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I am retired, divorced 20 years after 31 years of marriage (once) with a daughter of memory, one married son and two grandies now in their teens. I worked professionally in technical fields until my alcoholism blasted my ability to function ten years ago. My pleasure these days is being with my friends of all sorts, writing pornography, dressing and looking for quick love in all the wrong places. I enjoy specializing in fifteen minute relationships, thirty if he has a good one.

The stories I write almost exclusively deal with married women who have an outside lover or sex partner. I hesitate using the word cuckold because I think the word itself carries too much baggage beyond its simple meaning of a man with an unfaithful wife.

Bob Milsom
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Washington DC, Maryland, United States
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Beyond friends and their friendship my interests are in politics, science, music and the arts in general especially classical music, some country, 60s-70s R&R and old time big band music. I am a history major of years ago and do my best to keep reading in books related to that field. When football season rolls around on Sunday afternoon you will find me glued to the screen watching my Dallas Cowboys. I even haul my ass to my local sports bar where they know I don't drink and swig cokes as I live and die with each play.
Favorite Books:
I used to read Clancy but he up and died on us recently; I think his Red Storm Rising was a most under-appreciated book. I like WEB Griffin's books too, but they are amusing with blatant editing omissions. I think what I like about both Clancy and Griffin is their characters grow from book-to-book through a series. I get to know them that way. Jean Auel and her Earth's Children series were like that too, Ayla and Jondalar became my sister and brother from 30,000 years ago over the thirty years of that series.

In non-fiction Churchill was a hell of a good author if one wants to get a good feel for the twentieth century from a nineteenth century perspective. Teddy White's Making of the President series plus especially his book on the downfall of Nixon is superb.

Beyond mentioning these few I hope anyone actually reading this lives reasonably close to a library. Just looking through the stacks and reaching for whatever title grabs your fancy is worthwhile. I did that when younger and had to choose to purchase food over books and it works just as well today.
Favorite Movies:
Any movie where the girls start taking their clothes off in the first five minutes is okay by me.
Favourite TV Shows:
I don't watch the shows most watch, just news on CNN or MSNBC for political commentary, sometimes ESPN for some very specific event and whatever channel the Cowboys are on when football season rolls around.
Favorite Music:
I enjoy most music, classical except opera, '40s era big band music, Miller, Bassie, Berrigan, Goodman, some jazz but not a big jazz buff, some country music too, Willie Nelson, EmmyLou Harris, Guy Clark or any of the Texas singer/songwriters. I first heard Dylan when in college back in early 60s, first saw him at the Academy of Music in Philadelphia in February of 1966; he was riveting then and remains so. Those are just a few of the music types I enjoy. I guess I should add as a group the classic lady torch singers; if you don't get stiff hearing Peggy Lee sing you are either a woman, deaf or dead.


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Topic: Remembering where you were on 9-11-01.
Posted: 04 Jul 2014 11:11

First, I live in Washington DC and I was here at work twelve years ago. I worked at L'Enfant Plaza in a government building no more than a mile across the river from the Pentagon. Every day I would catch a bus down the hill about a mile to the Pentagon, transfer to the metro (subway) for a one stop ride across the Potomac, and I would be at work in 15 to 20 minutes total time. I managed a software contract and had about 40 people working for me located in four different buildings nearby. So much for my setting.

Turmoil began to cloud a normal day about 9 am when I heard a buzz from a small group gathered in a cubicle three spots from me. I looked, a plane had crashed into the World Trade Center, surely an accident, a bad accident. Probably a small plane, inexperienced pilot. My desk was on the second floor, the third floor coffee shop had cable TV, I went to find out more. It wasn't a small plane, it was a 747, impossible, how? Back to work, but work not possible. Check the web sites, CNN, USAToday. A lady screamed NO from the cubicle with the small TV. Another big plane, the other tower, no accident, neither one, attack by someone. I had no complete thoughts, no full blown sentences with subjects and verbs. Just events flashing like a strobe light, strangely I remained calm and analytical.

All of a sudden, a few minutes before or after ten am, my focus shifted from New York to Washington. Another scream from the cubicle, Pentagon. I went to look, the attack was closing in. The Pentagon had been hit by another airplane, that made three. My analysis was quick and immediate, I had two guys working in the NASA headquarters building, that could be a high profile target. I called Rick, the team leader, and told him to get them out NOW and come over to the main building. Before they arrived, at 10:12, the word was circulated, everyone was ordered to evacuate the building immediately.

In the court yard outside I called my office on cell to report in. While talking to Margaret my EA there was a boom like a nearby explosion. Confusion reigned among people evacuating from all the buildings. We went up to the plaza roadway where we could see the Pentagon. Red flames and black, oily smoke; crowds of people watching, fixed gaze, jaws dropped, mouths open. Rumors were already beginning. "Look at that guy, does he look like a terrorist?" "I heard there was a car bomb that exploded by the State Department." "I heard it was the White House!" We could see the freeway, main route to and from Virginia, it was all lanes clogged and stopped. I knew from passing the station that metro was already shut down. Only one thing to do.

I headed for my regular bar, downstairs in the plaza. On the way I tried my cell again, the network was down. At the bar, they were still closed, we made them open. About a dozen of us at first, all govt. workers or contractors were assembled. Sandra, the bartender, couldn't get to work, she had to come past the Pentagon. Ling, one of the waitresses, Chinese, she could barely mix drinks or speak English, was impressed as bartender. Leon came in and said the ATM network was down, I had to lend him $40.00 so he could eventually get home. Big Al had two quick drinks, he had to leave. He worked for FAA and had to report to their command center by noon; his boss had called him.

