First Time With A Sexy Stripper

I rolled my eyes back as the sexy blonde stripper kissed me down my neck, I moaned out pleasurably

I'm a twenty six year old grad student from Cambridge, England who'd just graduated from university and was out celebrating with my friends at a club. I was a bit drunk after a few tequila shots. But not hammered. I pulled down my black dress and tried to walk in a straight line to the bar to order another shot to the barman. I sat on the stool. I turned to my right and a stunning blonde...Read On


First Hot Time With Best Friend

Jennifer groaned loudly and threw her head as her best friend sucked on her nipples

Kimberly and Jennifer had been the best of friends ever since high school. They did everything together, shopping, skating, clubbing, and even told each other how much they loved each other. They were both very attractive young women. Kimberly was tall and blonde with a big rack of knockers and blue eyes; Jennifer was petite, dark haired, dimple in her left cheek with olive skin. One...Read On

Fantasy & Sci-Fi(1)


For The Love of the Wolf King

I arched my back as Ralf kissed me down my stomach and I moaned out pleasurably.

My name is Annabelle Watts, and I had moved from a house in West Hampshire to North Yorkshire, England, and decided to go to a boot fair where people were selling all of their old stuff that they didn't want anymore. I was a single woman in her early thirties, five years since my divorce from my ex-husband. I pulled my white Volkswagen up to the curb and switched off the engine and stepped...Read On

Flash Erotica(1)


The Sexy Tentacled Alien Man

I gasped out loud as the sexy alien man used one of his red slimy tenticles to tease my clitoris

From the moment that the tall, distinguished handsome young man walked into the bar I knew he was different. He had that look of coolness but with danger running through him. He had short brown hair, chiseled cheekbones, with a strong body. I wanted him. I stood next to the bar observing him. I held my breath as the man caught sight of me staring at him. I turned away but couldn't help but...Read On

Gay Male(5)


Falling For A Sailor

Simon passionately kissed me and pushed me back on the cabin bed and I saw the shape of his erection

My name is Nathan, Nate for short. I'm a young nineteen-year-old on his first day of sea cadets, and already I was a minute late as I saw my fellow sailors all lining up in the navy blue uniform and cap on the harbour in front of a white ship. I jogged up and got in line before the captain noticed. The captain wore black trousers and a white short sleeved shirt tucked into his trousers, and...Read On


The Prince and the Bell Boy

Prince Charlie and his forbidden love for an innocent and sexy bell boy

Far north of England, high on top of a hill stood a grand gold palace where a king and queen lived with their only son, twenty year old Charlie. Prince Charlie. He was spoilt rotten and got everything he wanted and when he wanted it. One bright sunny day, Prince Charlie came down to the dining room for afternoon tea and noticed a strikingly handsome young bell boy in a red suit outside...Read On


The Hot Swimmer

I watched lustfully as the hot swimmer stepped out of the sea with water dripping from his six pack

One hot summer's day in late August, I took a walk down to the beach to have a swim. I walked to a cove where no one was around and dived into the turquoise water, feeling alive. I swam further, closed my eyes and raised my face to the sun. I then went under the water and gagged when I gulped a bit of seawater. A male swimmer had pushed me. "Hey!" I shouted. The swimmer looked back...Read On


The Swimming Coach

Daniel slapped me on the ass as he fucked me fast and furious from behind.

Daniel Henney was the most beautiful man I’d ever saw. He was 29 years old and I was 22. He was our swimming coach on the swim team at university. Daniel had the bronzed body of a Greek God, rippling stomach, and huge biceps. He looked more like a fitness instructor than a swimming coach. Let me introduce myself, my name’s Andy Davis. I grew up in North London but then got a...Read On


Justin and Steve's Love

Steve pushed Justin back against the wall of the alley and kissed him with such hunger and passion

Justin and Steve were best friends. They had been best friends since high school but only recently had they shared a drunken kiss. Which made things a bit awkward between them as they were both very much into girls not guys. One night when Justin went to a club with some mates from college he noticed Steve within the crowd hunched over his glass at the bar in his black leather jacket....Read On

Group Sex(2)


Dream Erotica

I tossed and I turned in my bed the blue duvet and sheets twisting around my body. My eyelids began to flutter rapidly as I was dreaming. I let out a moan. In the dream I had come to this abandoned house in the country I didn't know how I got there but I was standing a few feet away from it in a thin white night dress that was see through. I went up to the door and knocked then glanced around....Read On


Wonderful Joys of Threesomes

How much passion can you get with two men and one woman?

