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Fitness, travel,
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Milagro Beanfield War; Case Histories (and the continuing adventures of Jackson Brody, et al.).
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Kate Atkinson; Lee Child.
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Shakespeare In Love; Kill Bill I, II and III.
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Great American Songbook---Tony Bennett, Ella, Nancy LaMott; Stacey Kent.
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07 Apr 2012
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Topic: The last band or artist you saw live?
Posted: 24 Aug 2015 20:30

John Pizzarelli and his band.

Topic: Have you ever fucked two different people in a day?
Posted: 22 Jun 2015 17:34

Not recently, but yes, many times. I have on multiple occasions fucked three women on a single day---a "hat trick," I believe is the expression.

Topic: Would you meet someone from Lush in person?
Posted: 17 Jun 2015 09:17

Would like to meet a number of you.

Topic: What would you do if you found your neighbor on a webcam sex site?
Posted: 28 May 2015 16:44

I would go over to her home to introduce myself.

Topic: how long did your first time last?
Posted: 31 Aug 2014 14:22

Sadly it was too short, and I did not ever get the opportunity to make it up to her. I have tried to make amends in absentia by more adequately satisfying later lovers.

Topic: masterbating in your car!
Posted: 29 Mar 2014 14:27

ColletteXx says "Don't have a car so have to make do on the bus :)"

I fondly remember a time when I was riding on a bus, and the young woman next to me spread her blanket over my lap and jerked me off. The bus was rather full, and I have always wondered how many of the other passengers had any idea of what was going on. Her name is emblazoned in my memory, but I will refrain from sharing it here. Would love to run into her again, though.

Topic: masterbating in your car!
Posted: 29 Mar 2014 14:21

Couldn't count the times. Buz, road head is generally safe because, as naughtynurse says, the action is shielded from onlookers. I must say, I love to watch some chick suddenly loosen her seatbelt and disappear into a driver's lap. Particularly if the lap is mine.
The prevalence of center counsels has probably cut down on the incidence of road head. Bring back the bench seat!

Topic: Need More Wife Lover Stories Of Transition from Shy & Innocent to Erotic & Wanton Hot Wife
Posted: 13 Mar 2014 20:12

I agree with others.... I gather that you and your wife may have some of your own stories to share with Lush. Perhaps you could start with a short one. We will look forward to it. Good luck, and best wishes.

Topic: Do guys really imagine having sex with all of their female friends?
Posted: 11 Mar 2014 16:18

Not ALL of them...

Topic: Dirty Limericks Come and share
Posted: 07 Feb 2014 17:34

There was a young girl from St. Paul,
Who wore a newspaper dress to a ball.
The dress caught on fire,
And burned her entire
Front page, sporting section and all.

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The Initiation (Part 2)

As my cock deflated and popped from Erin’s pussy, I watched the stream of my cum dribble out, run down her taint, glistening as it coated the rosebud of her ass, and fall onto the sheets between her splayed legs. “Thank you, John,” Erin sighed. “That was everything I had imagined it would be, and more.” “Turn over, Honey,” I said. Erin rolled onto her stomach and I lay gently on her...

Added 03 Sep 2015 | Category First Time | Votes 4 | Avg Score 5 | Views 608 | 2 Comments

The Initiation

The notion that any of my former lovers would ask me, at my age, to initiate her virginal daughter into the mysteries of sex had never crossed my mind. “For several reasons,” she said. “First, she knows and likes you. Second, you were a wonderful, gentle, thoughtful lover, who always treated me with respect. And, because she is leaving for college next year. The thought that her...

Added 02 Sep 2015 | Category Straight Sex | Votes 9 | Avg Score 5 | Views 1,284 | 7 Comments

Mani Pedi (3)

To say I was keyed up as I stood on Mrs. Huggins’ porch, preparing to ring the doorbell, is quite an understatement. I had been in a constant state of sexual arousal for the last twenty four hours or so, ever since she flaunted her exquisite breasts at me, and exposed her bare, glistening cunt to my view as I struggled to finish her mani pedi without embarrassing myself by cumming in my...

Added 23 Aug 2015 | Category MILF | Votes 9 | Avg Score 5 | Views 6,356 | 2 Comments

Mani Pedi (2)

My name is Anna Huggins. My mani pedi last week was the subject of a recent post by my daughter Nancy’s former boyfriend, John. Perhaps you have read John’s version of it; I thought I would give you mine. For anyone who didn’t see John’s post, I will briefly set the stage. John and Nancy dated during their senior year of high school, before going off to different universities. During the...

Added 19 Aug 2015 | Category Seduction | Votes 9 | Avg Score 4.89 | Views 2,845 | 3 Comments


When I got home from University this summer and Mom asked me to help out at her nail salon she could not possibly have anticipated how that would turn out for me. It certainly was the farthest thing from my mind. But a bit of back story. I was an only child whose Dad had died when I was thirteen. He had been an insurance salesman; Mom owned and operated a nail salon. Fortunately, being...

Added 13 Aug 2015 | Category MILF | Votes 24 | Avg Score 4.82 | Views 17,434 | 8 Comments

The Babysitter

The Babysitter Saturday, after breakfast my wife packed her car, gathered up our sons and left for the lake to spend the remainder of the Memorial Day weekend. "I've arranged for Clarice to come over to babysit with you," Alice said with a twinkle in her eye as she started the car and pulled out of the driveway. "She is coming around 3:00 because she thought she would like a swim...

Added 10 Jul 2013 | Category Taboo | Votes 42 | Avg Score 4.84 | Views 29,303 | 14 Comments


" Cocktease ," he had called her, out of earshot of her husband and his wife.  In retrospect, perhaps she had overdone it a bit from time to time. A flash of lace now and again, a breast resting snugly against his arm as she poured him another glass of wine, a little parting of the lips and quick swish of the tongue as they said goodnight following visits. Truth be told, these had been more...

Added 17 May 2013 | Category Quickie Sex | Votes 9 | Avg Score 4.56 | Views 7,569 | 3 Comments

An Unexpected Reward

An Unexpected Reward Following graduation, I had moved to a distant state to take a job. A couple of years later, I received a note from the Placement Director of my former school, asking if I might help one of their current students get a summer job with the firm for which I worked, or in nearby town where the student's parents lived. The student was a young woman enrolled in a...

Added 18 May 2012 | Category Quickie Sex | Votes 12 | Avg Score 4.42 | Views 5,661 | 2 Comments

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