The Book store

Ted had found a glory hole!

Driving home from his first class at the local community college, Ted thought he saw his mom’s car turn up the street, just a few cars ahead of him. “I can follow her if she’s going to eat someplace I can have dinner with her,” Ted reasoned to himself. His mom a pretty woman at 42 had been an inspiration to Ted’s early puberty, her auburn hair, large full breasts, 40d according to the...Read On


The Book Store: The otherside of the story part 2

Stacy loves her glory hole

This is the second part of a story The Book Store was part one. This tells the story from the other view point. Hopefully, I will be able to continue this story line about Ted and his mom. Stacy entered the empty closet stall next to the bathroom. Locking the door she quickly began undressing down to her panties. She always stripped before kneeling on her clothes as padding. A habit from...Read On


The Book Store - Together at last part 3

Stacy learns that her son knows what she does at The Bookstore

Ted sat at the kitchen table watching his mom as she prepared dinner. She was dressed in a short skirt and white blouse. She wore no stockings or even shoes, padding around in the kitchen in her bare feet. His mom was relaxed chatting and cooking a simple meal for her and her son. Earlier that day Ted had gone to the bookstore where he had found a glory hole and had his cock sucked. It had...Read On


Ted and Stacy's new adventures: The Book Store part 4

Ted's sexual fantasies continue to come to life

Stacy’s sister Tara had driven up to visit Stacy and her nephew Ted. The normal four hour drive had turned into miserable five hours because of an accident. Tara arrived at Stacy’s, her nerves frazzled. She came to visit every couple of months. His mother going to visit Tara in between her visits here. Tara and Stacy had been lovers since Tara had been a freshman in college. One afternoon...Read On

Wife Lovers(1)


The Cuckold: The Making Of (part 1)

Grace never knew what she had been missing

Grace was agitated. She looked at the clock again 6:20 pm. Jason, her husband was due home at 6:00 pm. Jason had been gone for almost three weeks, working somewhere in Chicago. He was a junior architect in a private firm that specialized in all-glass buildings. He had called her yesterday telling her that he would be home Friday for at least the weekend. His flight from Chicago plus...Read On