Tiffany Harris entered the lantern lit house as it was Halloween and everyone was in Halloween costumes. She wore a tight skinned black dress that clung to her slim figure. "Hello, anyone here?" She asked, walking into the lit sitting room. Tiffany thought it was very strange that no one was there as it was Halloween. Suddenly, a black gloved hand covered her mouth and she was...Read On



Love story Within the Bayou of Houma, Louisiana

I felt Charles's manhood harden against me as he slipped in between my legs.

Charles Tate and I had been childhood sweethearts. Everyone within the bayou of Houma, Louisiana thought we were the perfect couple. But we discovered a terrible secret that tore through our love and hearts. We were half brother and sister. How could this be? How could this possibly happen? When we were eighteen years old we demanded to know the truth from our parents. My Mama told me...Read On


Forbidden Twin Sibling Love On Yacht

Luther slid in between his twin sister's soft, smooth legs and lowered his mouth to her wet pussy.

Gina and Luther Green are twin brother and sister and today is they’re nineteenth birthday and they got a brand new shiny and white yacht from their parents. They were so overjoyed with it. They begged their parents if they could go out on the open water and try it out and their parents gave in but warned them not to go too far out and ring them all the time. They promised them they will...Read On


A Father's Secret Love For His Daughter

My 11 inch hard cock strained against my black boxer shorts as I watched lustfully at my daughter

My name is Philip Jones, a 49 year old court attorney, from South London. I was married to a beautiful woman and we had a gorgeous daughter together. My daughter's name was Annie and she was turning 17. She had her mother's Californian good looks - sun bleached long blonde hair, baby blue eyes, a slim figure. I didnt realise how grown up Annie had become until one morning I was sat at...Read On


Gorgeous Uncle Mehmet

Uncle Mehmet slid into the bed beside me and felt his member harden up against my back

Ever since I was little I had always been close to my Uncle Mehmet who came from Turkey and then emmigrated to London when he married my Aunt Bettie. He was a tall, atheletic man in his early forties with short black hair, olive skin, and the greenest eyes I had ever seen before. Uncle Mehmet had that kind of angelic face that would stay young forever. Uncle Mehmet would take me to the park...Read On


Forbidden Sibling Lust

Kristy felt her brother's manly hands go up underneath her nightie and feel up her pussy

Kristy Sands was a sweet sixteen year old girl who lived on a country farm wth her Mama and Papa and her older brother of two years,Ryan. She'd help out on the farm feeding the cows, sheep, chickens, horses, goats. She and Ryan were close sister and brother. Ever since they were younger they'd be there for one another. They had a close sibling bond. Their parents thought it was awfully...Read On


Brotherly Love

Ryan rubbed Sylvia's bare back with the soapy sponge as she took her bath

Ryan Walsh was a thirty two year old man and his younger sister, Sylvia, was twenty nine. They'd always got a long but wound each other up so much sometimes like all brothers and sisters do. They both lived with their parents and were very close. They'd talk about their recent relationships and help each other out. They'd always help one another when they were in trouble. One evening...Read On


Daddy's Little Girl

Sylvie's eyes widened as she saw her Daddy's huge cock stare at her waiting for her

Sylvie John son was a twenty year old student from North London and lived with her Daddy since she was born. One evening she sat in front of the TV in the front room with just a pair of black hot pants and white tight top that made her 34D breasts even bigger. She sat alone as her Daddy had gone to the pub for a drink. There was nothing on TV so she placed one of her Daddy's secret porn...Read On


Twin Loving!

