Fucking Married - Part 3

At last - the threesome

The next few weeks are the closest I have ever had to a relationship. Not because exclusivity had been promised, but because between work, and fucking Paul, and fucking Tam, and sleep I had no time for anyone else. Paul and Tam led very independent lives and so they each had plenty of time for me separately…. But I wanted both of them at the same time… I wanted my delicious lady love, and my...Read On


Fucking Married - Part 2

So Paul's wife not only didn't mind that we were fucking, but she wanted a turn too

Tam invited me to come and have a drink with her. I told her I was very busy, and tried to wriggle my way out of this sticky situation I thought I had found myself in. She was very insistent though. Eventually I agreed, thinking I could just not pitch up. She gave me the address of her and Paul’s house! And we agreed to meet the next day for sundowners. It was a trap, I was sure of it....Read On

Love Stories(1)


The crush

For a decade she'd admired him, now he was here

The party was just getting going. The booze was flowing, the music was heating up and the people were getting louder and looser with every passing minute. Vicky was having a whale of a time – she always did! Laughing and drinking and bopping to the music, she was fun loving and loved a good party. She was just about to refill her glass for the… who knows how many…. time, when she froze to...Read On

Straight Sex(2)


Fucking Married - Part 1

Chase is a dirty little slut who loves fucking

I didn’t know he was married the first time I fucked him. I was waitressing in a bar and he was out with friends, drinking. It wasn’t that late; early evening, in fact. He was so handsome. Tall and chiselled, broad shoulders, smouldering eyes. He struck up conversation while I was serving them drinks. He was the whole package… charming too. He told me his name was Paul and that if he had his...Read On


Shower Fantasy

Nothing like surprise sex in the shower after an exhausting day

It had been one of those days. Those exhausting days where the brain feels numb, and thinking about anything more is impossible. The only cure for days like those is a hot steamy shower. She peels off her clothes which get scattered in no particular direction, all over the bathroom. All this while the shower heats up and the steam starts welling up from the cubicle. Naked, she steps inside...Read On