A True Event

Fuck buddies

Another weekend is here and what do I have to look forward to?   Two more nights on the town watching stupid ignorant people drinking far to much and then start trouble or cause unnecessary problems usually for the innocent victims. Or should I go with my better judgement and just stay in watch some films, become a weekend warrior on the playstation or...Read On


My Best Fantasy

1st group Bi experience

This story is Fictional only, unless any one can help make it real...... After many years wanking over Various porn sites and in various chat rooms, i was invited to an adult party near to where i live in the midlands Uk. The morning of the party i awake so nervious and excited it was almost unbearable, my cock was so hard thinking about all the hot naked women i would see and all the...Read On


My best fantasy pt 4

my next chapter from my fantasy

I reached the top of the stairs, turned towards the room I was guided to and as I walked past the room I was in earlier I peeked in.   As I stood in the door way the smell of sex was electrifying, I could make out several Bodies in the dim lit room.   2 of the bodies I recognised straightaway as the In-Laws, they was in a 69 position...Read On


My Best fantasy py2

I will try and make this last a little longer

Firstly Thank you for the comments it means a lot to me, i will now try and So i have just sucked and swallowed my 1st cock, and wow it was amazing. I got up from the bed gave the mans wife a quick kiss again saying "thank you" left the bedroom and made my way to the kitchen for a drink. As i poured my Drink a voice said "That was some performance you gave, well done you"...Read On


Slave trade

if its enjoyable so be it

I opened my eyes slightly the light was blinding and the heat of the sun quite intense, where was i? Through squinted eyes I could make out a number of figures standing around hold guns, I suddenly became aware that my hands where tied and I was gagged, as I looked around I was not the only one. As my eyes adjusted to the light I could see about fifty other people tied up in the same...Read On


The house of empress Toya pt3

Read Enjoy, Cum plenty then please leave comments.....xx

The House of Empress Toya pt3   Two months have passed since I was taken from my village and brought to this prison for sex slaves; although there were no physical bars at the doors or windows and it was a grand palace no-one would dare try to escape.   We all still had to perform sexually with whoever wanted it when ever it was demanded or...Read On


True event pt 2

was my 1st time but will not be my last

While we sat chatting in earnest and watching the porn film Brenda was rubbing my balls. The film finished and Chris said “Do you mind if I choose the next one?”   “You carry on Chris” I replied, to busy enjoying the attention my balls and cock was getting from Brenda, my cock was beginning to rise again.   Chris changed the film on...Read On


True event pt3

It was so good i wanted more

We sat drinking and watching the porn film, all three of us sat side by side my spare hand stroking Chris’s limp cock and Branda’s stroking mine.   “Tell me more about this sex club you go to please”   “Well it is an old Victorian 3 story house with a variety of rooms, let me walk you through it” said chris   As you walk in...Read On



My First Time with a cross dresser

Introduction to crossdressers

Growing up, like many children I went through phases. I would climb trees and play football, then as I reached my mid-teens I continued these phases but also became a lot more sexually aware, thanks to the porn magazines and porn films usually belonging to my mates dads or older brothers. Now I am in my late teens and at college. One day my Dad made a pot of tea and breakfast.“Did you...Read On



The House of warrior empress Toya

I had been made a pleasure slave

Flaming arrows, spears, warriors on horseback This is the site i saw as i ran from my burning hut, my village was under attack. I saw many of my tribe slaughtered as they tried to flee, others being captured and tied. I turned to run behind the huts but as i did a horse so jet black it would be unnoticeable at night stood before, upon the horse was a vision of beauty and horror. Let...Read On

Group Sex(10)


Bank Holiday Break

What a way to relax. Naturist camp, good company and hot sex.

My name is Tim, I’m forty-four years old, I work long hours and really look forward to my weekends off when I can head off to a naturist camp or even the naturist beach depending on the great British weather of course. It is such a great escape from the mundane Monday to Friday ritual of working in a suit. A bank holiday weekend was coming and I had decided to try a new camp site, that I...Read On


Bank Holiday Break pt2 'The swimming pool'

The fun continues,

An hour had passed after what I shall call ‘my initiation into swinger naturism’ with four very experienced people. Ken & Kathy rose to their feet and kissed Helen, Dave, and I, goodbye saying they would see us later. I also got up and said, "I need to go shower." Helen hugged me cupped my balls, kissed me on the lips. “See you later,” she said. I shook Dave’s hand and went to my caravan. ...Read On


Bank holiday camp - part 3 - 'Getting to know Mandy'

Getting to know Mandy, in more ways than one.