Elizabeth stood in front of Eliza and demanded for her to suck the huge, red strapon

Elizabeth and Eliza Watts were identical twins aged twenty 28 with tall slender figures, long blonde hair, blue eyes and firm busty bosoms.     One evening while they were alone in the two bedroomed flat they shared together, Elizabeth had an idea to make the evening fun and exciting. She dashed up the stairs and clonked about in one of the bedrooms; she then returned a few minutes later....Read On


Daddy's Little Girl

A father has sex with his 18 year old daughter

Jean Spears has always been the prettiest girl in Los Angeles, California. With long golden blonde hair down to her waist, blue eyes, golden tanned skin from the sun. She was an all American girl. As she got older her body changed from a little girl into a woman. Curves formed in all the right places. As Jean hit eighteen she had fully developed into a woman. Jean lived with her Mum and...Read On



The Secret Mistress

Her hands ran up my inner thighs and felt how wet my pussy was for her

My name is Mrs Katherine Beale, a forty-five year old married manager, for a top firm company in New York City. My husband, Bill, was a professional writer. Bill and I made out to be the very happily married couple in public but behind closed doors we were both miserable. Our sex life was non existent. But all that changed for me when Isabella Lopez entered my office one day. She was one...Read On


Seduction of the Sexy Latina Teacher

She aroused me with her dance demonstration stirring up sexual arousal in my groin for a woman

I had always considered myself 100% straight. All through high school and college I never battered an eyelid if a sexy girl walked past as I had no interest in them only men. But it was only until I joined a salsa class every week on a Monday did I begin to doubt my sexuality. I entered the dance studio and there were were a group of men and women there already and a young and sexy latina...Read On


The Clitoral Effect

I felt my pussy throb for Michelle's sweet smelling pussy to glide across mine.

My name is Miranda Johnson, a twenty six year old lesbian from Bolton, Manchester, England. I have long straight brown hair, brown eyes and a petite but curvy figure. I have big boobs, which men love to gawk at stupidly, but I'm not interested in them - only in women. My last girlfriend, named Louisa Clements, had the biggest and most luscious pair of titties I had ever seen and tasted. I...Read On


Hot New Teacher

She was tall, lean, tanned and blonde - every inch of my dream woman! Except she was my new teacher

I had been at Greenichville High School for the last year and nothing exciting ever happened. All the teachers wore boring clothes - grey button-up shirts and ties, long, frumpy sweaters and skirts. The school uniform was a black blazer, grey skirt, white shirt, long white socks, and black heels. So cool - I think not. Today, was like any other day, except there was torrential rain outside....Read On


Sorority Sisters

Kelly arched her back and moaned bitting her lower lip as her sorority leader was licking her pussy

Kelly Johnson, a eighteen year old sorority sister in college, walked up the library steps and entered the tall, grey building. She sat down quietly at a table and got some books from her bag and began to read. It was a book on English History. Two of her sorority sisters, Lisa and Jenna, sat beside her and whispered that their sorority sister leader, Megan Adams, wanted to see Kelly urgently....Read On


The Pussy Ride

Jessica lowered her black, lacy knickers down her legs to let her friend Bridget taste her

Jessica Noakes and Bridget Fowler were the best of friends since high school and they were now in college having all the freedom in the world to do what they want and when they want without having to authorise it with their parents. Jessica was tall, blonde, and blue- green eyes, with a terrific slender tanned figure whereas her Bridget was petite with flame red hair, blue eyed, with not...Read On


Cabin In The Woods

Sammy and Marisa stared at each other hatefully then felt a spark, and Sammy kissed her hard.

Marisa Jenkins loaded her suitcase into the boot of her friend's four wheel drive as they were off for a road trip to remember in the woods. She wasn’t so sure it was a good idea as wild animals roamed the woods and murderers lurked in the dark shadows of the forest. Obviously her friends told her to stop being such a coward, so she got into the backseat of the car. She looked to her right...Read On


Woods Loving

Kara kissed me down my stomach to my pussy where she drove me to ectasy!

Kara, my best friend, and I had been best friends for years, but it was nly just recently that I had started to have feelings for her that weren't normal. She was blonde, beautiful, tanned, blue- eyed. An all - American gal. Whereas I, I was an average half African black girl with long black hair. Kara was driving us to her Uncle's cabin in the woods for a two day weekend holiday. I...Read On


The Ballet Teacher

My body trembled with excitement as I felt her hands grab my butt.

