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Topic Proofreaders
Posted 21 Apr 2015 06:17

I also suggest that if at all possible you get a friend to proof read after you've done all of your proofing. A second set of eyes, seeing your story fresh will catch things that you keep glancing right over.

If you have questions about wording something or about how to use the correct grammar, please use this Forum. We have several good people who get excited about grammar and will be eager to respond.

Remember, the professionals use proofreaders and editors. Magazines use a proofreader to read the text before publishing. All print publishers have professional proofreaders on staff to read through all of their books before printing. Large ad agencies never rely on the actual writer for the final proofing of ad copy. (And yes, mistakes still get through. Unfortunately newspapers are the worst proofed of the publications and that is why you'll always see mistakes in just about any newspaper issue published.)

Posted 21 Apr 2015 05:55

Happy Birthday, Mazza!!! Have a great fun and blessed day!

Topic One or no testicals
Posted 20 Apr 2015 11:16

Do you have regular testesterone injection treatments? Also what about pump-up penile implants and/or use injections for erections?

One of my dad's best friends is a urologist that treats men for a host of problems. I was amazed at what all he told me they could do.

Topic Weird question.
Posted 20 Apr 2015 10:51

Everyone is different and offers varying degrees of giving and taking. Personally I like it mostly 50-50. I love the balance.

Topic Any avid runners around
Posted 20 Apr 2015 10:48

I love running and do many races from 5k to half-marathons. I have been battling plantars fasciitis over this past year.

Topic What's the weather like where you are?
Posted 19 Apr 2015 20:33

It's rained for six straight days.

Topic what are you drinking?
Posted 19 Apr 2015 20:18

A large cold chocolate milk

Topic Cumming
Posted 19 Apr 2015 20:16

Cumming? That's a town...

Topic Playoff time!
Posted 19 Apr 2015 19:41

My wife cheers for the Atlanta Hawks (and so does her husband).

Topic Recomendation for pubic dipilatory?
Posted 19 Apr 2015 08:42

Use an electric trimmer and then get it waxed. No sharp blade goes near mine either.

Topic Best tips when giving a guy head?
Posted 18 Apr 2015 22:30

My suggestion is to make him his favorite sandwich, turn the TV to his favorite sport, sit him in a nice comfortable chair, bring him the sandwich along with an ice cold beer. Then get on your knees in front of him and give him the blow job of his life while he enjoys the sandwich and watches TV. Make sure to lick his balls, deep throat him, stroke and suck him and if you're feeling extra generous give him a rusty trombone. Let him finish all over your face and tell him how awesome he is.

He'll never forget it!


Topic What would you do if you found your neighbor on a webcam sex site?
Posted 18 Apr 2015 08:47

I'd tell my wife, but other than that I wouldn't do anything nor tell anyone else. But since I don't do sex webcam, I'll never know.

Topic Have you ever been cat fisting
Posted 18 Apr 2015 08:02

Ah we call that noodling but I've never been.

I've heard of 'noodling' myself, but today is the first time I've ever encountered the term 'cat fisting'. isjda

Topic Have you ever been cat fisting
Posted 18 Apr 2015 07:36

Maybe some of my redneck friends do, but I'd rather not hear about it!

Oh no, we'd never use a cat. We use yankees for that. "Damn, Bubba, you stuffed that yankee so far up your wife's coochie, he's only got one foot stickin' out. And I think we lost them two yankees you stuffed up her butt. Pass me a another jug of 'shine."

Topic Happily Married?
Posted 18 Apr 2015 07:30

A person can be flirty, in fact most people that are married, both men and women equally, couples in serious relationships, whether straight or gay, do flirt. I think that's human nature. But going further would be a betrayal unless the couple has an arrangement/open relationship.

Cybersex, I think is crossing the line, unless the other half knows and is okay with it.

Topic Brittany McHenry.....would ya?
Posted 17 Apr 2015 21:00

She's an arrogant, rude, classless, tacky, snotty bitch! No doubt she only got that job on her looks, because she exhibited a lack of intelligence and character.

She's window dressing with no depth.

Topic Proofreaders
Posted 17 Apr 2015 19:13

The overall story grammar here beats the hell out of all the other amateur erotic story sites. It's a slam dunk!

Topic Which is better a BJ with touching or without hands just mouth
Posted 17 Apr 2015 19:11

Hell, with hands part of the time. I mean moving around and doing lots of things down there. Maybe she can give a rusty trombone.

