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Topic What's on your sexual bucket list?
Posted 14 Mar 2013 06:34

Threesome, foursome, well as many girls as I can get in a lesbian orgy actually.

Perhaps a meetup for all the lushies of like mind on this? Seems a popular one.

Topic Female sues because her date attempted to murder her.
Posted 12 Mar 2013 10:40

If you want to see how the courts might react to this sort of case, take a look here:

The case was a smoking wrongful death lawsuit, the court found for the plaintif awarding $275,000 in damages which were reduced to $27,500 because they found the plaintif 90% liable.

So the first observation would be that any damages in the case would likely by rather less than the above which are typical of wrongful death. They might award $50 million but $50K would be much more likely.

The second is that expert witnesses cost more than lawyers and the dispute over the expert witness fees is likely much more than the jury award. The plaintiff is almost certainly out of pocket in this dispute.

There isn not very much could have done to avoid this situation but it isn't nothing. is a substantial organization with substantial revenues and profits backed by a public company. If I was CISO for I would expect that my legal counsel would be monitoring the situation to make sure that the company was aware of best practices in protecting customers and that those were being followed.

That is how regulation works in the US. And it sucks.

I would much rather operate in the European or Australian regime where the government makes regulations that are sensible and companies know more or less what is expected of them. But that is not the system we have here. What happens is that the corporations have lawyers who work to prevent rational regulations being passed and the only accountability mechanism left is jury awards in liability cases.

The main motivation for bringing the case is likely that the lawyer is looking to make a name for themselves as the person with experience of handling the cases that arise in the future.

Topic Things a slave/submissive shouldn't say
Posted 11 Mar 2013 06:30

Not now! I'm watching the X-Factor.

Topic anal
Posted 11 Mar 2013 05:47

my last boyfriend told me i was weird and creepy for wanting anal as i really enjoy it, is this true, and do guys actually like it or are they all like this?

Like women, there are guys who are into anal and others that are not. And remember that we are all wired differently so what is delicious for one person can be meh for others.

Sitting at the back of seminars at the MIT AI lab, I learned a little bit about neurology. Almost enough to persuade me to open a textbook (bit late now that books are obsolete). One of the things they discovered in experiments is that the nervous system has a huge amount of crosstalk and if you know how to use it you can have fun...

This is the basis of acupuncture and reflexology, some girls can almost come if someone plays with their toes. Others it has no effect on at all.

The anus is wired up to the same nerve bundle as the clit. So stretching the anus while the clit is busy causes a circuit overload, oh oh. Also the angle of the penis is often just right to drill the girl in her g-spot, more oh oh oh.

And add to that the forbidden, taboo nature etc. and we are into some serious sexual excitement here.

For the guy there is all of the above plus a really tight hole.

Leaving over it seems rather excessive. If you really want it, maybe sex with a butt plug or alternatively a different cock.

Topic With all the talk of Global Climate Change
Posted 08 Mar 2013 22:06

China burns half the coal burned in the world. From what I understand the air in Beijing is practically unbreathable. Does anyone think China is going to give up it's economic progress without a fight?

And they know that they have a very big problem there with pollution and that is why they are on a crash wind power program right now.

It really isn't that difficult to deal with the carbon load of power generation. The capital costs are actually modest next to nuclear. First off, incandescent lightbulbs are about 10% of power use. That is going to be all but eliminated by LEDs which are 95% more efficient, give any type of light you like and never need replacement.

I replaced all my lightbulbs with LEDs and saved a fortune. Its not just the electricity for the bulb, its the fact that I don't have to run the AC to get rid of the heat again in summer.

LEDs are potentially cheaper to make, the cost comes from the fact that the infrastructure is a hundred years old and built around incandescents.

London is starting to replace the buses with hydrogen powered, next they will do the taxis. Its actually cheaper to run them than on petrol, its the low volume that makes them expensive.

Topic Satan and witchcraft
Posted 08 Mar 2013 21:48

lol, Quantum Physics is a good start to understanding magick.

