You can learn a lot in college

The girls met a few weeks before Gail's last and Wendi's first year of college. The meet was arranged by their mothers. Gail's mother needed help paying for Gail's off-campus apartment. Wendi could share the apartment and her mother would help with the rent. It was thought that Gail could look after the younger Wendi and provide some direction. Gail told her mother that she was no babysitter....Read On

First Time(3)


True story

This is an absolutely true first time story. I have authored other first time stories but they are all fiction. This one is not. When I do a private chat, I usually ask the guy to tell me about his first man on man sex. Most of them are reluctant to open up with details. The first time stories in Lush are usually not to be believed. Like. My best friend and I got drunk and just started...Read On


What can brown do for me?

I am a thirty year old hot body. Yes, I said hot body. I go to the gym three times a week and I have run four marathons over the last three years. So ‘hot body’ is a fair description. I was named most attractive in my high school year book. It was only natural that I would marry the boy that was also named most attractive . Jeff and I were wed right after college. Jeff went into...Read On


London 2012

Two strangers pay a visit

I am a single guy with a fabulous girlfriend. She is beautiful and smart. The sex is pretty good save one thing. She will not give me oral sex. She will not take my cock into her mouth. I give her good oral sex and she seems to enjoy having my mouth and tongue on her pussy and clit. The most I ever got from her is a little peck on the tip, nothing more. I am telling you this because you need...Read On

Gay Male(3)


What happens in Vegas

My plane landed in Las Vegas just after noon on a Thursday. I had come to town to attend a sales conference for Remax brokers and agents. A shuttle took me to my hotel which was also the site of the conference. Thursday was just for registering for the various seminars and other activities to be held all day Friday and until two on Saturday. I had a bellman take my luggage to my room while...Read On


Jake and I

After four years of marriage to my high school sweetheart, I was divorced and living in a new city (Miami). Sex with my wife was OK but I had these near constant feelings about how it would be to have sex with another man. I grew up Lowell, MA. As a teenager when I was home alone I would get naked and put on my older sister's bra and panties. I would fill the bra cups with balled up panty...Read On


Sgt Homo shows me the way

I am a heavy munitions specialist in the U.S. Army assigned to Ft. Hood, Texas. I was back in the States after my second tour in Iraq and looking forward to going home for a little R&R. I had been approved for a leave to start in three weeks. My hometown is near Chicago and I hadn’t been back in nearly fifteen months. The Army doesn’t like idle time so I would be drilling and training for...Read On

Group Sex(3)


Best cocksucking day of my life

I was new to cocksucking, having only sucked four cocks in my life. Actually the first cock, I only held it in my mouth for a few seconds. Then the guy sucked me. I was so ashamed of what had just happened I couldn’t wait to get away from him. I had met him on a city street where gay men cruised. I got out of my van and waited for someone to stop and offer me a ride. He took me to his home...Read On


The Best Christmas Eve Ever

I like watching my wife getting fucked.

It was just after 8:00pm on Christmas Eve. I was tending bar at a Ramada Inn in Lancaster, PA. There were less than a dozen patrons in the bar when Scott and Diane walked in. I’m thinking oh crap. While Diane was a real hot number in her early 40’s and a bit of a flirt, Scott was at least 15 years older and didn’t know when he had had enough to drink. They had been in the bar two nights...Read On


You can learn a lot in college Part II

For much of that day Gail pondered over Wendi’s question. Were the roommates now lesbians? After all they had spent the night wrapped in each other arms. The first time lesbian sex had been a remarkable experience for both girls. Gail was sure that what happened last night would not be a onetime thing. Yes, Gail wanted to do it again. She wanted to again feel the gentle caress of another...Read On

Straight Sex(3)



I boarded a flight from Washington D.C. to Seattle. I took my window seat in the first-class section. There was a pink carry-on under the aisle seat and a fashion magazine on the seat. It was apparent that my companion was a woman. I wondered what she would look like. A very attractive well dressed green eyed natural blonde entered carrying a Vogue magazine in her left hand. She wore...Read On


For Beth

Teaser looses control

Beth is happily married to Allan. They often fantasize about various sex scenarios and sometimes they act out these fantasies. What follows is one of those fantasies. The plan is for Beth to enter a club alone. Allan will be at the bar, watching. Allan chooses to take a stool next to and Adonis, just the type that Beth often fantasizes about. Beth takes a seat alone at a small table in...Read On


An Introduction To Manhood

She had her eyes on him since he was 16 and now he was legal.

This story is a continuation of “You can learn a lot in college. Part 2” The day Gail had been looking forward to for nearly three years was at hand. She wanted to fuck her landlady’s son, Chris. Gail had her eyes on Chris since she moved into the upstairs apartment of his mother’s home. But Chris was just 16 years old then, so Gail had to wait until he was legal. Well, Chris turned...Read On