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Topic: Post The Classiest Photo You Can
Posted: 08 Jul 2011 22:37

LOL, Fugs.


my senior year of high school

What a hottie you are!!! <img src="/images/emoticons/love10.gif" alt="love10">

Topic: Why don't guys just say what they feel?
Posted: 28 Dec 2010 01:02

I agree with the consensus here. We don't answer direct, blunt or even honestly, because the truth usually leads to a hell to be paid. Hey, I answered honestly enough times, that I've been cut off going on 4 years now... When my wife asks me a question, a loaded question like "how do you feel..." I have to dodge it. 99% of the time, my answer will be wrong, if I answer truthfully. And that is frustrating, because I know better than she, how I feel ... Hehehe... But its not just my wife. I see so many of my friend's wives do the same thing to them. Doll is very right, that it is not ALL women... but I have noticed it to be common enough.

As for the men versus women... I forget who said this, but I've found it to be very true...

"Women marry men, in hopes they can change him. Men marry women, hoping she will never change."

And therein in lies the problem... neither accept each other for who they are...

CFL hits it on the head there... about men. My wife cut me off years ago. I'm still with her, I don't cheat on her...because I love her. If she can't understand that, I have no clue how to better express it. I stick by her, provide for her, take care of her, nurture her, listen to her, and abide her wishes that I not touch her... if I didn't love her, I would've kicked her out on her ass a long long time ago! But I digress...

It just seems it would be a lot easier, if she simply handed me a 3x5 card, instructing me on how I should feel about a particular topic, so when she asks, I can give her the perfect answer... and harmony would reign. Flash cards could've saved my marriage!! *lol*

Topic: Because or Cause?
Posted: 28 Dec 2010 00:18

If using "cause" where you mean "because" it is proper to spell it with a preceding apostrophe (see below)... however it is recommended that you only use 'cause in dialogue. In narrative, always use the full word, because.

'cause = because

cause does not mean because. See dictionary entries provided above.

Topic: Shutter or Shudder?
Posted: 28 Dec 2010 00:15

*palms forehead* <img src="/images/emoticons/eusa_doh.gif" alt="d&#39;oh!">

Posted: 28 Dec 2010 00:14

Correct, Sweet Penny!! This one comes up enough that all three of my publishers include this in their "style guides" that they provide to authors they sign on. Further is too often confused where farther should be used.

Topic: Tips for publishing a book for retail
Posted: 28 Dec 2010 00:10

If you're serious about becoming published, here's some advice. Rule #1, all money flows to the author, not the reverse. Never pay a single dime to any so-called publisher (vanity press or self published), unless you have accepted defeat and just want your story out there. I can give you a list of some free sites that will publish your book for no cost to you. However, they will not edit or format your story. You'll need to design the cover and if offering it in print, you'll need to understand the graphic design requirements. lulu.com works fairly well (unless you pay for their marketing services), but you'll get more audience with smashwords.com without spending a cent.

But if you want to be a real published author, rather, a traditionally published author, where you are paid by the publisher, they edit and work with you to revise your manuscript with a professional editor. They provide the cover artwork, from a professional artist, and market your book on their site, as well as Amazon and B&N among others... then there is a very steep learning curve and that slope gets steeper, depending on the strength of the publisher you are targeting. it is much more difficult to get signed on with Simon & Schuster, than it is to get on with XoXo Publishing (no offense to XoXo, they are a great small press)

I recommend this writing forum (link below). Lurk, read, then join in once you're comfortable... there are all levels of authors there, from NY times best sellers, to small independents and even vanity published. They discuss EVERY facet of the publishing industry, including erotica. Agents, authors, editors, publishers and even just readers visit there daily. It was the stepping stone that lifted me from the wannabe writer stage, into a paid published author...


Now, my next piece of advice is give up now, unless you have very thick skin and can accept very brutal and harsh criticism well and don't mind very cold shouldered rejection. It takes oodles of patience, a saint's share of endurance and the willingness to shred your story at the whim of another's demand. This is usually what separates professional authors from amateurs who turn to self publishing... many, rather most, writer's can't understand why these highly acclaimed and veteran publishers and editors cannot see the brilliance of their work. Clearly they do not understand the story's potential... hehehe... 1 in 1000 writers has the wherewithal to transform themselves into an author. Rule #2 is get used to rejection, because it comes by the truck load.