The building management sent one of their staff around to tell the bar they had to close, the customers decided hell no, so the messenger joined us for a beer. I stayed until shortly after 1:00 pm, traffic began to thin and I managed to get home in about an hour. My TV was instantly on, some rumors were resolved, confusion was still all around.

So much for direct experience. My reflections on the day and how we reacted to that day are based on both immediate experience and later learning and contemplation.

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Always Faithful - Chapter Thirty-Five

Climax and beyond “Damn you Greg! Just damn, damn, damn you! I always knew it would come to this.” Laura looked into her lover’s eyes across their table. She cleared the champagne glasses to the side and leaned to kiss him. Sitting back upright, Laura raised both hands in front of her; she stared at the rings she was wearing. Greg noticed her gesture and thought he understood what must...

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Always Faithful - Chapter Thirty-Four

The triad relationship, Laura with her two husbands, began another new phase. Laura once more made her primary residence at her home with Dan. As Dan asked, and Laura replied, her affair with Greg ended in no way, only returned to its original form. Laura’s home life with Dan was as complicated as ever. Laura and Dan did their married couple life maintenance chores together, they ate meals...

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Always Faithful - Chapter Thirty-Three

A sound at his office door brought Dan’s head up. His secretary stood in the opening and spoke softly to him, “It’s Laura; do you want to take the call?” Dan picked up his phone and spoke without pause. “Well hello, so good to hear from you, it has been a while.” Dan recalled with distaste the last time he talked with his wife; it was six weeks ago at Thanksgiving when she told him she...

Added 22 Feb 2015 | Category Cuckold | Votes 18 | Avg Score 4.72 | Views 5,247 | 17 Comments

Always Faithful - Chapter Thirty-Two

Dan’s secretary was delighted to accept her new vice president’s date request. She remembered how nice he was to ask last year when she was down about her failed marriage; returning the gesture was the least she could do. She remembered having a great end to the evening in her bedroom with him last year. I could get used to a once a year do the boss tradition. Dan had been very cautious...

Added 18 Feb 2015 | Category Cuckold | Votes 17 | Avg Score 4.76 | Views 3,835 | 11 Comments

Always Faithful - Chapter FiveThirty

Always Faithful by BobNbobbi © [Author’s note: I combined chapter 31 with chapter 30 because they seemed to go together in thrust and timeframe – there will be no chapter 31, the next chapter after this will be chapter 32] Chapter Thirty - Laura Abandon’s Dan for Greg - 2 LF had scheduled a Monday evening posing the day following Laura’s return. Greg was not pleased, but he didn’t...

Added 14 Feb 2015 | Category Cuckold | Votes 19 | Avg Score 4.37 | Views 3,907 | 16 Comments

Always Faithful - Chapter Twenty-Nine

Chapter Twenty-Nine - Laura Abandon’s Dan for Greg - 1 The weather was perfect for brunch on the patio the Sunday after Greg’s birthday. “Dan, I have made a decision about my relationship with Greg. We need to talk about it.” Dan felt a chill up his spine. “You have made a decision, but we still have to talk. Is it talk time or tell time, Laura?” “We need to talk. I have made...

Added 12 Feb 2015 | Category Cuckold | Votes 15 | Avg Score 4.73 | Views 4,007 | 19 Comments

Always Faithful - Chapter Twenty-Eight

Chapter Twenty-Eight - Greg’s Second Birthday At nine-thirty Laura reached for the doorknob and twisted it. She would not have been surprised to find it locked, but the door opened. Laura looked first in the kitchen. The coffee was made, pot full, with two clean mugs on a tray. Dan wasn’t in the kitchen. Dan and Artsy? Dan and I? She poured the two mugs full. She heard the...

Added 10 Feb 2015 | Category Cuckold | Votes 14 | Avg Score 4.71 | Views 3,641 | 17 Comments

Always Faithful - Chapter Twenty-Seven

Chapter Twenty-Seven - Laura with Greg as Second Husband Laura started her car; she fingered the ruby ring on her right hand before shifting to Drive. Having Dan with me in San Francisco last week was great. Fucking with Dan and Upper Floor in the fog on the balcony excited me the way I knew it would. Strapped to that thing, strapped down, whipped, and then ass fucked by that Mario...

Added 09 Feb 2015 | Category Cuckold | Votes 13 | Avg Score 4.92 | Views 3,349 | 10 Comments

Always Faithful - Chapter Twenty-Six

Chapter Twenty-Six - Laura with Artsy and LF Laura and Dan didn’t return home until Saturday evening. They packed for their trip and went to bed, to sleep. They rose early Sunday, leaving for the airport after a quick breakfast. Laura set off the metal detector with her jewelry; she asked if one of the women attendants could perform a private screening. Dan was curious about her night with...

Added 06 Feb 2015 | Category Cuckold | Votes 14 | Avg Score 4.43 | Views 3,604 | 10 Comments

Always Faithful - Chapter Twenty-Five

Laura’s four weeks at home were a whirlwind of activity, not totally sexual. At Tuesday lunch with her fellow executive assistants, she floated an idea for modeling Business Lady outfits at the regional bar meeting in the summer. The next day Laura began serious preparatory work for the quarterly Senior Partners Committee meeting. Work kept her busy; she skipped her Friday lunch date with Greg....

Added 04 Feb 2015 | Category Cuckold | Votes 15 | Avg Score 4.53 | Views 2,715 | 14 Comments

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Trainman seems a bit upset with Laura and the way she treats her husband Dan. Most readers were of the same opinion. Not to worry, I have another female lead in development who will probably rank right up there with Laura. Her name is currently Christine McGrey and the story in progress is currently titled You Want to What??? but the title especially is likely to change. Currently on the third chapter of about fifteen or so.
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BnB these captions were inspired by your story. I hope you don't mind.
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