A New Job, a New Friend - Chapter One

Jacqueline finds a new job, and a new friend, with some very interesting results.

Bob and I had been struggling for the last few months, ever since I had lost my job due to the company I was working for having a major down fall in clients. A very close friend of mine informed me of a large insurance company they knew who were looking for experienced personnel to run their administrations department. I sent in my resume, and within a few days I was asked to attend an...Read On


Look what I brought home

Bob has a bit of fun on a bus, before introducing to Jacquiline a new friend.

A few weeks ago, I had been sent on a business trip a couple of hundred kilometres away in a small country town. It was only a day trip, so instead of driving I decided to take the bus. That way I was able to go over my notes on the way there, and on the way back I could catch up on some much needed sleep. Everything had gone well and to schedule for the day.  Around 4.00pm the bus was due...Read On

Group Sex(5)


A new job, a new friend - Chapter 2

Jacqueline's second day at the job goes better than planned.

I had arrived home just after five o'clock pm, and Bob was out the front mowing the lawn. Bob was shirtless, and for a man in his mid-forties Bob was still in reasonably good shape, not quite a six pack but definitely not the standard beer belly most men of his age had. I sat in the car admiring my gorgeous husband, running my hand up my skirt, pushing my soaked G-string to the side and...Read On


Our Introduction to our neighbours part 1

A lovely surprise when I get home from work.

I've just come home from work and as I'm walking to the front door, I can hear moaning and it sounds like its coming from our bedroom. I walk around to the side of the house and see our neighbour is standing at our bedroom window in a summer dress. I can see her panties around her ankles, one hand is up her dress and I gather she is playing with herself by the look of ecstasy on her face. ...Read On


Our Introduction to our neighbours part 2

Bob now finally gets an introduction, and the fun continues

Jacqueline and I are lying on our bed, recuperating from our experience with our neighbour. Jacqueline looks at me with those beautiful eyes of hers. “Do you realise, we didn’t even ask her, her name. I have seen a man coming and going from the house, which could be her boyfriend or her husband. Maybe, we could invite them over for dinner and a bit of fun. What do you think?” Jacqueline...Read On


Our introduction to our neighbours part 3

I recommend reading part 1 and 2 as this is the final chapter

Saturday afternoon has finally arrived, and Jacqueline and I have almost everything ready for the evening. I’ve shaved my cock, and my balls, and Jacqueline has shaved her pussy clean. Jacqueline has picked out a black dress and matching underwear for the evening. I’ve picked a pair of slacks and a buttoned short sleeve shirt for myself. Jacqueline looks absolutely stunning, her...Read On


Taste Testing

Alternative to wine tasting; Bob and Jacqueline's adventures continued

There were a few weeks of organizing involved for our next adventure. Without Jacqueline knowing, she will be the centre of attention this time round. As we are packing our clothes, Jacqueline asks what I would like her to pack.  “Can you make sure you bring the maid outfit along, please?” I answer. “Of course, anything for you my love,” she replies. If she knew what I had in...Read On



In the Beginning Jacqueline and Bob, the early days

Back to where it all started

It was a lovely warm spring evening, and I had organised to meet my new girlfriend Jacqueline for dinner at a restaurant in the local hills. We both agreed on meeting at around 7.00pm. I'd arrived a little earlier, as I was waiting in my car I had a look around the surrounding scenery. At what I estimated of being around a 150 metres away from the restaurant, was a lovely looking shelter with...Read On

Love Poems(1)


Face Of Love

I wrote this for the woman I truly love; she wanted me to post it.

Your body next to mine, has such a calming effect,  and extremely arousing, all at the same time. When I look into your blue eyes, they draw me deeply in, letting our souls unite, with the feeling we are one. The feel of your soft warm skin, on my fingertips,  as I glide them, over your sensitive skin. Causing, a feeling of utmost desire; flowing through my entire body. Your natural...Read On

Love Stories(1)


An Unexpected Meeting of Two Souls (How I Met My Soulmate)

This is completely true

I was in a marriage that had been going downhill for years. We tried everything possible to get it back on track, but ever since I had been diagnosed a couple of years earlier with a rare disease, deep inside I knew it was over. It’s amazing how the human mind can isolate the truth, and how a traumatic experience can all of a sudden begin to make you see the truth behind everything, even...Read On



Bob’s evening with a call girl

Bob recalls a speacil evening he would never forget

This is something I don’t do on a regular basis, if anything it’s only ever happened on a couple of occasions in my life. This time stood out in particular to the rest, and on this occasion my wife was the one who had suggested the idea. Jacqueline was going out with the girls for an evening of drinking and dancing. A few of her friends needed to let loose and get away from the family rut for...Read On

Wife Lovers(1)


Bob, Jacqueline, Jae and Shaft

Bob plays with the secretary, then takes her home to share with Jacqueline...Fun,fun fun

It was only a few months ago, and I had been working back late in the office one evening. There was only myself and Jae, our receptionist. Jae had only been working for our company for no more than 6 months. Every time I would walk past her desk, I would make a conscious effort to stop and chat to her. There had always seemed to be a bit of harmless flirting between the two of us. Jae was...Read On