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Topic Which would you choose?
Posted 20 Jul 2012 11:35

I have been around for ages and have seen a lot and have many sights in my memory
I have heard too much
I have said too much
Not touching would be sad
But not being able to taste good food and good cognac is a horror. Never mind being able to taste a lover.

I must have taste.

Topic Breasts, boobs or tits?
Posted 06 Jul 2012 11:52

Breasts or tits. Other, more inappropriate terms, dependent on the occasion.

Topic Big/Curvy/Fat Do you like us? in clothes or naked? What are the criteria we have to meet for you to say "Yup, I'll fuck
Posted 06 Jul 2012 11:49

A big girl every time. So much more to hold, to love, to appreciate. Big IS beautiful.

Topic What is the difference!!!
Posted 20 Aug 2010 03:47

It's because the world is mostly homophobic. I find the male form equally as gorges or more than the female form and happen to find gay and bisexual men the most erotic men of all.

Well said Bunny, I think you've hit the nail firmly on the head.