Lol, my doctorate happens to be from the Nuclear Physics dept :)

Yes, I am quite aware of the theological implications of QM. Basically the universe is not deterministic in the Newtonian sense. So there is plenty of room for intervention without requiring any laws of physics to be broken.

I have no problem with magic, what I object to is claims to special powers or secret knowledge.

I don't like the idea of a 6000 year old earth created with the light already enroute from distant galaxies. It seems small mean and narrow. Like deciding to live in one room of your house and never leave for no particular reason. A hundred billion galaxies of a hundred billion stars is much more impressive to me.

Secret knowledge is the pretext people use for setting themselves up as intermediaries and I see no use for them.

Not sure about wicca being a recovery organization as I don't practice wicca. I am old school taught by my mother, whom was taught by her mother and so on. Wicca was in the in 1960's. it is a new religion which has been recognized by many governments and as such does deserve the right to be respected in its own right.

also you could try to understand healing such as Reiki (Japanese energy healing with scientific studies backing up the results without understanding the healing).

Well the Wicca folk did make some effort towards continuity with earlier traditions. But yes, it is essentially a new invention. But so was the Pauline church which transformed a small Jewish sect into a proselytizing religion.

The Catholic church recently tried to shut down nuns from offering Reiki. They really don't like the idea of women doing something that might look like laying on of hands.

But in general I consider anything to be positive that gives people permission to do things that are pleasurable that don't harm or hurt or exploit other people.

Topic Female sues because her date attempted to murder her.
Posted 08 Mar 2013 17:55

@ ByronLord - I know what you're getting at, and the fact that people have to pay to be members, makes it slightly different.

The fact is though, that this guy could have been absolutely squeaky clean, a background check would probably have revealed nothing, certainly nothing about his psychological issues.

I wrote this proviso into our terms and conditions, I think it should be enough to cover our backs, should anything unforeseen happen (heaven forbid):

I can't see the case getting very far unless did something pretty egregious.

But T&C are a contract and you can't exclude negligence in a contract. I suspect that the real strategy here is to get to pay up or face more bad publicity over this while they are selling themselves as a 'safe' match site.

If they don't provide some controls then OKCupid does the same thing better and for free!

Topic Female sues because her date attempted to murder her.
Posted 08 Mar 2013 15:52

Absolutely ridiculous. Their site is basically a glorified database, matching member's variables (oh stop!), showing profile photos, and various ways for people to get in touch with each other. That's the same as the majority of those dating sites. Some have larger databases of members, and are better at pairing members than others, but that's all it boils down to.

What duty of care are they expected to perform? Background checks on their members?

The same thing could happen on Facebook, Craigslist, even Would I be sued if a date between 2 members went horribly wrong?

The whole thing is absurd if you ask me.

There is actually a test for what is reasonable called the Hands test. Basically if the cost of the harm times the probability of the harm is greater than the control measure and there is a duty of care then there is a duty to implement the measure.

The reason people pay for the service is because they say they check member IDs and provide other safety measures. So they have explicitly accepted a duty of care. I can't see background checks being reasonable, the cost of doing them is very high and the likelihood that they would identify a rapist rather low.

If on the other hand another member had reported the person as an attacker/stalker whatever and had ignored it AND there was no mechanism in place to deal with such reports AND could be shown to be aware of them as being useful. Well then they would likely have a liability problem.

I really don't think it very likely that has met the standard for negligence here. But the legal definition of 'reasonable' for IAC (owner of with a public listing and 3.5 billion market cap is very different to the definition that would apply to Lush.

Topic If you could have one lustful evening with anyone (and they were totally into it) with whom would it
Posted 08 Mar 2013 12:00

She knows who she is but I am not saying.

After that, Angelina Jolie of course.

Topic Female sues because her date attempted to murder her.
Posted 08 Mar 2013 07:23

That is like someone suing a coffee shop if they meet someone there that later assaults them. It doesn't make sense. I don't think match should put a disclaimer about dates being potentially dangerous either. That is just common sense. It's nerve racking enough to meet someone from online, a huge disclaimer saying "1 in 50 dates ends in attempted murder" will probably dry up the company's business.

