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Hey everyone, check out my latest story... It's pretty hot!

06 Jan 2010 15:45

I appreciate everyone reading my stories. I'd love it if you would all vote and leave me some feed back. Check out Natalie and Nathan, my most recent post. Make sure to leave feedback.

23 Dec 2009 21:36

Wow. One of Novembers story pics is "The Tomboy" written by my friend John. It's actually written about me!! I'm impressed.

22 Dec 2009 21:15

Hey, I posted a new story. It's the conclusion to my story "The Room" and is so called The Room: The Conclusion. Make sure you check out smiling_jonny's story The Tomboy as well... it's all about me.

03 Nov 2009 03:41

even needs to check out "the tomboy" by smiling_jonny. It's actually a story about me. Most of which is true... big fun!!

01 Nov 2009 18:50

going to start writing another story soon.. make sure to read my others and vote on them.. please

08 Oct 2009 14:57

wow, I just noticed that I am on the top of the list on the top authors. Thanks guys!

08 Oct 2009 06:04

Ahh.. people should really comment on my story. I think that will be the only way I will be able to write more. I NEED people to tell me they want it.

04 Oct 2009 21:01