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Back up by request. I'm glad you like my legs. This is what I wear to work.

05 Apr 2014 03:21

Swinger Travel You all were asking about my cruise.

Hedonism - Swingers Break * April 5 - 12, 2014

Hedonism - Swingers Break * April 5 - 12, 2014
Beat back those winter blues with a swinger vacation to the Caribbean.

The clothing optional resort has 24/7 playrooms, skinny dipping, romantic gourmet dining, unlimited cocktails and so much more...

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Celebrity Century * May 3 - 10, 2014

Celebrity Century * May 3 - 10, 2014 Hundreds of couples will be departing Los Angeles on this clothing optional adult only lifestyle vacation for a cruise of a lifetime.

The 8 day/7 night itinerary includes stops in Los Cabos, Puerto Vallarta and Ensenada before returning to Port of Los Angeles.

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30 Mar 2014 03:38

By request again. I'm putting up the large one.

06 Aug 2013 15:05

You all asked for a larger view. Here it is.

27 Jul 2013 05:19

New vid up. I wanted you all so much after you got me excited last night that I did this and wanted to post it so you could see how much you get me going. I did myself really hard getting off, thinking of everything you all wrote to me.

21 Jul 2013 07:09

Found another cruise pic and I'm so happy that three of you came to visit me. As I promised when you were here. You all are posted with my pics but no faces. I hope you enjoyed the southern hospitality.

14 Jul 2013 08:52

Two new vids up.

05 Jul 2013 07:30

Two new vids up. comments please.

08 Jun 2013 17:16

As I've told you before, all my stories are true.

01 Jun 2013 20:48

They're here, gotta go. This will be fun.

01 Jun 2013 20:45

Sitting in the farm house, waiting for everyone to show up. Naked, with a blindfold on my head. I won't see anyone. I love showing off, and not seeing who's doing me. They'll be coming for me in a while.

01 Jun 2013 20:13

My God last weeks party was a surprise. Lots of you know the details. So many of what I love.

30 May 2013 20:58

New vibrator vids posted. Done for the pleasure of you here and some friends that love to watch.

24 May 2013 05:12

Just posted new bj vid. He bet me I couldn't swallow all his cum. You can see I won that bet.

28 Apr 2013 10:55

Fun at the hospital last night. New vid. Just ask for the details.

27 Apr 2013 13:30

New vid of one of my lush friends. He was so good.

26 Apr 2013 07:36

I put up a new vid from Friday afternoon. My favorite neighbor really toy'd me well. Now you can see how much I move when I cum. He got me off quite a few times.

14 Apr 2013 05:56

Horray!! they put my vids back up on my profile!! I can post some more.

13 Apr 2013 05:31
Please cum on it and send it to me with your cock in the pic. I love to see you getting off to my pics.
I know you all do and now I can see it.

06 Apr 2013 05:54

Please cum on it and send it to me with your cock in the pic. I love to see you getting off to my pics.

06 Apr 2013 05:52

06 Apr 2013 05:51

Hello all. I just sent pussy pics of me to some of you to cum on. I love tributes. Email them to me at
Please show your cock in the pics.

06 Apr 2013 05:50

Thanks for all the wonderful conversation. I just sit here on my vibrating dildo and talk. It's great.

29 Mar 2013 21:41

I had the best time today. I went for a ride on a Harley. Those vibrations are wonderful.

22 Mar 2013 17:19

Lots of you have asked me about what kinds of things hubby gets me into. You all know he's a pervert and when I drink I get very friendly. Here are some and I'll be adding as I find new ones. Some aren't the best quality because they're vid grabs, which some of you have written me for the vids. Hope you enjoy. This will tell you what hubby's into. Of course I enjoy it all, especially with a couple of drinks to make me very friendly.

17 Mar 2013 07:22

Sorry no comments for a while. Just got back from a swinger's cruise.

01 Feb 2013 03:50

Both parties a huge success. Going to the mall today to flash people.

04 Jan 2013 05:05

I'm getting more and more excited as hubby talks on the phone to people and guys drop by to drop off things for the party. I'm still in a short see thru nighty and they enjoy that. I'll be in much less later.
He's planning something and won't tell me what it is.

31 Dec 2012 10:58

Tonight's the night for our New Year's party. I've been listening to hubby all morning telling me what perverted things he wants to see.

31 Dec 2012 05:47

I've been remembering last night and I already want to do it again.
I must be a nympho. It was so much fun.

23 Dec 2012 18:13