Fire and Ice

Our camping site was simple, the area completely remote. We were close to a crystal clear pond, and, given the heat, we only had a groundsheet stretched between poles under a canopy of trees as our tent. Another, bigger groundsheet was spread on the floor with some pillows scattered for comfort. Everything else was suspended from the trees in two special gauze boxes that we lowered and raised...Read On


Why don't we do it in the road – Part 2

Our next stop is for lunch, so we tidy up, change whatever clothes need changing, and go and linger for a while in a restaurant like two ordinary people who haven’t just had a wild time on the side of the road. Engine refuelled, our stomachs filled and caffeine fix treated, we get back into the car, me driving, and hit the road again. Our mood has changed, the sexual tension has lessoned...Read On

Group Sex(1)


Strip Trivial Pursuit

The old farmhouse was perfectly set in the lush mountains of Magoebaskloof, one of South Africa’s special jewels. The tropical scenery there is exquisite and the house we rented was an isolated old dame. It had no electricity so we cooked on an old coal stove and water was heated via a donkey that we had to light half an hour before we needed to bath in a huge, old-fashioned tub. Best of all...Read On

Love Stories(2)


Our Hong Kong Affair

“Hey. How’re you doing?” The question was a familiar prelude to our many telephone conversations. “Great now,” I smiled into the phone. It was a luxury being able to talk on the phone in the evenings, but he was on a business trip and my husband was at one of his eternal meetings, so we had a bit more freedom than usual. “It’s so nice to hear your voice.” We never wondered why we...Read On



True story - real place, sadly closed now

I hardly drink alcohol, but when I do, it’s cocktails. Not a good combination really, the hard stuff and not having a practised head for it, but – what the hell. That meant that for my birthday the place to go was a no-brainer: Bootleggers – a cocktail bar in Lynnwood with a cult-following because it had an original way of running things. We were quite a big crowd and easily took up a...Read On

Oral Sex(1)


Why don't we do it in the road – Part 1

It was a difficult time for us as we were both rushing towards financial year end as if it held all life’s answers. When we did get home we were both too exhausted to spend real time together. There was no time for chilling together, even eating a meal together was a stretch. And what had happened to cuddling or that pre-day languid slide and glide that was usually our sexy start to the day?...Read On

Straight Sex(4)

Recommended Read

Chocolate Feast

It was a delicate balance, the temperature and texture of the chocolate I was preparing to pour over his cock. It wasn’t really something I was prepared to get wrong, so I worked carefully, meticulously. Of course I had to test and taste it often, but one has to make sacrifices for true art. I gently warmed the thick cream in a double boiler with a stick of cinnamon, carefully...Read On



Vignettes of the day I fondle your cock, encouraging you to wake up. It’s warm and a little damp, eager and awake before you are. My fingernails draw little etchings over you, tracing real and imaginary patterns up and down your shaft, your balls and your already darkly, enflamed head. Your eyes are still closed, but your body is awake. I can tell by your 'cat ate the cream' smile and...Read On


Foam Party

The foam machine was loud, the rhythmic pumping music alongside it raised the energy levels to frenetic. The foam pit itself was quite well lit, with a variety of lasers reflecting their rainbow lights on the glistening bubbles. It seemed like a free for all, and to be honest, that’s what had attracted us to it. Lots of the girls were already topless, and it was no surprise when I found he...Read On


Sexy Spelunking

The weather was steaming hot, so hot you could see the heat waves rising off of the road. I was on holiday with a very special lover, so the heat for us was as hot sexually as it was physically. We’d just emerged from five solid days of self-inflicted confinement in a very comfortable cabin with a sturdy log bed. It had poles in just the right places for securing hands and feet – but...Read On



The intiation - part 2

Part 2: In the forest, from my hiding place in the trees as I spied on an initiation rite (see Part 1): The music took the lead, started turning the tide. The sighs and moans continued, but gentled in response to the changing music until the crackling of the fire could be heard again – a siren’s song, a call to a more primitive way. Both masses slid and moved sinuously until, rather...Read On


The Initiation Part 1

Forbidden voyeur at an exciting intiation rite

The sounds of laughter and music drew me towards the forbidden in the slightly-moonlit night. I knew I shouldn’t, but I couldn’t stay away. I crept forward, doing my best to avoid being seen – there was no chance I’d be heard over the din of the party. My heart beat in my throat. I was terrified. Still I crept closer, pulled deeper by something exciting but indefinable. I’d heard whispered...Read On