Topic what are you drinking?
Posted 17 Apr 2015 19:06

Ice cold Sam Adams lager.

Topic What did you have for breakfast?
Posted 17 Apr 2015 16:02

A bowl of Trix cereal in milk, black coffee.

Topic Today in Pictures (post a picture representing your mood)
Posted 16 Apr 2015 18:54

Topic Which improvements or features would you like to see added?
Posted 16 Apr 2015 10:57

With regards to a top authors list for poets, I guess it doesn't matter if the top authors list includes poets. There used to be one though. Buz has the top poem at the moment. He's not on the top authors list. I've never seen ABG on the top authors list either and if she has a new poem out its going to be the most popular.

Again, thanks for your answers :).

The Top Authors lists rotates regularly. I am not sure, but I'm guessing every few hours or so. I did see my name on the list yesterday and its already rotated off. Gav set it up to rotate to get as many authors who currently have high scoring stories & poems listed as possible. It very well could be that you just missed seeing your name on that list.

As far as the Top Poems List, all I know is its based on score. I'm not sure how the number of votes matter for that. Maybe someone else knows more about how that works. I'm pretty sure that in a category's Most Popular section, that if several stories have the same exact score, the stories with the most votes are listed first. That could be the case with Top Poems or Stories over the last 31 days, but that would only be my guess. So don't count on that as factual.

Topic Cars
Posted 15 Apr 2015 20:47

American Muscle Cars!

I love Corvettes...

Topic Should kids in the untied states have to say the pledge of alligence in school
Posted 15 Apr 2015 20:40

It should only be an option. Dictatorships notoriously require pledges. In Nazi Germany they had to pledge allegiance to Hitler.

I don't think a pledge should be required. Its an idea of big government and I dislike big government. I believe in freedom and personal liberty.

“When the people fear their government, there is tyranny; when the government fears the people, there is liberty.”
– Thomas Jefferson

"A government big enough to give you everything you want, is big enough to take away everything you have."
– Thomas Jefferson

Topic Your biggest flaw?
Posted 15 Apr 2015 16:33

Not being able to say 'no' enough.

Topic The Devil's Undertones - The Novel - is on sale this week!
Posted 15 Apr 2015 16:15

Earlier today, I posted very positive reviews for books by Metilda (Lillith Lo), Katherine Rollins and Frank Lee today on Amazon.

There are several other Lush authors posted through Lush Publishing on Amazon and I hope all you Lushites will check them out on Amazon and support them. If you get time to leave a great review for our fellow lush authors on Amazon that would sure be great. I've purchased a lot of Lush Publishing eBooks there and they really are hot reads.

Topic The little things that please you
Posted 15 Apr 2015 13:56

Hot buttered popcorn at the movie theater; messy hot dogs at baseball games; the wind on my face when I ride my motorcycles; tailgating at football games; being in Sanford Stadium jumping up and down screaming "Touchdown!" when the Dawgs score; my wife in a tiny pair of lacy sheer panties just before I pull them off.

Topic Announcing our "This is Hardcore" Story Competition, $200 First Prize!
Posted 14 Apr 2015 15:24

After I saw Sprite, Buz and Nymphwriter entered I thought why bother. But I'll probably enter to just prove I'm a hopeless optimist.

You can't use me as an excuse not to, I've never cracked the Top 3. I did come in 4th once and that story is over 60,000 views now, so it IS worth entering. The comp is a good one to put everything you've got into, push your skill to the max and try to surpass anything you've done before. Put 100% of your heart, soul and libido into and have fun writing it and that will show. Proof, proof and get another person to proof and submit it as perfect as you can make it. Then no matter what, you'll be proud of it, you will have done your duty to yourself and to the readers.

Topic Ladies, what is your ideal size package? Both cock AND balls ha
Posted 13 Apr 2015 19:49

Ball sag has all to do with temperature. On a very cold day, the ball sack will tighten up close to the body for warmth. When the guy is sick and running a fever, the ball sack will hang extra low, away from the body because it is too hot. The length of sag is so that the testicles can be kept at perfect body temperature so they continue to produce and protect sperm.

Topic Rimming
Posted 13 Apr 2015 12:30

I've had it done to me a lot, by both guys and girls, and I've done it to other girls, but not to many boys, though. It's an incredible intimacy. You really have to feel close to that person and trust them a lot (at least I do). Right after a shower is best.

My wife and I enjoy this, but like you said, Bethany, right after a shower.