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Topic Roleplay partner
Posted 30 Nov 2017 11:08

bumpity bump bump

Topic What turns you on immediately ?
Posted 10 Oct 2016 10:53

A girl in black leather gloves, boots, or jacket.

Topic How many guys (and gals) edge when masturbating? How long for?
Posted 03 Oct 2016 08:57

I love to edge .... and I love when a girl denies my orgasm for as long as she wants ... generally I get about to about an hour

Topic Would You Wear your wife's or girlfriends panties or thongs?
Posted 07 Jul 2016 21:39

Most definitely!

Topic Roleplay partner
Posted 03 Apr 2016 22:29


Topic Roleplay partner
Posted 03 Mar 2016 16:34


Topic Do You like to give or reciever oral sex?
Posted 03 Mar 2016 08:06

Oh I am devoted to both, both love receiving and giving.

Topic Roleplay partner
Posted 02 Mar 2016 13:26

Hey there ladies. Sorry if this is the entirely wrong place to ask this but I'm looking for a long term online RP partner. I want it to be novel like, and not based off sex, but who are we kidding, there will be sex included. Feel free to delete this moderators and if anyone out there is interested, please feel free to inbox me and we can figure it out. Thanks.

Topic Do guys like hearing sexual talk or sexual stories from girls?
Posted 25 Dec 2015 20:19

Oh god yes!!

Topic Do you guys actually like going down on girls?
Posted 25 Dec 2015 20:18

I most definitely do!!!

Topic What's YOUR fetish?
Posted 11 Nov 2015 19:38

Women in leather gloves, along with a few others ...

Topic Leather: Skirts, pants, lingerie
Posted 09 Mar 2014 10:24

Topic How many from Canada?
Posted 25 Dec 2013 14:03

I'm from Ontario too. :)

Topic Do you guys enjoy watching your cocks being inside your lover's mouth?
Posted 25 Oct 2013 20:36

I believe I should post some long comment about oh yes it's such an amazing sight and all that jazz, but well.....when she's looking up at me with my cock in her mouth, well it's an amazing sight that sometimes I have to think about baseball so I don't cum.

Topic Would you lick her pussy after you came in?
Posted 02 Oct 2013 17:03

Of course I would!

Topic What colour are your eyes?
Posted 29 Sep 2013 20:12

Hazel, more the brown hazel than the green hazel

Topic What's your opinion on 69-ing?(:
Posted 07 Jan 2013 16:57

love it

Topic Do you enjoy being bitten?
Posted 01 Jan 2013 22:00

yup! neck, ears, nipples .... a lot of places really

Topic Oral Sex - Better to Give or Receive?
Posted 28 Dec 2012 21:53

I love both, I love to give and receive!

Topic Would you lick her pussy after you came in?
Posted 23 Dec 2012 19:52


Topic Batman or Bond?
Posted 23 Sep 2012 19:13

batman is pretty awesome

Topic What do you call it... soda, pop, coke or something different
Posted 13 Aug 2012 21:06

all of them, and even the devil. I kicked my soda/pop/coke/pepsi/devil habit over two years ago! I was drinking close to 3 liters a day ...

Topic Would you go see a movie just b/c a girl wanted you to?
Posted 02 Aug 2012 08:22


Topic What is your Dream Job?
Posted 27 Jul 2012 00:57

I chased my dream and have my dream job, and honestly, since I'm willing to work in what's considered the wild west in my neck of the woods, the pay is amazing!

Topic What's your opinion on 69-ing?(:
Posted 26 Jul 2012 17:39

love it

Topic what are you drinking?
Posted 09 Jul 2012 18:51

water, yep, I'm that cool

Topic what are you drinking?
Posted 06 Jul 2012 20:12

chocolate milk, best post workout drink there is

Topic Post a random fact
Posted 06 Jul 2012 16:16

Economists have noticed that skirts get shorter when the economy is better, and longer when the economy is worse.

Topic What are you wearing right now?
Posted 06 Jul 2012 06:59

boxer briefs because I'm still laying in bed ...

Topic Leather: Skirts, pants, lingerie
Posted 03 Jul 2012 14:32