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I'm not hiding from, nor apologizing for My past, as the past is what led U/us all to where W/we are today.
My rescara is the reason I have come, and is all the reason I need.

Master is a wonderful title, but one hellacious job description. For someone who most of the world views as someone who takes, He is nearly always giving -- love, respect, pride, support, comfort, emotional, intellectual and physical stimulus, training, guidance, advice, discipline, encouragement, the flogging so desired from His slave, even a fleeting glance just to let her know He's paying attention, an opportunity to push her beyond what she thought she could achieve and many other things too numerous to list. Why would anyone in their right mind accept such a job when the hours are never-ending, the money is terrible, and the world views us as monsters. I can only answer this from My own heart.. simply put.. We are artists.

We see an image of beauty within and we begin carving. With each passing day we smooth a little here, roughen something up over there, giving our life's work character and depth...texture and refinement. We care not how long the task takes, the longer the better, for with each passing day our sculpture finds new life. We discover new aspects because we take the time to scrutinize our work from every angle, learning everything about it. Challenging ourselves to find new ways to chisel, buff, hammer, polish, grind and mold the form we see begging to be released. It is not only the art that changes, as it changes us in subtle ways along the course of time. Making us stronger, willing to work harder to find perfection within ourselves so that we may bring perfection out of our creation. -- This is why we accept such a task, there can be no price put on the joy it brings us. Our task is our passion, our life, our love, our one true desire.

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Saltwater aquariums (had over 1000 gallons worth of tanks until 2 years ago) had everything from seahorses and harlequin crabs - a full reef tank - puffers and a zebra moray who could all be petted and hand fed - to a nasty vicious tessellated eel (that wanted to eat my hand) and some deadly stonefish ... love em all.... just some at greater distances lol

had more to say but gotta run for now


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Topic: Supporting women's rights to choose alternative lifestyles
Posted: 18 Jun 2013 10:12

In rebuttal to the recent attacks on FaceBook BDSM pages and against D/s relationships, I released a post yesterday in an attempt to educate people that women also have the right to choose how they wish to live their lives. In doing so I found support from a small group of alternative lifestyle women's rights supporters. I am trying to help them grow to rival the other groups who believe that women only have the right to choose when it fits into their narrow-minded views. To me this view seems much more oppressive than any D/s relationship. For them to believe that women should only be allowed to choose 'normal' is no choice at all. You may not support D/s relationships, or even understand this lifestyle, but please go show a little support for women to be who they want to be without society looking down on them.

Her Voice

Please go smack their button and show your support. If you'd like you can scroll down that page a little bit and check out my post as well which is shared there. The image I've added is what to look for to find my FB post, so if you'd take a lil time to check that out as well I would greatly appreciate it.

http://upload.lushstories.com/1198962933-tribal symbol.jpg

Thank you all, Talon

Topic: Which improvements or features would you like to see added?
Posted: 08 Jun 2013 13:44

If you go to Help > Lush Contacts then you will see a full list of moderators and you can easily check which ones are online.

well, thank you kind sir :) ... I had asked a few people and nobody knew about that

Topic: What is the most funniest thing said during the time you were fucking?
Posted: 07 Jun 2013 15:23

It wasn't actually what was said. In fact, I'm pretty sure it would be spelled, "Yaaaaaaaaeeeeeeiiiiiaaaaaa!"

...a nose that I'm told was approximately three degrees fahrenheit.
Now I'm normally a canine friendly kind of guy, but in this case he was not "man's best friend."

OMG ... I think you win this competition ROFL

after reading that I completely forgot what I was even thinking of replying

Topic: Which improvements or features would you like to see added?
Posted: 07 Jun 2013 14:53

I have a simple request.. the only place I can find out what mods are online is IN a chat room ... possible to add a button in with the search tab?

Topic: Why do men ask for the truth then hold it against you later?
Posted: 07 Jun 2013 11:05

Cowgirl .. though some may make a joke here n there ...nobody has tried to turn your question into an invalid one.

First I must agree this is not a 'man' thing, and doesn't apply to all of either sexes. It is a 'some people' thing.

I myself think total honesty is a good thing. In your case it seems you shared a fantasy that most guys would love to hear, he may simply feel threatened and think he isn't enough for you, which is just the way he chooses to view it possibly. As a man with a bisexual female partner, I can attest that some men feel threatened by the thought they aren't enough for their woman. I don't feel that way, I understand she has needs I can't meet because I'm not equipped to meet them, but I can however accept her needs and insure they are met in a way safe to our relationship, and without either of us feeling guilty or hurt afterwards. It all comes down to a very deep level of communication in which guidelines are set beforehand that we are both comfortable with.

