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i love masturbating while I chat with folks. But please don't take it slow and make it last forever - I might leave before you finish. Just get it off baby - that's what we both want.

23 Mar 2013 22:07

If we're in a chat room together please don't whisper. I get snowed under with whispers. If you want for us to get off together just be open and chat. We'll take it from there. If you wank whilst you're chatting with me I'll take that as a bonus

18 Mar 2013 23:20

Mutual masturbation is oh so cool

15 Mar 2013 04:40

I love it when you play with yourself whilst we're chatting

05 Mar 2013 00:20

Thank you everyone for your interest in my poems. I'd love to thank each and every one of you personally......

21 Jan 2013 23:44

I've just submitted another of my arty poems for publication. This is so exciting

19 Jan 2013 21:51

I can feel another piece of poetic art overwhelming me. I might have to publish again soon. Watch this space......

17 Jan 2013 03:26

I can feel another piece of poetic art overwhelming me. Watch this space......

17 Jan 2013 03:24

The poem that I published seems to have been a huge success.

16 Jan 2013 05:00

When my guy first told me that he liked anal sex I just didn't know which way to turn

16 Jan 2013 04:59

Just submitted a poem for publication - I'm very excited

14 Jan 2013 06:01

Enjoying my online friends. Enjoying the warmth.

04 Jan 2013 18:57

My first week on this site has been a real revelation for me. I wish the same for you, whoever may read this

03 Jan 2013 07:46