The magic of Brownies

My body is yours tonight

The school holidays had been a drag, just me and my brother at home with nothing to do. But in the middle weekend of our two week break an exciting event happened. Daniel, my brother had been making brownies, he offered me one and it was scrumptious as usual. I insisted on helping him clean the dishes, mainly out of boredom but also because I enjoy the alone time with Daniel. I grabbed a...Read On



The Walk Home

Tomorrows walk home will be interesting

This is my first story and it is completely fictional. Georgia and I always walk home together from our classes we take at the local college. It was a Thursday, a very fine Thursday at that and as per usual I found Georgia waiting for me at the corner next to the College. As I walked past she started walking with me and Georgia told me the news that she had made the college soccer team....Read On