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power flickering on and off...time to charge up the electronics, eat ice cream and watch game of thrones season one I suppose

15 Jun 2014 21:31

power flickering on and off...time to charge up the electronics, eat ice cream and watch game of thrones season one I suppose

15 Jun 2014 21:31

Currently on day 16 of the attempt to grow a beard, and it's itchy as fuck now ...

10 Jun 2014 20:16

the Mud Run was so much fun!! woo and I survived!!

01 Jun 2014 19:22

Invader Zim sleeve is coming together woo, almost to run that 5 km Mud Run on Sunday ....

30 May 2014 20:20

Tattoo day woo!

30 May 2014 09:17

17 May 2014 20:26

Once upon a time ....

14 May 2014 22:23

14 May 2014 22:19

13 May 2014 22:08

cookies or frosted flakes ...

13 May 2014 20:55

Self inflicted insomnia, staring at the ceiling, thinking of a smile, thinking of her smile

12 May 2014 23:07

No power, and cell phone dying

11 May 2014 20:29


09 May 2014 10:40

long day, sleep time, probably won't sleep but what the hell

08 May 2014 20:22

I have decided that at some point this year, I'm going on an adventure. I don't know where, I'm not planning it, I'm just going...

I have a couple of cross fit type events, mud runs, but after those, who knows,

but I am going and it will be an adventure

07 May 2014 19:43

would love to have a sexy girl

sit with me

in our pj's

and play video games, watch movies, eat pizza,


for days

dream vacation yup

05 May 2014 22:05

l got spit on and physically assaulted at my job tonight,

and this is not sarcastic at all,

I truly do love my job, even on nights like tonight

02 May 2014 22:27

Off day today, not feeling the greatest, so I just did a 155 pushups for my workout...lazy bum that I am

30 Apr 2014 20:03

I find it kinda funny,
I find it kinda sad,
that the best dreams I've ever had,
are the ones where I'm dying

28 Apr 2014 23:45

Amazing cover

27 Apr 2014 22:47

The lights are going down,
in every city town,
but you'll be fast asleep,
there's no one that can keep,
the dream out of your heart

25 Apr 2014 15:12

I'm on the front line
don't worry I'll be fine
the story is just beginning
I say goodbye to my weakness
so long to the regrets
and now I know that I'm alive

24 Apr 2014 19:01

Backpack on my back,
walking down a river track,
oh I've been wanting to see you,
eyes upon the rows of trees

24 Apr 2014 11:59

Girls with accents equals Jer being mush

21 Apr 2014 20:00

Zero excuses, ever

21 Apr 2014 17:58

When your best friend Ange says she's embarrassed that she plays Minecraft and you offer to play with makes life grand ... I have no idea what Minecraft is though ....

18 Apr 2014 17:31

feels good to just lay down and stretch out ....

17 Apr 2014 19:26

And she said love don't shine and doubt you've chosen mine
And if it wasn't your fault it surely wasn't mine
I said all the right things at all the wrong times
And if you want to keep your heart
Then give me mine

15 Apr 2014 17:45

Fuck you life, really, fuck you...New Zealand, I'm coming to live like a hobbit

15 Apr 2014 07:10