Actually not. exists for the purpose of getting people together, coffee shops do not. There is thus a duty of care and an expectation that would employ reasonable precautions to mitigate the risk of attack. Including warning people to meet in a public place, filtering out those reported as abusers, etc.

There is a duty of care but I don't think it is an unreasonable one or one that would have any difficulty meeting. They have serious people who are serious about safety. And their underwriters will make sure that they are taking reasonable steps before issuing their E&O policy.

So it is not a frivolous suit by any means. Whether she will win is another matter.

If I was working for or advising them I would be looking to keep a tight reign on the lawyers to STOP them from arguing that there is no duty of care because the whole value proposition of is based on the idea that there is.

Topic Who here is really still a Virgin. I'll Be honest, i will be the first one to admit to it?
Posted 08 Mar 2013 04:24

Not at the moment but it is something I might want to try in the future.

Topic Does a transgender female MMA fighter have an unfair advantage?
Posted 08 Mar 2013 04:20

This is like debating the rules for the fights with plastic chairs outside the ring in WWE.

Of course she should be allowed to fight. But her opponents should be allowed to tag team and the arena should be covered in a four inch layer of red jello.

There solved, you got any more questions to ask?

Topic Satan and witchcraft
Posted 07 Mar 2013 21:29

Just in case it gets me more members, I have just decided that the theology of my new sex cult will have a special place for

* Eating chocolate
* Pancakes (with bacon and sausage unless you go for the vegetarian option)

The basic principles on which the cult is based are:

1) Eat chocolate
2) Have sex to work off the calories.
3) Go back to 1

Topic Satan and witchcraft
Posted 07 Mar 2013 21:03

As a member of a witch group, (Yes catholic girl turns witch. Once witch, never switch), i think i should point out that witches are only satanic if they believe in the bible as Satan is only in that book and therefore buying into a porject that has run hundreds of years with new changes made to suit the time and era it found itself in. The God and the Goddess along with many deity's are what witches a heed too. there must be balance of the dark and light. of female and male.

Good grief, I just realized that all my female witch friends are ex-Catholic. Wicca is really a recovery organization helping ex-Catholics, who knew?

Since all religions are in the final analysis made up it really doesn't matter when they were made up. What I get upset about is religions that are used as a means to extract money from people or tell them how to run their lives or both.

The authoritarian churches hate groups that threaten to take their audience and religion. Its about power and control, nothing to do with God. What sort of God would need the Bishop of child molesters as intercessionary? The idea that spirit needs intermediaries is and always has been a con.

I don't think Gerald Gardner's claim to the equivalent of apostolic succession hold up. Certainly nobody else has come forward to verify his claims. But it really does not matter because God did not create man in his image, it was obviously the other way round. And over time 'man' changes, including women for example. Times change and so God must change with them. Wicca isn't the only new religion in the process of emerging, there is West Coast Tantra and give it a decade or two and someone will find a way to dress up Jedi philosophy in a new religion.

The bible was not written as litteral history or truth either. It is a lot more complicated than that. The medieval scolars considered the litteral interpretation to be for the ignorant and stupid who could not understand the four level hermeneutic.

As for 'Satan' there is more than one prior religion that is being tarred there. Ba'al for example was the name of the Cartheginian deity that demanded child sacrifices. The Romans gave up the practice round about the time they started their war. The 'whore of babylon' is another attack on a rival preacher, in that case a female Christian bishop that John despises as an apostate because she is female and because she preaches the gospel of Christ to non-Jews and says that it is OK to drop the dietary restrictions. John was part of the Jewish church of the apostles not the Pauline church of non-Jews.

All of which is besides the point really, the theologians have analyzed God in many ways, the real point is to change her. What sort of religion are people looking for today? How should we design one?

I think that at this point science has pretty much eliminated the need for a creator myth and limited the scope of divine intervention to that not explained by science. Good, the big bang theory is a far more beautiful and elegant story than Genesis I or the green arkleseizure story anyway.