Hi all, my name is Katherine Jenkins and I've just recently turned sixteen. Until I turned sixteen my life had been pretty boring, unexciting. Each day rolled on slowly passing through to the next day which was just as boring as the day before. But when I reached sixteen my life began to change for the better. For my sixteenth birthday my parents got me professional ballet classes which I...Read On


The Sexy And Gorgeous Spanish Latina

I remember thinking as I took pictures of this strikingly attractive model, I want to kiss you,

My name is Penny Evans, I'm twenty eight years old and I'm a professional photographer. I live a one bedroomed apartment on the outskirts of East London. Oh, and I'm a full - blown lesbo. Short for lesbian if people didn't know what it was short for. The amount of times I've had to tell men that I wasn't into them that I was into girls made them more interested in pursuing me. They can try...Read On


Falling In Love

Sylvia and I touched and licked each other's pussies making us cry out pleasurably

My name is Katherine Danes and I knew very well I was a lesbian the moment I laid eyes on her: Sylvia Jules. The most beautiful woman I had ever laid eyes on. She wasn't feminine whatsoever. She burped, farted, wore men's clothes and had short cropped brown hair also like a boy. But I knew she was a girl by her big blues eyes and dimple in her left cheek when she smiled. My heart would...Read On


My First Time

Gemma eased herself on top of Olivia and slowly pushed the red strap on dildo inside her wet pussy.

"Hey, Olivia, wanna have a shower with me?" asked Gemma, from the bathroom door with just a towel around her body. She got no response from her quiet roomie, Olivia, who was a pretty blonde but a bit nerdy. Gemma walked to her in the front room. "Wanna join me?" Olivia was just sitting on the couch with books out and looked up and saw her gorgeous room mate, Gemma Hunter, who looked as...Read On


The Steamy Forbidden Affair

Princess Annabelle sat on her four poster bed and felt herself grow wet as her sexy French maid

Princess Annabelle of England sat in her bed chamber one evening in late 1871 and watched as super classed snobs arrived at the palace ready to eat her food, drink her wine from the window. They made her sick. The door opened and her busty French maid called Marie stepped in. "Marie, how many times do I have to tell you," Princess Annabelle said, irritably. "Always knock before you come in."...Read On


Summer Lesbian Lovin'

Elizabeth couldn't control her excitement any longer as Marisa took off her black bikini

Elizabeth Suson walked along the golden white sandy beach of North Spain barefooted feeling the slight breeze through her long black hair. She worked in a dead end job in North London in a office and was glad to get away to paradise. She had to get away from all the grief work had given her when everyone found out she was a lesbian. Elizabeth walked to the end of the beach as the sun...Read On


Playing in the Woods

Two friends having some fun in the woods.

Hannah Walsh and Natalie Mulheron were two twenty seven year olds who had taken a bit of a camping trip in the woods, North of England. They'd been best friends for years and recently started dating. One day, in the middle of July, when it was really hot, Hannah and Natalie were walking through the woods listening to the birds singing to each other in the tree tops. "Ouch,"...Read On


The Girl of Her Dreams

First Lesbian Experience

Brittany Wakefield was a twenty five year old woman who worked as a news reporter for the Guardian newspaper in London. But there was one thing she kept to herself, not let slip to anyone, that she liked girls. She loved them. She'd never been with one before but she lusted after beautiful women that she saw everyday in the office. On the weekends Brittany would go down South London, one of...Read On



Dreaming of My Male Best Friend

My finger rubbed faster as I dreamt my best friend kissing my breasts.

Only just recently had I been fantasising about male best friend, Marcus Glen. Every time I saw him in person or on the web cam when I was talking to him on Msn Messenger, my heart would literally leap up into my chest with excitement. One night as I lay in bed with just a thin nightdress on and nothing else, my left hand slowly went up underneath the skirt of my night dress, up my left...Read On



My First Lesbian Experience With An Older Foxy Lady

Monica pulled down the thin straps of her black T shirt and her luscious big breasts bounced out

My name was Sophie Moore, a twenty eight year old graduate art student. I lived in a small coastal town on the outskirts of Cornwall, England, with nothing but beautiful countryside all around. I worked in a tourist gift shop and some of my art paintings were there for sale. I painted just nature of animals, sea, and countryside. I was a tomboy sort of as I didn't wear make up to get...Read On


My Mum's Sexy Busty Friend

Andrea whipped off her top and her huge tits jiggled in front of me inviting me to suck them.

