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Topic Hierarchy of Categories?
Posted 20 Oct 2012 05:44

I was wondering: is there a hierarchy for determining to which category a story needs to be submitted?

I know the Story Submission Guidelines have this to say on the matter:

Categories — Since many stories fit into multiple categories, we recognize that it might be difficult to choose the correct one. Please keep the following in mind when selecting a category: Stories with sex between or among family members must go in Incest ; stories featuring any magical entity or occurrence belong in Supernatural ; stories about dominance and submission need to be in BDSM ; and stories in which any party is hesitant should go in Reluctance . Other fitting categories may be used as tags. We reserve the right to move any story into a different category if we see fit.

I'm hoping for further clarification, as my concern is when a story qualifies for more than one of the above categories, is there an order to use when selecting in which to place it. For example, should they be considered in the same order they're listed in above, so that stories that contained, say incest and ghosts, incest and bondage, or incest, ghosts, and bondage would be placed in the Incest category, while one that contained just ghosts and bondage would belong in the Supernatural category, while one that involved a girl who had to be talked into letting her boyfriend tie her to the bed and spank her would go in BDSM since it comes before Reluctance in the above list. If the preceding list isn't the order of the hierarchy, but one exists, could somebody please point me to it or clarify it further here.


Topic Open Office
Posted 20 Oct 2012 05:02

I use OpenOffice Portable so I can run it directly off a flash drive without having to install (and thereby being able to use it no matter where I happen to be using a computer). Does anyone know if LibreOffice has a portable version?