my stories are based at least in part on real events, but most are figments of...Read On


Bisexual Cuckold

Chapter 1 - First Time

The year was 1979, I just turned seventeen and school was coming to a close.  I would spend my time hanging around with my best friend, Stacey. We had no internet, PCs, cell phones or console games. What we had was the arcade (Space Invaders) and Stacey’s dad's stack of Penthouse magazines. When we weren’t at the arcade, we were in his room reading the Penthouse Forum letters and drooling...Read On


An Unexpected Encounter

He gets more than he is expecting from his chance meeting in a bar

I wasn't looking for someone.  I was just stopping in at a bar near my house for a drink to take the edge off my stressful job.  I didn't live in Hollywood because I was an aspiring actor.  I was here because the rent was reasonable and it was close to my job as a chef in a swanky Beverly Hills restaurant.  When I walked in, there she was, sitting all by herself at the bar. It reminded me...Read On


Bi Asian Guys Discover Their Deep Desires

College Asian guys discover their bi side

In my freshman year, I was assigned a mentor by the Korean Students Association. The KSA paired up incoming freshmen with upperclassmen or graduate students to serve as mentors. Mine was a guy named Tim who was a second-year graduate student at the business school. He was very smart and had a great job lined up in Korea with a large company upon graduation. Like me, he was into sports so...Read On


Brian, Mark & Kelly Part Two

Brian's weekend with Mark and Kelly continues

Part Two   Mark finally broke the kiss, having fully tasted his cum and even swallowing some. He sat on the bed adjusting his bra and panties while Kelly moved in even closer to Beth. Beth had not removed any of her outfit, and Kelly rubbed herself into the bulge where Beth's clitty was caged. Beth moaned from the strain. “Mmm...I bet you're horny now, aren't you Beth?” “Oooooh,” was all...Read On


Brian, Mark and Kelly

Brian makes a promise in order to satisfy his lust for Mark and Kelly.

The package arrived too late for Brian to open it before he left for the airport. Without even thinking, he tossed it into his bag and headed out the door. Wanting to get through airports as fast as possible, he didn't even think about what was in the box until he'd dropped his bag on the x-ray conveyor in the security line.   Then it dawned on him what the screener would see. 'Too late...Read On


Bi Thai Threesome 3

Alone with the sexy Thai boy

Some of the many things our Australian friend loves about his and his wife's live-in lover, is that he is very gentle, soft and effeminate. At times, his wife is away with her business, so the boys tend to have the kind of fun that only they know how to share. It's different when the three of them are in bed and there is a blur of skin, pussy and cocks. When the boys are alone together,...Read On


Sucking my friend's dick

Giving my mate a blowjob whilst my wife sleeps in the room

I had a mate who was in the army with me. We actually went to school together but never had any "boy on boy" interaction with each other at that point in time. After school we were both working at the same place and used to hang out together on weekends, dating girls and sometimes even sharing the same girl, although not at the same time. He would sleep with her and I would have sloppy...Read On


Bi Thai Threesome 2

More bedroom adventures in Thailand

Our lucky man wakes in the morning with a hard on that is so hard, it's almost painful. He wraps his arms around his wife, who is just waking and nestling her soft round bottom onto his hard cock. Behind him, the lovely Thai boy, the boy whose cock he and his wife both sucked until he came on both their faces, is stirring too. He reaches over to the masculine body next to him, his...Read On