My name is Daniel, but everyone just calls me Dan for short. I'm a nineteen year old adolescent lad whose got pictures of topless models on his walls. I have this fascination with older women like, I think that Michelle Phieffer is hot even though she's in her late forties. After seeing her in that tight, leather black cat suit in Batman Returns, I was in awe. Speaking of sexy older...Read On

Straight Sex(11)


The Latin Ballroom Dancer

Enrique circled his strong arms around my waist and his fingers pulled the strings of my white blous

I was a shy woman with glasses in my early twenties working as my Daddy's assistant in the office of his hotel called 'The Springs'. It was a posh hotel in Beverly Hills, California with an enormous pool, inside, and out. I always wore my long frizzy blonde hair back in a plait and wore as my uniform a long grey skirt and frumpy sweatshirt. One bright sunny day, Daddy came into the office...Read On


Greek Goddess

Xenia rose out of the water slowly the water dripping down her gorgeous, womanly body

I was a young man in my early thirties and had recently travelled over to Sivota, Greece and bought my own Greek villa as my late father had left me all his money in his will before he died. So, here I am in glorious, hot Greece. I opened the balcony doors and stepped out onto the balcony sighing happily, raising my head to the hot morning sunshine. I was about to return back inside when...Read On


Chocolate Tropical Loving Part 2

Isabella gasped out loud as Markus's hard pulsating member entered her in the sea

Weeks had passed since Isabella and Markus had been shipwrecked onto the deserted island of Santorini, Greece. They'd built a house made out of large palm tree leaves and branches, and ate berries, coconuts, and bananas. They swam in the sea naked, as there was no civilization for miles around and made love twenty four seven, teasing and pleasuring one another's bodies with their tongues,...Read On


Essex Hot Lovin'

Michelle stepped closer to David and could feel the heat from his hot arousal on her

It had been quite a few months since Michelle Dean had returned back to Essex, England from Ibiza. Everything looked the same way she left it back in June 24th, 2005, eight years ago. Michelle returned to live with her Mum in Essex who 'd found a new lodger, a strikingly good looking doorman down at the club called David Watts. One dull Thursday morning Michelle came down the stairs in...Read On


A Dangerous Game With My Ex Husband's Nephew

I had always found my ex husband's nephew, Oliver, handsome even before my ex husband and Iwere married. He had that strikingly handsome face and sweet personality that you could not resist. During the years I was married to Oliver's uncle, there was an absolute physical attraction between us but obviously we were family at the time we couldn't do anything that was truly and...Read On


My Encounter With A Pregnant Hottie

Lilian straddled on top of me sitting down on my hard, throbbing member on the beach

I had gone out with some mates from college to a beach party where we drank beer and cider all night. I'd got it on with some hot chick in one of the empty college dorms and gotten a slap from her and a pint of beer over my head after I told her she was rubbish in bed. I suppose I deserved that. What can I say? I was a typical twenty- one year old whose arrogant knowing he's good looking...Read On


The sexy hitch hiker

I leaned against the trunk of the tree as the sexy hitch hiker named Dan touched up my titties

Howdy all, my name is Carol Lynn Pearce from Southern Texas. I am twenty nine years old and live in a small town near Houston. I lived on my own with a couple of cats and liked it that way. I worked five days a week down at the beauty parlor as a beautician, I made pretty good money. But some day I'm going to be rich, filthy rich and live in a mansion. One hot, summer's day in late July, I...Read On


A Fan's Steamy Sex Dream Come Reality

Nick got in between my legs and rolled out his tongue against my clitoris driving me wild

My name is Anna Stockhouse from Louisiana. Ever since I can remember, I've been in love with Nick Carter. My love for him was very innocent and as I got older my feelings have become stronger and more sexual. I would masturbate over him two or three times a week dreaming that some day I would make love to the sexiest guy on the planet. Nick Carter was gorgeous - tall, blonde, blue eyed. As...Read On

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Passionate sex With My Best Friend

Burning Passion.

