The Crash

Lucky Guy

I had no clue I would be meeting anyone, especially at the hardware store. I was wearing pants, work boots and a cut off T-shirt. This was the week that I planned to spend rebuilding the porch around the house. I was at hardware store picking up the nails, flashing and some miscellaneous tools. As I shut the tailgate of my truck she was walking by. She was gorgeous. The breeze pushed...Read On

Straight Sex(1)


Rooms to Rent Part 1

Rooms for Rent Part I I am thirty years old, single, college history professor and live in a large Victorian home in a small college town in Ohio. The previous owners added a detached two-car garage and later enclosed the area between the house and the garage. The enclosed area was partitioned off as two rooms and a full bath. I use one of the rooms as an office. The rest of the...Read On