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I've always been a very sexual person, and I think that if you can connect with someone for at least that one moment it doesn't have to be just sex. I think casual sex has been given a bad name and if people just took the time to invest themselves entirely to the moment, that sex can be the best sex for both parties... corny but awesome when it happens.

From and made of Parts Unknown
Favorite Books:
The Alchemist, Brida, Calvin & Hobbes lol
Favorite Movies:
The Princess Bride... what it's a good movie, The Goonies, The Fifth Element, Star Wars, Drag Me To Hell, Grace, Zatoichi (points if you know that one)
Favorite Music:
Favourite band is Megadeth, although my favourite artist is Weird Al Yankovic. I love listening to pretty much anything. even hip hop, I love Bliss N Eso


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21 Apr 2009
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Topic: Sex site bot douchebaggery
Posted: 11 Apr 2010 23:46

Did you ever get your sandwich?

nope lol

Topic: Sex site bot douchebaggery
Posted: 11 Apr 2010 23:44

I'm wondering what you were doing on there in the first place? <img src="/images/emoticons/eusa_think.gif" alt="Think"> I guess the answer is obvious <img src="/images/emoticons/laughing7.gif" alt="laughing6">

this was on msn, these things add me all the damn time. although it IS a direct cause from sites i visit

Topic: Sex site bot douchebaggery
Posted: 11 Apr 2010 12:39

wow guys awesome response time thanks a lot! lol

Topic: Sex site bot douchebaggery
Posted: 11 Apr 2010 03:20

This is why improv class is so vital to everyday life. lol
The following is a real time conversation with a sex site bot, you know those ones that somehow get your contact info and just spam you with unwanted
HEYS and
After a while I just started actually replying back, but because they're bots they arent adaptive so i can say whatever the hell i want. The long running joke here is that the first time i got one of these the thing i wanted her to do was make me a sandwich with ham and mustard, mayo cheese and lettuce... and i still havent gotten it.... enjoy
Blinded <img src="/images/emoticons/icon_clown.gif" alt="clown">

Doreen says: (5:05:36 AM)

Daniel says: (5:05:44 AM)

Doreen says: (5:05:47 AM)

Daniel says: (5:05:53 AM)
said that already

Doreen says: (5:06:05 AM)
i'm 21/f your a male right?

Daniel says: (5:06:09 AM)

Doreen says: (5:06:19 AM)
nice, I just got off work and finally got some time to relax which site did i msg you from again?

Daniel says: (5:06:33 AM)

Doreen says: (5:06:43 AM)
I am a little busy right now, trying to upload some new pics, here tell me what you think :P, don't be mean! http://www.icamforfree.com/f8cs

Daniel says: (5:06:58 AM)
i think you look like a bloated walrus on a hot summers day

Doreen says: (5:07:10 AM)
thank you baby! ok stop ur turning me on!!!

Daniel says: (5:07:25 AM)
oh i know those tusks are fucking hot

Doreen says: (5:07:35 AM)
hey, I know a way we can chat and have a better time.. do you cam at all?

Daniel says: (5:07:53 AM)
if by cam you mean hack small woodland creatures to pieces then YES!

Doreen says: (5:08:05 AM)
ohh woome, now i remember. hey there cutie ;-)

Daniel says: (5:09:11 AM)
aaahh making up expressive words are we? Well mlamoo! you aren't so bad yourself, if you werent a horrible decaying walrus carcass i'd probably stick you

Doreen says: (5:09:21 AM)
Well i don't do yahoo cam or any other cam because i have been recorded before... But i do know one site you can watch me on cam, that assures me no one records...

Daniel says: (5:09:39 AM)
they're lying i record everything you do

Doreen says: (5:09:49 AM)
I mean... Do you want to see me on my cam?

Daniel says: (5:10:27 AM)
if by you you mean you, and by on you mean impailed on, and by cam you mean a nine foot javeline then FUCK YEAH

Doreen says: (5:10:38 AM)
Ok go to http://www.icamforfree.com/f65f and click on "JOIN FOR FREE" blue button at the top of the page to join up for FREE.

Daniel says: (5:11:12 AM)
wait a minute if you're impailed on a nine foot javeline, how are you typ-..... OMG ZOMBIE!

Doreen says: (5:11:23 AM)
fill out your contact information and then on the next page...

Daniel says: (5:11:31 AM)

Doreen says: (5:11:41 AM)
fill out your cc info baby for verification ONLY, their card will not be charged.

Daniel says: (5:12:25 AM)
Last time I gave my carbon copy info out I ended up with five unwanted CLONE babies! Not happening again especially for a feces ridden brain eating manitee bitch

Doreen says: (5:12:35 AM)
What color Panties do you think i should wear? i might have you favorite color here somewhere...

Daniel says: (5:12:51 AM)
puke stain green

Doreen says: (5:13:02 AM)
Your such a good boy, i'm gonna show you what good boys deserve.. you can tell me to do anything you want me too!