So that pretty much leaves us only the fact that anything exists at all, consciousness, emotion, orgasm, empathy, all the stuff that science cant explain at all or can only give limited explanations for.

I am thinking that a fairly loose approach to sexual morality is in order (sex positive, poly positive etc.) with support for folk who want to get hitched while providing pretexts for sanctioned extra-relationship sexual activity under mutually agreeable conditions.

Topic Faux Noise viewers less informed than those who don't watch any news
Posted 07 Mar 2013 12:02

That article was obviously written by the foreigner Barrack Hussein Obama you leftist nancy.

Oh thats not the Fox News approach at all.

Some say that the article might have been written by...

Topic Faux Noise viewers less informed than those who don't watch any news
Posted 07 Mar 2013 12:01

I always thought the Chiron was from Greek mythology..he was a Titan's son if i remember right.

I mis-spelt it, the correct spelling is chyron but its from the Greek myth. Chiron was the son of Cronus and leader of the centaurs who Prometheus sacrificed to gain the use of fire.

Chyron is the company that invented the machinery that puts message banners on TV programs, especially those banners and crawls that they like to use on TV news. Lacking any other good name the term 'chyron' has become a generic for the banners in a news room.

Presumably the name has something to do with the news galloping along the bottom of the screen or something.

Some samples of the Fox genre.

Fox really is a hardcore propaganda operation that intentionally and deliberately feeds its audience knowing untruths. It is not just 'right wing'. Outside state media in places like Syria and North Korea there really isn't anything else like it.

Topic How do you convince your wife to try swapping or swinging?
Posted 07 Mar 2013 11:18

There are two issues she might need persuasion on:

1) She has always had a swinging fantasy but not had the courage to try

2) The has no interest in swinging / swapping

If the reason is (1) then you might be able to persuade her to overcome her inhibitions but she is unlikely to enjoy it unless she is into women somewhat as it is mostly the women who pair up first and their partners follow.

The swinging scene is not like the poly scene. There are some who do both but most swingers aren't poly and most poly don't swing. In the US the swinging scene tends to be rather older and often obnoxiously conservative. Plenty of people are completely open to their partner having sex with others but don't want to do that themselves. The BDSM scene is totally different again and there are some who will seriously argue that mere penetration of a vagina by a penis during a scene isn't 'sex' (go figure).

Topic Faux Noise viewers less informed than those who don't watch any news
Posted 07 Mar 2013 06:06

That was a very interesting read WMM.

There are some very interesting points raised here. I wonder how the respondents to the survey who were not exposed to a particular news forum gained their knowledge?...I guess through osmosis, picking things up over time, conversations perhaps?

Thanks for the link.

The main reason Fox News viewers do so poorly on fact tests is that Fox actually gives them deliberate misinformation.

For example, every time a Republican politician is exposed in a sex or money scandal, Fox wil put up a chiron identifying them as a Democrat. It hasn't just happened once or twice, it happens practically every time. That isn't an accident, it is deliberate.

Fox just spent two weeks accusing a Democrat senator of having had parties with prostitutes in the Dominican republic. Turns out that it was a set up, the women now admit to having been paid to make the claim. Fox didn't mention the rebuttal, they just quietly dropped the story.

The main reason that the GOP has gone insane is that they are getting their news from Fox. Most of them fervently believed that they were winning the 2012 election because that is what Fox was telling them.

As for where people get their news, the most trusted name in US news right now is Jon Stewart who runs a fake news show. Thats a pretty sad endorsement of the establishment news.

I get news from the blogs and from the foreign press. Thats mostly the BBC and the other UK press. Huff Post, TPM and Americablog for US politics. Right now the only useful source for ME news is Al Jazzera as most of the Israeli press I used to read is behind paywalls.

Topic Uncut Cocks
Posted 05 Mar 2013 21:41

Uncut takes a little more finesse when handling i would assume.