My best friend, Nick Gülcan, and I were always together laughing and joking. We'd always talk on Msn Messenger and we'd flirt like hell with each other. He'd want to see me naked on the webcam but I only showed him tits which left him hard. He told me one day that he was so hard that he could not get up from his office chair at work. Nick and I decided to meet up for no strings attached...Read On


Deadly Desires

Hot, burning with passion

The first time I laid eyes on him my heart pounded rapidly against my chest. He was tall, lean, slightly dark skinned with short black hair, and had the most beautiful eyes of brown and a touch of blue.  He was absolutely gorgeous; a god! I met him at my husband's work dinner party. We had smiled at each other and felt the burning desire in both of us that we wanted each other. His name...Read On


Chocolate Brown Tropical Loving

Isabella and Markus looked at each other as their naked wet bodies pressed against each in the water

Isabella Brown was a snotty twenty one year old student, on a holiday with her two best friends from university in Santorini, Greece. They stayed in a small hotel and went down to the beach everyday to catch some rays and swim. "Come on, Isabella, you got to come out with us tonight," urged one of her best friends called Lucy Dixon. She was a petite blonde with baby blue eyes. Isabella...Read On



For the Love of Kaylee

I watched in horror as the two wolves tore the young deer in half and was surprised I was turned on.

My name was Kaylee Jeffery, an average nineteen year old student from Boston studying Drama in Southern California. The weather here was a lot warmer than it was back home. I mean it was mid January and I was able to go out in a thin jacket. One bright sunny day with a chill in the air, I took a walk into the woods and gazed in awe at the tall, towering leafless trees. A twig snapped in half...Read On


Second Chances

Have you ever wondered if you could spend another moment with your first love even if they're dead?

It was mid - January, the air below minus two, when I entered the park around ten to midnight after doing a busy nine hour shift at the convenience store. I pulled up the hood of my green puffa jacket over my head and walked deeper into the fog that miraculously appeared out of nowhere. I saw the outline of the lake in front of me so I thought and walked on. I suddenly felt afraid as the...Read On


King Of The Jungle Loving

Yasmin and her were-tiger.

My name is Yasmin Banks. I'm thirty two years old and I'm from South London. I had saved up a few grand to backpack through Southern Malaysia. It was something I had always wanted to do since I left college fifteen years ago. One thing after another had always prevented me from following my dreams. So, here I am, backpacking in Southern Malaysia with a tour guide. The magnificent...Read On

The Magical Princess

Princess Delina and her knight in shiny army.

Once upon a time in a far away land, there was a beautiful kingdom surrounded by deserts. People rode around on camels across the desert. The women wore colourful desert dresses that wrapped around their bodies and over their heads so just their faces were visible. And the mens' clothing were dark shirts and trousers and cloaks. Within the kingdom lived a king who had lost his queen...Read On


The Evil, Seductive Countress

I saw the beautiful and seductive Countress float in the air towards me and then was in front of me

I lived alone in a big house in the country for no particular reason, just liked the silence. No cars, no traffic, no civilians for miles. It was bliss. I neither had a wife bossing me about telling me this is wrong or why didn't I wash the dishes from the night before. I was very happy with just me and my beautiful dog, Sam, a golden retriever. One night, I decided to go up into the attic...Read On


The Magic of the Mermaid Touch

Marina and I's orgasm spurted out together after sex making her legs turn into a tail.

“Olivia, honey, are you alright? We’re not too far away from the cottage wait until you see it it’s a beauty,” said my husband, Clive, to me as we walked down a public footpath with backpacks over our shoulders. All around us were fields of green grass, tall trees, plants, flowers, and the fresh country air hitting my nostrils. It was lovely to get away from the smell of the city and...Read On


Howl Of The Full Moon - Part 4

The tall, dark, and handsome stranger led me to a corner of the club and kissed me passionately

It had been some time since I lost Wolfie. It broke my heart that I hadn't heard or seen him for weeks even months. I kept blaming myself that it was my fault I pushed him away. My friends helped me to get over him. My friends decided we all needed a night out at the hottest new club in town called, 'Full Moon', too cliche. I decided to wear my hot new purple mini dress and high heels...Read On


Howl Of The Full Moon - Part 3

Wolfie's strong arms held me tightly to his chest, as I sobbed and his dick grew beneath me.