Daniel says: (5:14:59 AM)
Oh you definitely shouldn't have said that... okay first off take a cyanide tablet and slip it under your tongue, then strap yourself to an electric chair, (might need a friend or an adult to help you) then wire a heated wire to the electrical current up to a bag of thermite above your left thigh. Now move the cyanide tablet in between your teeth, switch on the electric chair making sure to 

Doreen says: (5:15:09 AM)
Well if you must leave... tell ya what if ya want to see me later on my cam goto http://www.icamforfree.com/f7rz  .  Its Fast Easy and Free!  I'll prolly be online for the rest of the day so you can go and see me on my cam.  Take care

Daniel says: (5:15:26 AM)
have the current flowing to the thermite, the thermite will burn through your thigh causeing you to bite down on your cyanide tablet releasin... wait im not done yet

Doreen says: (5:15:37 AM)
Well if you must leave... tell ya what if ya want to see me later on my cam goto http://www.icamforfree.com/f6vg  .  Its Fast Easy and Free!  I'll prolly be online for the rest of the day so you can go and see me on my cam.  Take care

Daniel says: (5:15:44 AM)
But I'm not leaving

Doreen says: (5:15:54 AM)
Ok let me know when you get in so I can invite you directly to my cam, you should get some minutes from my cam site so you can spend time with me sexy!!!

Daniel says: (5:16:22 AM)
wait a minute... you're that psycho bitch who owes me a sandwich arent you!

Doreen says: (5:16:32 AM)
try again sweetie...Ok go to http://www.icamforfree.com/f4wf and click on "JOIN FOR FREE" blue button at the top of the page to join up for FREE.

Daniel says: (5:16:36 AM)

Doreen says: (5:16:46 AM)
k you in yet babe?? im getting lonely in here :(

Daniel says: (5:17:12 AM)

Doreen says: (5:17:22 AM)
i wish you could i'm very wet right now

Daniel says: (5:17:34 AM)

Doreen says: (5:17:45 AM)
try again sweetie...Ok go to http://www.icamforfree.com/f485 and click on "JOIN FOR FREE" blue button at the top of the page to join up for FREE.

Daniel says: (5:17:54 AM)

Topic: HindsiteTV
Posted: 22 Mar 2010 21:50

Okay so I tried embedding it but FOD was like ahhh hell no and so I was all sad.
But this was a vid that got taken down from youtube

Topic: HindsiteTV
Posted: 08 Mar 2010 22:58


Yes, we all totally run over babies!!
"It's not just Asian women...it's PEOPLE" <---------------- *Lydia cracks up* Awesome.

TOTALLY not what i meant to say

Topic: How To Get Out Of A Traffic Ticket!
Posted: 06 Mar 2010 02:22

My dad once pulled this guy over. (he's retired now though :D)
Anyway so the guy was going so high over the speed limit the joke was he was "flying" right?
So dad walks up and jokingly goes "So what was the in flight movie bud?"
Without missing a beat the guy says without even looking up "Speed"

My dad gave him a warning, cops with a good sense of humour... slowly disappearing.

Topic: HindsiteTV
Posted: 05 Mar 2010 23:09


Topic: HindsiteTV
Posted: 04 Mar 2010 11:45

I hope one of the new sketches you are doing is my "request"! LOL

ha ha maybe

Topic: HindsiteTV
Posted: 27 Feb 2010 14:11


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Happy Birthday from the Lush team.
01 Jan 2014 00:20
Happy Birthday from the Lush team.
30 Dec 2011 16:57

Just dropping by to say hey.....how ya been?
06 Oct 2011 07:10

You got a Batman tatoo.....on your chest?? I was sooo thinking it was gonna be on your ass! LMAO!
27 Sep 2010 09:45

Hey!! Hows ya? Still waiting on my video.......Im gonna be waiting a long time aint I? lol
26 May 2010 08:29
[cracks up] Yes Pixie, you are missing just a shitload of awesome! Dan, fyi, my facebook status is your facebook fan page. On my way to be the #1 Fan (because I have no life!) !! Wooo!....[wanders off to watch a failtastic video about people falling down]
17 Feb 2010 11:18

Is it against the law not to have seen it?? Geesh bite my head off why dontcha!
17 Feb 2010 05:03

Lydia is watching Moulin Rouge......am I missing something? I have never seen it!
16 Feb 2010 20:20

Im just a sad kinda Pixie, ya know.....
11 Feb 2010 09:59
lol I did shaved my head
10 Feb 2010 22:52
I wonder why that makes Pixie so sad.
10 Feb 2010 14:57

Noooooo! You shaved your head!! :(
06 Feb 2010 14:14
Heya, just bookmarked your youtube page!
01 Feb 2010 17:06

Liquor is quicker
09 Dec 2009 13:35

Aww, sorry to hear that. Hope you feel better soon! Everything is the same here.
07 Dec 2009 03:53

Hey there! How have you been?
06 Dec 2009 07:32

28 Oct 2009 15:52

Long time, no see. We must chat again soon.
12 Aug 2009 17:20

15 Jul 2009 05:31

Oh! Nice hat! Meow.
03 Jun 2009 16:22
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