I was nursing a young gentleman whom had pulled his foreskin back to far while being errr over enthusiastic. It took surgery after a couple of days where they hoped it would go down on its own...ouch for him...yes a little giggle for us nurses (well we were very young, training).

As with the hymen, there appears to be some sort of evolutionary advantage to delaying the start of sexual activity.

The foreskin starts off being attacked to the glans by a membrane which stretches with 'use' and as the penis grows in size during puberty.

There is rather less difference in appearance between the cut and uncut cock when it is fully erect than people imagine. The only real difference in appearance being what happens when it is not erect.

Topic Why Do Straight Guys Fall For Gay Girls?
Posted 04 Mar 2013 10:17

Why does a straight guy fall for a girl he knows to be a lesbian?
And why does he stick around, sometimes forever, when there can be no sexual interaction?
If you are a young lesbian on Lush you actually get to meet some great guys,
but why? and why so many friend requests from Guys????
Oh yes there are the "Lay Preachers", those guys who Preach that salvation from your lesbian ways is assured by them Laying you.
But the others, the good guys? speak up.....

Well as a straight guy I can tell you that I have had several close relationships with men without wanting to fuck them so why not with a woman?

There is also an age related thing that won't hit you for another ten years. The biological clock goes off and kicks a girl in the head round 30. From an evolutionary biology point of view, a female does not need to like sex with men or do so very often. In fact once a year at their fertility peak will do just fine.

Gold star lesbians are pretty rare. So some men live in the hope. Seems a bit silly to me.

As far as Lush goes, 'lesbian' is the safe choice for men and women wanting to avoid the male predator jerks here. So most of the 'bi' girls are straight, and many of the lesbians are bi.

Topic The Gun Control Debate Thread.
Posted 21 Feb 2013 11:16

Exactly, I own and run a ranch, it is better to quickly dispatch a "downer" with a weapon.

You hunt cows with an AK-47?

Thats hardly sporting.

Fact is that there will always be a shortage of game to hunt relative to hunters and so restricting hunters to traditional sporting rifles that are poorly suited to the needs of muggers (long barrel) or serial killers (small number of shots) is hardly an imposition.

Similarly, a fire arm designed for euthanizing a farm animal does not need more than one shot and certainly does not need to be in the least bit practical as a weapon.

I have a 'gun' that shoots nails into concrete that would be perfectly suited to that purpose but no more dangerous than a knife for purposes of an assault.

Topic Anal?
Posted 20 Feb 2013 16:03

Yet another reason is that it can be an emergency form of contraception. Not that I recommend sex without a condom with someone not your regular partner.

The condoms available in East Germany were not exactly the sort of thing you would want to trust for contraceptive purposes.

Topic Change in Lush culture
Posted 20 Feb 2013 07:09

Are you FUCKING kidding me?!? cussing

So then, you don't consider E.L. James a real writer?

Umm nope. The story is pretty crap to be honest. I gave up in the middle of book 2 when I realized that they never were going to use that red room of pain properly. And that inner goddess of hers is going to be suing for a share of the royalties.

I mean its ok, but nothing like as good as the classics like the Story of O.

Topic Change in Lush culture
Posted 20 Feb 2013 07:00

I have no issue at all saying that I love to read the stories here, I'll grant that many of the writers are talented at what they do, writing erotic literature, But in my opinion, MY opinion, MINE, MINE, MINE, that does not make someone a real writer. to the small MINORITY of people that write outside of lush and erotica, you are real. but writing erotic stories online doesn't make you a real writer to me.

Well I don't much care what you think and I certainly don't much care about living up to your standards for being a 'writer' when your posts seem barely literate.

Topic Change in Lush culture
Posted 20 Feb 2013 06:51

Wow what great insights you have, your wisdom has totally made me want to restructure my life. Hey dumbass I read stories by all sorts of authors on this site, some of them not even girls I want to cyber with. I don't talk to the guys bitching about a lack of girls, but when 8 different guys are creating rooms looking for horny ladies because the only women are in the chatroom are either looking for women or not looking to chat, I'm able to put 2 and 2 together to get what they're feeling (please don't hurt yourself trying to figure out the math, 2 and 2 is an expression, it makes 4 if it was giving you a headache). And as a final point I had multiple friends on this site who I never cybered with, including men which I certainly had no interest in cybering with

Nah, I think it is more to do with the fact that the women coming to the site looking to cyber can find more interesting people to hook with.