"It's none of their business that you have to learn how to write. Let them think you were born that way."
~ Ernest Hemingway

Topic: Does a writer's gender make a difference?
Posted: 12 Oct 2010 21:14

My wife is in a romance writer's club that meets weekly. Most in her group refuse to read a man's attempt to write romance stories. They say there are very few who can.

As a professional male romance writer. I get this reaction from romance writer's groups from time to time. Even from my own fans (all few of them! *lol*) I've had a few that once they realized I was male, quit reading my stuff. But I have never had anyone who didn't already know I was male, read my stuff and think... definitely a male writer! I've had plenty of professional reviews that thought i was female until after they gave my books a glowing review and I corrected their comments about Ms. Chase. *lol* My alias is purposely gender neutral though,because of some romance readers/agents/editors/publishers who insist its not to be written by men. Fortunately, these days, they are the minority

Topic: Should Erotica concentrate more on the story or the action?
Posted: 12 Oct 2010 21:06

Writers tend to agree its best to just tell your tale as it comes. Write and don't worry about how exciting each installment is. Tell the story. If you concentrate on making each segment hot, it can and likely will detract from the overall story. IMHO

Topic: Do you rate other authors?
Posted: 12 Oct 2010 20:46

For here... I use the "If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all." method. I give 4's and 5's only. If something ranks a 3 or less in my mind, I leave it alone. I've never seen anything worthy of less than a 3 here though. The moderators are very good in sorting out the poorly written stories. I also try to leave a writing tip behind to help them with their next story.

Now, in the professional world, when I review someone's work, I give them the brutal truth and I expect it in return. They wouldn't ask my opinion if they thought I'd sugarcoat the flaws in their story. If I don't expose the problems, they might submit it to their publisher as is and most likely receive a rejection.

Topic: Erotic Story Contest
Posted: 18 Sep 2010 21:18

Would have been nice to have been asked prior to posting a link to another erotic stories website.

I'm glad your wife is recuperating well.

<img src="/images/emoticons/sad1.gif" alt="sad1">
I'm sorry Nicola. I didn't think of it like that. I see your point now. I guess I just got excited to share the opportunity. Wasn't thinking. My bad. Can you delete the thread? *crawls out, cheeks glowing*

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Embrace the Dark, My Beloved: Part One

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Sometimes You Just Want to Fuck

Sometimes You Just Want to Fuck By Brindle Chase Life gets so hectic at times, that I forget to relax and enjoy it. I’d stop to smell the roses, but it seems like there is a bill collector behind every bush. Work and no play, makes me cranky, and I didn’t have time for relationships. We all feel that need to get laid, to let off some steam. I’m not a slut, but I can be, when I need...

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My Snow White

I’m not an adventurous person. Not by nature, anyway. It takes quite a bit of motivation to get me to explore outside my comfort zone. I suppose that’s what made Halloween so special. I could dress up and disguise my identity. Even act completely unlike myself and not worry. At the office where I work, there was a lot of discussion revolving around various parties. The buzz was all about...

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Audio Story That One Night in Vegas

That One Night in Vegas By Brindle Chase It’s amazing what a little anonymity can stir up. I like to think everyone has one of those moments we excuse as college experimenting. Most of them don’t actually happen during college, but we all have one. Don’t we? Mine was on vacation in Las Vegas. Could there ever be a more fitting place to say farewell to an inhibition? Or three? Brad and...

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Thank you everyone. Its been a trying season for me and mine. Wife is out of the hospital and on the mend, and then we all came down with pneumonia. I'll be so glad when 2010 is over. lol
27 Dec 2010 23:42

I'm glad everything turned out well for you and your wife, Brindle. It'll be nice to see you around here more often again too!
30 Sep 2010 12:30
Thank you everyone. Wife is doing very well now. It took several surgeries and she'll have to live out her days with a colostomy bag, but she's healthy again and we're thankful for that. Anywho, now I'll be lurking about once more... so beware. Muhahahaha!
17 Sep 2010 20:26
A quick update. Several complications later, I nearly lost my wife twice this last month, but finally she is in the clear. She is schedule to be released tomorrow and I can breathe easier.
02 Aug 2010 23:00

I hope the doctors find out what's wrong soon, Brindle, and that your wife is quickly on the mend.
01 Jul 2010 13:40
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