Group Sex(3)


My Birthday Present (Part 2)

While Jewel is giving me my birthday present, we have an exciting visitor!

I pulled Jewel close and swept her off her feet, cradling her in my arms. I stepped to the side of the bed and lowered her onto the white, silk sheets. She looked magnificent; her legs were parted slightly and I could see her swath of red pussy hair peeking out, drawing my eyes down to her wet slit. Her tits were smaller than her mother’s, but just as delightful to look at. She lay there on...Read On


My Wife and her Best Friend Lay a Trap...

Jenn, my wife's best friend wasn't getting any at home, so she asked my wife if she could fuck me!

My wife's bestfriend, Jenn, is a sweet, open and sexy woman with beautiful eyes and mouth. I have appreciated her compact body from "afar" on many occasions, but last night, I got a whole new perspective, up close and personal... ** Jenn lives out of state with her husband, Greg. Greg is a good enough guy, but he, apparently, has a very low sex drive; a bit of information I recently...Read On


My Wife and her Best Friend Lay a Trap...Part 2

J, my wife and her best friend, Jenn, fuck my brains out, and their's too!

Jenny smiled at J, enthusiastically nodding her head in agreement. She pushed on my chest, indicating that I should roll off her body and lay down beside her. I complied and plopped over on my back, my dick slapping at my stomach. I took Jenn’s hand and rubbed it against my once-again swollen cock, showing her that I was ready to fuck her some more; then I raised her hand to my lips to...Read On



My Birthday Present

My wife gives me a very special birthday present - her daughter!

I finished my Saturday morning yard work about twelve-thirty; grass mowed and edged, water-feature cleaned and water added; barbecue scrubbed down for steaks, later; patio hosed off, and the few weeds along the fence-line, pulled. Ruby and Roxy, my two, three-year-old basset hounds, romped on the new-mown lawn. Roxy took off running, Ruby close on her heal, baying for all she was worth. Up...Read On


My Birthday Present (Part 3)

The Birthday Party Heads to the Pool J Comes Home with More Fun for Scott

I dove into the pool, naked, to join Jewel and José. The water felt cool and refreshing. I took a quick lap, passing my step-daughter and her brother-in-law as they played grab-ass together. Their laughter was muffled a bit by the water coursing by my ears as I swam the length of the pool. When I touched the far wall I held on to the side and looked back at them. Jewel and José were in...Read On