. Mandy and I had finished showering each other after having some fun at pool side, and paying particular attention to each other’s intimate areas. “Would you like to come back to my Caravan for a Drink, and a get to know you chat?” Mandy said with a wink and a smile. “How could I refuse such a sexy woman?” I replied. With that, she took my hand, and we said goodbye to everyone else as...Read On


Bank holiday camp - Part 4 - The fun continues

getting lost in a moment

Mandy adjusted herself so that she was straddling my lap, then she put her hands either side of my face looked into my eyes. “Tim you really do have lovely eyes, as you know windows are the window to one’s soul, and I can see you are a kind gentle man,” she started kissing me and grinding her pussy against my limp cock. I broke our kiss and looked into her eyes, “I’m sorry hun, but I am...Read On


Bank Holiday Camp Part 5

first time for everything

Mandy and I watched Jess having her ass and pussy filled, and we continued our getting to know each other chat. Dan was sucking on a rather large cock no more than two feet in front of us. “I think he is doing that for your benefit,” I laughed to Mandy. “Probably, and knowing Dan he is building up to something,” she replied. “Like what?” “Just watch, and if I am correct you...Read On


Bank Holiday Camp Pt. 6

Morning prayers.

I awoke from a deep sleep, and still cuddled up to Mandy’s wonderful naked body as she lay on her back. The duvet had slid down to reveal her firm breasts and her wonderful big nipples. She was still asleep, but my cock wasn’t. It was wide awake and standing to full attention, all six inches of it begging for attention. I moved carefully and slowly down the bed so as not to awaken Mandy...Read On


Bank Holiday Camp Pt. 7

Friends that play togeher stay together.

I could feel the warmth of the sun on my back through the window as we sat at Mandy’s dining table drinking our tea. Mandy had opened the curtains, and the main door was pinned back. Mandy had a hand on my thigh, gently rubbing back and forth. It feels so good to have a very attractive lady showing me some attention, as I have been single for a long time. “Good morning,” said a voice from...Read On


Bank holiday camp pt8

A bond grows

After everyone had cooled down we started getting off the bed. “Anyone for a cold drink?” Mandy asked. Everyone said yes, and we all walked into the dining area. I walked up behind Mandy sliding my arms around her waist from behind kissed her neck, and then whispered in her ear, “That was so hot watching you with Kathy and Helen! Thank you.” “Oh you peeked, did you? Well, it was my...Read On


House of empress Toya pt7

its a free for all

The House of Empress Toya pt7     Once we were finished in the pool, we climbed out and found an empty corner, me and belle sat holding each other and described everything we had done and seen since being at the orgy.   I was getting aroused listening to belle; she took my cock in her hand and began stroking it.   ...Read On


The House Of Empress Toya PT6

Continuation of the pleasure festival

As I sat there in darkness I listened to all the noises around me, crying, screaming, moans of pleasure, shouts of abuse.   What has become of Belle, is she ok? Has she been used as bad as me? I hope not.     I had been sitting and listening to all the sounds around me for a while now, my ass still felt as if it was impaled on that cock...Read On



Beautiful Anna

The experience of an older woman

It was a Thursday night, my 18th birthday and I was out clubbing with some friends. After flirting with so many girls and women of all ages and drinking quite a lot I became very tipsy and each female blurred into the next.  Then I saw her, standing near the dance floor a goddess a sculpture of perfection what sort of chance would a boy like me have? I’ll tell you non, zero, zilch not...Read On

Oral Sex(1)


Prisoner: Part Two

The nightmare continues

The next three nights Danny would make me perform like his slutty little bitch. Each time he fucked my ass, it did get easier but he was still very rough and aggressive when he did it. He would even slap my butt cheeks and call me his whore; his idea of romance I assume. On the 5th day at breakfast in the mess hall I saw Danny talking to two other inmates and making hand gestures towards...Read On



House of Empress Toya PT5

This is a fuck fest!!!!!!

The House of Empress Toya pt5 The two bath maids were to stay the night too in the over sized bed of our empress, the bed could easily sleep twenty, with a spiral post at each corner and around the edges a silk see through curtain. The night was quite sleepless as empress Toya had all us perform a variety of sex acts either on her or on each other as she watched. ...Read On



this is Hell

“Lock down, Lights out” shouted the guard   This was my 1 st night in a cell and I was shitting myself, all I did was go to the aid of a man being set upon by two other guys and they pressed charges on me for aggravated assault and the judge wanted to make an example of someone, so I got 90 days despite the man I helped giving the true version of events, turns out...Read On


The house of Warrior Empress Toya part2

Sexual frenzy

The whole night was spent very restlessly as most of the women where crying and all I could do was keep reliving the horror of the attack upon my village and what I witnessed here and was subjected to myself at the hands of the Empress.   It must have been the middle of the night as the moons was bright and the sky full of stars when screaming began and several...Read On



The house of Empress Toya pt4

It's not a bad life , really

The House of Empress Toya pt4   Myself & Belle have been receiving special attention since our last meeting with our Mistress. Extra fruit, wine (not normally given to slaves), extra food portions we of course shared this with everyone else. Although I am a slave my life has improved, I no longer have to work many hours a day on the land in...Read On