Love Poems(7)


A Light Above the Shade

An ode to a significant person.

Her voice calls out to me, it reaches beyond the walls. Her love is a brilliant light, which hangs above the shade. Slowly, the shade leaves from view, the light she wields is too much. Her love is a garden, abundant and plentiful. Her love is a treasure, always too wonderful. Her voice sends a request to me, echoing throughout the halls. Her love, the brilliant light, it seems shall...Read On


An Ode to J.A.W.

A poem to laud the sexual prowess of my lost love.

I truly miss your touch. The way your fingers danced across my tingling body, and your teeth gently pressed upon my nipples. I long to feel the warmth from your beautiful form, as it so delicately embraced with mine. Your sweet, soft kisses blazing a trail of lust, meandering down my chest and toward my waist. I yearn to feel you again. The manner in which your silky smooth palms...Read On



Her love brought me euphoria divine.

When I think about you, I can feel my beating heart sway. These intense desires, birth jovial thoughts everyday. When you're in my arms, everything around us feels so right. Deeply lost within your eyes, wishing this moment could be every night. The Moon and Stars wane, in the beauty and grace of your smile. Clinched around my arm, you have wholly become my style. The intoxicating...Read On


For You

Delivered upon as agreed . . .

Dearest darling, Separated for far too long,  days blurred into weeks and weeks faded into months. Incessant passage of time, missing the feel of caressing your cheeks and your emotional depths. I yearn to once again be transfixed, stationary engaging between us ours innermost feelings and to reinstate in terms probationary hopefully to reignite our most torrid dealings. ...Read On


Regards to the Sincerity of the Nameless

For a time, there was nothing but joy with her.

Well, I've been waiting so long. For someone just like you to come along. I've been through so much wrong, trying futilely to remain so strong. I've been through so much wrong, waiting for someone like you to come along. As the Darkness, it comes over me Swept away, where No-one can see Dwelt in here, for I cannot breathe So I strived, so hard to get out As the Darkness, it entangles me...Read On


Saturday Night

Immaculate beauty, she stands before me. Her devilish smile strikingly contradicts the angelic, divine gorgeous skin it lies upon. Shining, almost emerald green eyes, which pierce through my turbulent heart, coaxing it calmly into utter tranquility. Entranced by her delightful design, lost in her elegant cheeks and graceful brow, every last inch of her enthralls me wholly. Wearing the...Read On



Poetry inspired by a special person.

Your greetings appear within my browser,  and I feel warmth cascade over my being. A lustful smile stretches across my face, prepared to respond in kind. Our fantasies twist through our words, coalesced and infused together. Painting the vivid dreams of our hearts, spilling out our carnal desires freely. We co-exist in worlds of torrid beauty, as I grasp at the thought of you ...Read On