Sometimes You Just Want to Fuck

Workaholic decides to cut loose on the town to blow off some steam.

Sometimes You Just Want to Fuck By Brindle Chase Life gets so hectic at times, that I forget to relax and enjoy it. I’d stop to smell the roses, but it seems like there is a bill collector behind every bush. Work and no play, makes me cranky, and I didn’t have time for relationships. We all feel that need to get laid, to let off some steam. I’m not a slut, but I can be, when I need...Read On

Group Sex(3)


A roll of the die, Part One

Roomates give college experimenting the old college try

A Roll of the Die, Part One By Brindle Chase Fiery sparks shot all through Karen’s body as Dave rammed his hips upward in rapid, pounding thrusts. His thick cock stretched and glided through her slippery tightness with ease. She loved how he filled her and drilled in deeply. She rose up on her knees and slammed herself back down to receive each wonderful buck of his hips. His hot...Read On


A roll of the die, Part Two

Roomates give college experimenting the old college try

((continued from part one here, )) Karen managed not to laugh and kept her tongue slipping up and down Lisa’s pussy. Lisa shifted and Karen looked up to see Lisa turn her head to the side and stuff Jeremy’s long hard cock into her mouth. Karen felt Dave’s fingers smoothing the edges of her pussy and she purred her delight into Lisa’s. It was official, she thought. It had become an orgy. ...Read On

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That One Night in Vegas

Husband and wife finds more than they bargained for on the strip in Vegas

That One Night in Vegas By Brindle Chase It’s amazing what a little anonymity can stir up. I like to think everyone has one of those moments we excuse as college experimenting. Most of them don’t actually happen during college, but we all have one. Don’t we? Mine was on vacation in Las Vegas. Could there ever be a more fitting place to say farewell to an inhibition? Or three? Brad and...Read On



My Snow White

Disguised and drunk becomes the courage she needs to seduce a sexy co-worker

I’m not an adventurous person. Not by nature, anyway. It takes quite a bit of motivation to get me to explore outside my comfort zone. I suppose that’s what made Halloween so special. I could dress up and disguise my identity. Even act completely unlike myself and not worry. At the office where I work, there was a lot of discussion revolving around various parties. The buzz was all about...Read On

Straight Sex(1)

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Summer Heat

Gerald has fantasized about the girl next door forever. Now he has a pool and its hot out

Gerald wiped the cool water from his body and waded to the pool’s edge. God, that felt good. The humidity was suffocating and the summer heat relentless. Another scorcher. The new in-ground pool was the best investment he’d ever made. He ran his fingers through the dark wet tangles atop his head and stepped out of the water. Within seconds, the moist warm air had him sweating again. He poured...Read On



Embrace the Dark, My Beloved: Part One

Part One: She wants him to make her a vampire, but must prove her worth first

Embrace the Dark, My Beloved: Part One by Brindle Chase At last the annoying claxon ceased its shrieking blare. I assumed another nocturnal beast had tripped our perimeter alarm. It was a weekly occurrence I had become used to. That horrific noise definitely needed to be replaced with something less nerve grinding. Across the vast complex, I heard the rear kitchen door open. Tuning...Read On


Embrace the Dark, My Beloved: Part Two

Jennifer persists with her desires to become a vampire, but she most prove her worth to Matthew.

Embrace the Dark, My Beloved: Part Two I leveled my gaze on Jennifer, purposely narrowing my eyes, and scrutinized her. Her shimmering emeralds met the cold black death in mine. She was very brave, or very confident that her decision to intrude into my domain was not a fatal one. “And just what do you think you will gain?” I asked her with a nonchalance that I sensed she found annoying....Read On