Family Drama with my Brother (part 1)

I put my brother in a bad situation...

“You don’t have to come with me if you don’t want to.” I said, sitting in the passenger seat of his car. I looked over at my brother, Zach. He wasn’t staring back, but staring out the front windshield to the white garage door that was in front of us. He never blinked his kyanite eyes petrified in thought. No muscle in his body moved. I took a deep breath, turning my head to look out the...Read On


Fantasy about my Brother

A fantasy I have for my brother.

This is a fantasy I have about my brother and I. It is purely fictional. I laid on my bed in the darkness, a faint light glistening from the door in front of me. It was quiet, with only a hint of noise coming from the TV downstairs in the kitchen. I wasn’t tired, but I knew I had to get some sleep. I looked over at the digital clock on my nightstand. The red numbers read 10:46. I gave out a...Read On


Fantasy about my Brother 2

Just a simple fantasy I have for my brother.

The water was icy against my toes as I swung my feet back and forth. I sat on the edge of the wooden dock, my arms stretched back, letting my body absorb the sunlight. Sounds of the waves crashing against the dock and birds chirping relaxed my muscles. I wore a white, with blue striped bikini, along with shorts. I looked out to the horizon, nothing but trees, a blue sky and a couple of...Read On


Fantasy about my Brother 3

A simple fantasy I have for my brother...

I sat with my back erect on the edge of the large tan couch. It was around 8 at night, I wore pink pajama pants and a plain white tee. My brother was sitting on the sand-colored carpet in front of me. His back was up against the couch and his shoulders nestled between my skinny legs. He wore stone-washed jeans and a royal blue tee. I ran my fingers through his shiny, angelically soft bronze...Read On


Thanksgiving with my Brother (part 1)

The Thanksgiving I spent with my family.

We pulled onto the concrete driveway; I sat in the back on the left side. My dad was driving and my brother was in the passenger seat. The car was shifted into ‘park’ and the engine was turned off. I heard the two boys click off their seat belts and open the doors. I reached down to my right side and clicked my seat belt off. I opened the car door and stepped out. A cold breeze sliced my skin....Read On



Friday Night with my Step-Brother

We made a connection this passed Friday...

I sat motionless in the passenger seat of his car. The sound of the drums pounding, guitar roaring and a vocalist screaming made my ears ring. The music was loud enough to vibrate his car. We drove through a heavily forested area. The plethora of trees covered the night sky over the nameless dirt road. I would occasionally glance to my step-brother, Zach, who was driving. His face...Read On


My Lover is My Step-Brother

"Do you love me?"... "Just a little bit more than a step-sister should."

I was sitting in the passenger seat of his car, looking out the window to my right. We drove through a forested area; I was only able to see a faint outline of the trees from the light of the bright moon. I looked to my step-brother, Zach, who was driving. I could barely see him, unless an occasional street lamp illuminated his face. When I did see his face, he had a look of apathy, almost...Read On


Studying with my Step-Brother

My step-brother helps me study.

I closed the screen of my laptop, sighing as I stood up from the black chair. I stretched, lifting my arms up as high as I could reach, arching my back as my muscles relaxed themselves. I took a deep breath as my arms fell back to my sides. I grabbed my backpack from my bed and carried it with me through my door, down the hallway and stairs, into the kitchen. I flicked on the light and placed...Read On


Triumphant Love for my Step-Brother

I may be insecure... but I'm his number one.

The walls of the hallways were pure white. The carpeted floors were grainy and flat. The fluorescent lights; patterned across the ceiling. The three of us walked together. My step-brother, Zach, led my cousin Lacey and I through the halls. Lacey walked next to Zach, I trailed behind both of them. We stopped walking at a pair of doors; a big maroon sign over the doors read "Student Center."...Read On