Fantasies for many people are just that, they choose to never act on them. My questions at this point would lead to more specifics: Did you merely inform him this is a fantasy you have? or.. Did you tell him you'd like to actually experiment with your fantasy either solo or include him in it? If he has a strong morality problem with same sex relationships, did you know about this before he asked? Does he have the double standard of watching girl on girl porn and then turning around and claiming it's morally incorrect?

My best advice at this point would be... If he isn't willing or able to accept you for who you are and what you need from life and relationships, then he wasn't right for you to begin with.

Topic: After Punishment Behavior
Posted: 06 Jun 2013 15:12

I agree with nearly all that was said here, but, I need to point out that IMO the time for standing in a corner should be *before* any physical punishment. I feel that the time for thinking about the mistake made is before any actual physical punishment, just as the explanation of why punishment is deserved/needed. Afterwards I generally give my slave a minute or two to gather her composure, then aftercare and reassurance begins. To me, the thought of leaving her standing in the corner (or even alone) after punishment has been administered is bordering on mental cruelty as this is the time when she needs comfort from her Master more than ever.

Topic: "I'm Not Allowed To..."
Posted: 06 Jun 2013 14:42

Okay. I understand your points, and I thank you for responding.

However, unless I fully understand a thing, I do not feel it is safe to enter into a situation, particularly where I make myself vulnerable to another who has power over me. How, then, if I cannot understand, would I be able to be a sub or Mistress? How would I be able able to submit to rules or take control and lay them if I have no real understanding of what it means or requires?

Think of it like swimming.. when most of us learn to swim, we get a little knowledge of how it works... but there is no way to absolutely know you can swim til you jump in. Yes, do research and learn what you can beforehand, but the only way to know what you're capable of is to get your feet wet.

Topic: Things To Do In The Bedroom To Ruin The Mood (ABC Style)
Posted: 10 May 2013 17:11

Putting it in the wrong hole.

There's a wrong hole??

B ash her head into the headboard

Topic: Whats more attractive younger women or older women ?
Posted: 10 May 2013 15:37

I must say that women of all ages have special advantages: younger ones are willing to do anything,antwhere,and anytime without alot of coaxing. They are willing to perform in front of a crowd. Older women konw the benefits of showing their knowledge and are willing to take charge. That makes them sexy beyond anything a younger women can do. Give me a older woman hands down.

I guess mine is the exception to your rule.. she possesses all the younger qualities you list, yet has the knowledge and experience to back it up, minus the taking charge... she KNOWS who's in charge. Can honestly say I wouldn't trade her in for 2 younger women. (though I have teased her about that)

Guess that makes my answer pretty clear.

Topic: My girlfriend's mother fucking hates me
Posted: 10 May 2013 14:28

I've run into very few that didn't like me from the beginning. I don't suck up at all..I say things as I see em. The ones I initially had problems with eventually accepted me partly because: A) I would actually have intelligent conversations with them B) they eventually figured out the more they hated me, the wilder it would make their daughter fight back (which was a bonus in my favor). Quite often I would even point this out to them.

I was the quintessential 'bad boy' growing up yet still found that parents generally found my honest straight-forward approach refreshing somehow. I guess once they came to realize I wasn't intimidated by them (even one cop and a preacher), they would also see that I would stand up for their daughter in the same manner. Of course this only pertained to 'relationships', the ones I just had fun with once or twice and passed along were a different story completely. lol

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A Day Shopping, Slave Style

After a few weeks of exceptional service, even by my high standards, I've decided to take my slave shopping as a reward. Soon she will be out of the shower, so I begin searching the closet. I stand and contemplate my choices for a few minutes. I think to myself, today she will be my slut. With a smile, I pick out a chainmaille top I had custom made for her, and her micro black...

Added 20 Jun 2013 | Category BDSM | Votes 19 | Avg Score 4.84 | Views 15,737 | 6 Comments

Acceptance of a lifestyle - an inside view

Through the streets my mind wanders Exploring every view Drinking in the knowledge Returning home to roost An open mind brings me things Which most can’t comprehend My hand, her smile, and all the while Her reddening rear end Orthodox, am I not? It’s all in how you think A firm base in acceptance of A lifestyle filled with kink Some may say I'm twisted Some may say I'm wrong With...

Added 27 Apr 2013 | Category Love Poems | Votes 3 | Avg Score 4.67 | Views 1,124 | 1 Comment

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