I have a simple formula, if a girl doesn't have anything interesting in her profile and no stories and all she says in the chat rooms is 'who wants to cyber' then she probably isn't going to be much fun. I suspect most of the women come to the same conclusion.

After all, does anyone get excited by 'cyber' like this:

Huggy-Cock: I want u
Slapper-Sal: I want u 2
Huggy-Cock: Strokes my cock
Slapper-Sal: Deep throats you
Huggy-Cock: Slides into your cunt
Huggy-Cock: Cums in your ass.

Seems to me that you run out of orifices rather quickly that way. And not wanting to be rude, your style of writing does not suggest to me that you are capable of more. Online it is not the size of your cock that matters but the size of your brain. And lets face it Mr Huge, the way you write suggests that the blood flow demands of your huge member is starving your brain of the necessary oxygen.

Topic Change in Lush culture
Posted 20 Feb 2013 05:50

Its an easy enough mistake to make. After all, I only found the following in the local DNS forwarder last week: CNAME CNAME

Topic Anal?
Posted 19 Feb 2013 12:54

If you wouldn't watch a woman make a bowel movement then why the hell would you wanna fuck her in the ass? 1) Not lady like imo 2) Hopefully the stress that you put on her anal structures doesn't cause her to shit her panties in a family restaurant later on in life when aging and health become factors. Blunt, but hey these are thing to take into consideration.

You seem to have had a somewhat sheltered life.

I forgot to add another reason to bugger a girl: Because her ignorant husband won't service her there and she wants anal real bad.

Topic Anal?
Posted 19 Feb 2013 08:21

Fucking rookie.

I said hard, not impossible.

And why would you want to be fucking a girl who isn't into you? Or do you have trouble finding girls who are?

Topic Anal?
Posted 18 Feb 2013 18:07

I've always been curious about guys opinion on anal with girls. Do you like it? Why? What's different/better about it? Why fuck them anal if they already have a perfectly good pussy?

There are several reasons. The most straightforward being that most women are much tighter behind than in front especially after child birth.

The much bigger reason is trust. The muscles of the vagina are voluntary, they are under the woman's control. Only the outer anal muscles are voluntary, the inner ones are involuntary. They don't respond at all well to nerves or pressure, they have to be coaxed gently. An ass doesn't lie: It is pretty hard to fuck a girl in the ass if she isn't into you doing it to her.

Most girls need more than just anal stimulus to come but anal stimulus magnifies the effect. And if the guy has a finger or his cock in a girls ass he can feel her come. Which is a pretty intense feeling, like sharing the orgasm.

If the girl is on her front, I can sodomize her from the rear and reach around to play with her clit and cunt and everything is in just the right place.

Topic Anal?
Posted 18 Feb 2013 18:07

I've always been curious about guys opinion on anal with girls. Do you like it? Why? What's different/better about it? Why fuck them anal if they already have a perfectly good pussy?

There are several reasons. The most straightforward being that most women are much tighter behind than in front especially after child birth.

The much bigger reason is trust. The muscles of the vagina are voluntary, they are under the woman's control. Only the outer anal muscles are voluntary, the inner ones are involuntary. They don't respond at all well to nerves or pressure, they have to be coaxed gently. An ass doesn't lie: It is pretty hard to fuck a girl in the ass if she isn't into you doing it to her.

Most girls need more than just anal stimulus to come but anal stimulus magnifies the effect. And if the guy has a finger or his cock in a girls ass he can feel her come. Which is a pretty intense feeling, like sharing the orgasm.

If the girl is on her front, I can sodomize her from the rear and reach around to play with her clit and cunt and everything is in just the right place.