All day, I had the feeling that someone undead was following me, but I thought I was just being paranoid, because of what had happened when I first met Wolfie. Just thinking about him made me smile and made my heart flutter. I turned around, as I neared the cemetry to visit my Mother, who had died a year ago, from lung cancer. I came to visit her grave every other month. I couldn't see anyone...Read On


Howl Of The Full Moon - Pt 2

Wolfie lifted me up into his strong muscular arms and took me from the front door to the bedroom

Ever since that hot summer night when I had full frontal passionate, steamy sex with a goddamn hot werewolf, I had not been able to concentrate on anything else. In my dreams, I can only dream of him, the way he kissed and caressed each and every part of me, touching every bit of my soul with his touch. Even my friends at college found me daydreaming sometimes while they were talking to me. ...Read On


Howl Of The Full Moon

He pulled me to him so our bodies clashed together and our hands ran passionately over each other

It was a hot summer's night in middle of August and I was walking back home from the shopping centre, walking along the pavement. I stopped suddenly and looked around me and saw just occasional vehicles driving past. I sensed someone behind me so I whirled around but nothing or noone was there. My heart was pounding against my chest as I slowly began to walk again when I heard the click click...Read On


Goddess Beauty

Vivian saddled on top of my bare chest and began kissing me softly moving down to my erected dick

I stepped out of the car and stared with a look of 'what the hell' on my face as Dad had stopped our four wheel RV into the drive way of our summer house over looking the sea. And a light house over across the way. Not that I was disappointed I was spending my school holidays with my parents and my baby brother, Nathan, its just my best friend had asked me to go with him to California with...Read On


My Vampire Erotic Dream

The sexy bare chested vampire man climbed up onto my bed and slid his cold hands up my nightie

It was one stormy night and I sat at the TV watching some daft horror movie that had stupid little blonde teenagers screaming running away from a sexy, pale skinned vampire. I switched it off with the remote control and closed my eyes for a second. I heard a door creaking from upstairs so I slowly made my way up the stairs and checked out all the bedrooms and there was no one there. ...Read On



My Hot And Sweet Stepdaughter

Lolita sat on the sofa opposite me wearing her cheer-leading uniform. Her long tanned legs were hot

My name was Rod, a mechanic for a local car garage. My wife worked at the local supermarket on the checkout. She had a eighteen -year-old daughter named Lolita who I'd known since she was thirteen years old. Her mum and I had been married five years. Lolita had been a shy and timid small girl, but over the past year she had gotten taller and developed all the lovely womanly curves. It had...Read On



The Shocking College Dorm Surprise

My eyes lingered down to my hot room mate's ass and a stir of arousal grew making a bulge in my pant

I had only been at college for a few weeks and had a dorm room to myself, which was nice as I was able to decorate it. But I could only do half of the room, as I was waiting for my new room mate to arrive. Okay, let me introduce myself, my name is Lola Harold, nineteen years old, and a virgin. I had been living with my mum until I went to college. I was waiting for the right time, moment,...Read On


My Boss's Shocking Secret

Some secrets never stay secret forever.

Sylvia Watson, a twenty six year old young journalist, walked over to her desk at the New York Times and sat down in her chair and sighed. She placed her bag on the back of her chair when an Asian guy in a dark suit came over to her. "The new boss is in the office," he whispered. "Her face is like thunder. Where have you been? The first meeting with her was half an hour ago." "My alarm...Read On


The Sexy Little Blonde Secretary

As I stared at my sexy little secretary I couldn't help getting a hard on as her huge bosom rose

My former name was Daniel Patterson before I changed it legally to Danielle Patson. The reason I wanted a sex change from man to woman was because I never felt like a man I always knew I was a woman deep inside the wrong body. So a few years ago I saved a few grand and had a sex change operation. I still had a dick and balls though. In my new body I've had sex with strippers who were, as you...Read On


The Erotica Dream

I felt my manhood hardening against my pajama bottoms as I was aroused by the sight of the goddesses

My name was Cassandra Drewe and I was different from the girls my age at school. Unlike them, I was born with a penis. So I was half girl, half boy. When I was in my mother's womb I began to grow a penis so they initally thought I was going to be a boy. It wasn't until I was six or seven my parents noticed my hair was growing long a beautiful chest nut colour that I was looking more like a...Read On


A Big Boner Surprise

Rachel pressed herself up against me and my dick grew out long and hard.

