Straight Sex(2)


Boring Friday

I thought that she was the demure, shy type...but she fooled me!

It was a very slow and boring Friday at work. I was trying to fill the boredom by attempting to chat with some of the Lushies, but nobody was in heat. You would think that with all those horny people on Lush, I could get a hot chat going with someone who was fantasizing about what or who they were going to do tonight. Oh, well, I had to go to the bathroom and as I was walking down the hall,...Read On


Our Story

A dream come true

This is a fictional story, but it would be reality if I had it my way. I met August on Lush several months ago. I was captivated by her big brown eyes, sweet smile, and innocent personality. At first we did not hit it off, but I persisted and she finally accepted me as one of her friends. She posted a picture of herself wearing a simple white blouse, with a big beautiful smile that...Read On