Group Sex(1)


My Initiation Into the Society of the Black Swan

They fucked me in every hole, and I couldn't get enough.

My friends are often amazed when I tell them the stories of erotic adventures that I have either been lucky enough to be involved in, or delighted to be told about. As I’m new to this site, I suppose I must begin by telling you about the Society of the Black Swan. It was in this community, this group,   that my sexuality blossomed as my inhibitions were broken down. You see, I had...Read On



In the Stacks

He took me by surprise, fucking me in public and I still wanted more.

The morning at work after my initiation into the Society of the Black Swan, I pushed a large cart of books to be re-racked through the third floor of the library. Everyone was on Spring Break, so it was quiet and I had time to think. Last night could not have possibly happened, I allowed myself to be humiliated and fucked in my pussy, my ass, my mouth—by strangers. Over the past few months,...Read On