Rachel and I had been best friends since high school and we were in college in our final year. To celebrate our final semester in college we had a private party in her dorm room. We had the music up loud and jumped around with drinks in our hands. I had had three vodka shots already and I was starting to feel tipsy. I grabbed hold of Rachel when we sat down on the sofa and I said a bit...Read On


My High School Reunion

I couldn't believe my luck when the gorgeous Melissa George sat on my new penis and I was inside her

I was a twenty nine year old beauty consultant from South London but a couple of years back I flew to LA and had my female reproductive parts removed and replaced with male reproductive parts because I didn't feel or like having periods and the thought of getting pregnant, giving birth. It felt strange and hurt at first but I got used to it. My friends were supportive but my family didnt like...Read On


Steamy camping trip

I never felt so turned on as I watched Jessica from behind she had the perfect ass

I was a nineteen year old male, who recently had a sex change to a woman. I was all feminine, except I still had my dick and balls. Ever since I was a little boy I never felt comfortable in my body so when I was sixteen, I told my parents I wanted to be a girl. Of course they freaked out about it at first but respected my decision as I was old enough to make my own decisions. I went to a...Read On


Japanese Love

Megumi took my long hard cock into her sweet mouth and moved up and down on it I was in ectasy

My name is Bonnie waxley, twenty years old, a virgin, I go to college and share a room with the hottest girl ever, Megumi Hiragana from Tokyo, Japan. The reason why I'm still a virgin is because I'm extremely shy, wear glasses, I'm very skinny so I look like a little girl, and have very long dirty blond hair that falls in front of my face. One late rainy afternoon after I'd finished college...Read On


Dick girl lust

I sat in front of this amazingly gorgeous stripper and my dick rising and rising in my skirt

OK, I'll give you a short version of my twenty nine years of existence. I was born in 1982, I was born a girl, but I had something wrong with me when I was in my mother's womb so the doctor's said when I reached the age of twelve I would have to have an operation. I had the operation with machines to me. But somehow during that time, while in theatre, something out of the ordinary happened....Read On


Inner Secrets

My boss's hand ran up my slim body unhooking my black bra through my white blouse

Six months have passed since I had found out my inner secret that I was half and half and six months since I had amazing sex with my mother and girlfriend, Alexia. But Alexia and I didnt work out after that, which I was pretty upset about but in the end I knew it wasnt going anywhere. I found myself a job in an office answering the phone for a newspaper called Holls - a news paper on the...Read On


A Shocking Surprise

Natalie gasped at what a huge member I had as she stood in front of me

I lay sleeping in bed, dreaming. Dreaming of the girl that hated my guts - Natalie Harvey, who thought she was god's gift to men. I could see her in my dream vividly - long, glossy, black hair, perfectly round bosoms, slender figure with a silver dress on. She was winking at me and showing her leg. I felt myself begin to breathe heavily as I saw in my dream Natalie was touching herself and...Read On


Inner Secrets


I sighed with relief as I watched my Mum get in the blue ford car with her mystery date. I grinned as it was time to light some candles in my bedroom for Alexia arriving any minute. We'd arranged for her to come round at 3pm and it was time now. I quickly grabbed up the bag of scented candles from the medicine cabinet in the bathroom then dashed up the stairs to my bedroom and placed the...Read On


Inner Secrets

New Love passions

Part Two   The arrow on my watch on my left wrist ticked on midnight as I stood in the middle of summer in a short sleeveless red top and skin fitting jeans and wished I hadn't now. As my true self felt rather tight in the crotch area. I'll have to go and buy new jeans, I thought to myself as I glanced down at my watch again-  five past midnight. I was standing behind the bike shed...Read On


Inner Secrets

Finding an inner surprise

Part One   One morning, when I turned 16, I got the shock of my life! A large thing was pointing upwards underneath the covers of my duvet. I didn't know whether to scream out or just stay quiet and hope it, whatever it was, would just go away on its own if I'd just stayed calm. But it didn't move, it just stayed upright. I was dripping in sweat I didn't know why. I slowly brought up...Read On