Group Sex(1)


Your First Threesome

Sometimes a dream is all it takes.

After 23 years and three kids, things are bound to get stale. But one night can bring the fire back from smoldering coals to a raging inferno, and a single dream can turn our lives around. Waking together in bed and you are horny as hell. Your pussy is dripping wet as my fingers find your heat. "Good dream?" I ask. "Oh yes, I dreamed you were eating me while another guy was holding my...Read On

Quickie Sex(1)


A tease too far

An innocent night turns to something a bit darker.

You got home from work, tired and ready for a shower. I washed your body, paying close attention to your back, ass, and legs. You have the most sexy ass, full, round, and very tight. My cock was throbbing from the feeling of my hands on your body, so I grabbed you by the waist and rested it between your cheeks. "Mmmm, happy to see me?" you asked. "Oh yeah!" I reply. "It's been a couple days...Read On